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Walnut Whip - A milk chocolate swirl hiding a white fondant centre and a classic walnut on top.

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Playmobil Horse and Buggy Horse drawn carriage decorated with flowers, whips, holiday guests and luggage.

Banana Splits Banana Splits - Chewy toffee with a hint of Banana.

Curve 1st Radius Track An ideal accessory for your train set.

Valrhona The latest single origin/estate bar from Valrhona. Created from the fine flavoured Criollo cocoa beans from the Palmira plantation in west Venezuela. As expected from Valrhona, this bar is exuding fruit notes but with an additional very distinct honey flavour and so quite a sweet dark chocolate. A slight powder in the mouth feel but an exceptional chocolate with great length in flavour.

Lobsters 0.8Kg Live Lobsters 0.8Kg (1 3/4lb) approx price each at (˙19.98 Kg = ˙9.08 lb)

Gum Powder Gum Powder - explosively sour bubblegum! It's not "Toxic Waste" sourÓ bubblegum that sour would probably be just too much. But this is bubblegumÓ in packs like tiny milk cartonsÓ that bites back!!

Henry Loco An ideal accessory for the Thomas enthusiast.

Bassetti Bassetti - one of our best sellers. Hard liquorice sticks made by Bassetts.

Pro Builder Code Blue Deluxe Travel Case for you to build and rebuild 10 vehicles.3 levels of building skills, comes with simple instructions for all vehicles.

Railway Cottages Railway Cottage, length 102 mm.

Hand Made Chocolate Limes Hand Made Chocolate Limes- Two great flavours in a crispy shell.

Birthday Great Dad Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

DHL Delivery Truck Both back and side doors open. With hand truck and packages.For ages 4 and up.

Diesel Loco An ideal accessory for the Thomas range.

Bubblicious - Savage Sour Apple Bubblicious - Savage Sour Apple - The ultimate apple flavoured bubblegum.

Michel Cluizel This high cocoa milk chocolate bar was created by Michel Cluizel to replace the milder 33% milk chocolate bar. It provides a full flavoured milk chocolate containing all the richer caramel notes one comes to expect from a high cocoa milk, but with just enough sugar to keep it from turning too bitter for the milk chocolate lovers.

Bass Wild Large Sea Bass Wild Large (1.5Kg + fish )Approx price each (˙20.70 Kg = ˙9.41 lb)

Worlds Biggest Jawbreaker Worlds Biggest Jawbreaker - for the World's Biggest Gob!!  Know anyone who fits the bill???

Lemon Bonbons Lemon Bonbons - A lemon toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet lemon icing sugar. We sell Sharps Bonbons only - the finest that we have found.

Kookie Dog Beanie Wording Inside Tag Reads:D.O.BJuly 15th 2003I'll run and jump and catch a ballAnd come for you when you should callAfter we play we'll snuggle, too'cause I get sleepy just like you !For ages 3 and up.

Cyber Chew Bar Cyber Chew Bar - Yummy raspberry flavour chew bar. All the great taste but no sugar!!

Milk Crunch Milk Crunch - smooth creamy milk chocolate with crispy rice - used to be called Dairy Crunch.

Trainer for Super Goal For use with the Super Goal.

Baby Born Outdoor Collection This outfit is available in a variety of styles and colours.It is a perfect addition to the Baby Born Collection.Each item is sold seperately.

Floating Tweety - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Amedei Amedei has world exclusive rights to the highly prized Chuao cocoa bean from which this 70% dark chocolate bar is created. This highly sought after cocoa bean is something very special producing an initial perfumed aroma and a slow release of slightly acidic red fruit flavours and an exceptionally smooth melt. To top it all it looks as special as it tastes with Amedei's ultra-stylish packaging.

Scallops Large Kg Fresh Cut Scallops Large Scottish Wild per Kg

groovy chick Colour co-ordinated in-line scooter with trendy Groovy Chick styling.Lightweight chrome frameColour co-ordinated soft foam handgripsPrinted translucent PU wheels and footplateABEC-1 precision bearingsRear footbrakeQuick-release folding action.

Grocery Checkout The checkout includes a till, grocery trolley groceries and 2 figures.

Lips Lips - Fruity flavoured LARGE juicy lips.

Kids Birthday Bear Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Baby's Room Furnished with a colorful crib, a working mobile, and a changing table.For ages 4 and up.

Playmobil Police Helicopter Playmobil Police Helicopter features a police helicopter, a pilot and a policeman with a map.

Fruit Revolvers Fruit Revolvers - Large chewy pieces of great tasting fruity gums

Tidmouth Milk Wagon An ideal accessory for any Train Set.

Birthday Flower Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Prawns Crevettes XL Crevettes Extra large (frozen) (10/20) 1Kg (˙29.70 Kg = ˙13.50 lb)

Wine Gums Wine Gums - classic chewy fruity juicy gums.

Lime & Liquorice Lime & Liquorice - two powerful flavours in one sweet. Will the combination work? Can it work? Yes it certainly can... and it does. The liquorice is complimented perfectly by a really zingy lime twist.

Mind Mania Maths Mind Mania Math is the cool and hip way for your child to learn grade-appropriate math facts - anytime, anywhere. Fun arcade-style games like Math Invaders teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables, plus decimals and fractions. Features a carabiner-style clip to hook it to a backpack or belt so kids can take it on the go; also functions as a watch with an alarm.

Banana Mojos Banana Mojos - big, soft chews with a wonderful banana flavou

Mid Green Scatter Landscape Modelling each pack covers an area approximately 600mm x 900mm.

Floating Bear - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

B.B Playdress Classic Set Baby Born Playdress Classic Set. Sold Seperately, please specify your outfit choice. For ages 3 and up.

Hogwarts Express Enter Platform 9 3/4 and you're on your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.Don't worry about getting your bags when you reach the school - press a button and the luggage is magically unloaded! Spin the wall to reveal Platform 9 3/4, and open the compartments to see inside during the journey! Includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kings Cross platform. Train does not run on LEGO train tracks. Ages: 8-12 Pieces: 410

PEZ Refills - Tabs PEZ Refills - Fruit flavour candy tablets, ideal for your PEZ Toy Dispenser! Go on be a child again!

Skyride Our two person glider is child accelerated. No "Can you push me?" Great fun for two or one!!Maximum recommended weight: 40kg single user, 80kg two users, recommended age 4-10yrs.

Brill Whole Brill whole Large (app 0.75 to 1.5Kg fish) 1 Kg (˙14.25 Kg = ˙6.48 lb)

Un-branded Sugar coated, mini heart dragees with a dark chocolate centre instead of the traditional almond. Ideal for wedding favours, Valentine's day, table decoration, corporate events and promotions. Approximately 460 hearts per 500g gift bag.

Fruity Fish Fruity Fish - boiled, fruity delicious, multicoloured fish shaped sweets.

Holiday Teddy Beanie Wording inside tag reads:The holidays go by so fastTry to slow down and make it lastTake time this year to spread some joyTo each and every girl and boy !For ages 3 and up.

Scented Satins Scented Satins - boiled sweets in beautiful little pearlescent pyramid shapes with a delicious flavour

Chocolate Bananas - Wrapped Chocolate Bananas - Wrapped. Soft and gooey, yummy banana flavour marshmallow, with a thin chocolate coating.

Bratz Game Become 1 of the bratz girls! Move around the board and be the first to uncover and collect all your cool fashion accessories! For 2 to 4 players. For ages 5 years and over.

Radius 2 Curve Extra track for the Scalextric Set.

Powerpuff Girls Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Venchi Chocolate with herbs and spices is how chocolate was first taken in South America before Europe had even heard of cocoa. So this milk chocolate bar made with Cinnamon allows you to sample a small taste of the past, and just like many of the herbs and spices originally used with chocolate it works very well indeed.

Mussels Live Wild Mussels 1 Kg (˙3.42 Kg = ˙1.55 lb)

20 Model Set The 20 Model Set contains 261 pieces which can be transformed into 20 different models. Detailed instructions plus suggestions for 12 more are included. Tools are also included. requires 2 x AA batteries. Not supplied.

Pirate Boat Green Our Swing Boat brings fairground fun to your garden - pull on the ropes to swing higher. Available in green.Maximum Total Recommended Weight: 80kg two users.

Lime & Liquorice Lime & Liquorice - Flavours of lime and liquorice in one sweet? They work very well together.

Carrots beanie baby Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B September 13th 2001Of all the things I love to eatA carrot is my favorite treatI'll eat them raw or in a stewBut either way I'll share with you!

Point Motor Housing Provides a base to mount Motor R8014 above the baseboard, with a model trackside hut to conceal it. Comes with variable extension arm that allows you to position the motor at different distances from the track, on either side of the point.

Uncle Mac`s Drops Uncle Mac`s Drops - Warm rich taste of cloves and spices.

Just Truffles Crisp chocolate shells with lickably soft real cream centres... champagne÷,÷ rum÷,÷ cointreau÷,÷ calvados÷,÷ creme caramel÷,÷ tiramisu and more. Real alcohol (not flavouring!) serves to preserve the cream in a state of melting softness... the very essence of a real truffle. 30 chocolates 355g (equiv. to ˙5.62/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians

Flying Saucers Flying Saucers - fruit flavour sherbet in a wafer shell. The biggest seller we have - they are flying out of the door!!!

Quatro Medium Bucket Building fun for your little one! Creations come to life with this colorful collection of QUATRO construction bricks designed just for little builders. Four times the size of a LEGOź brick, QUATRO elements are made of a slightly softer material easy for smaller hands to grasp. And QUATRO elements are compatible with LEGO DUPLO bricks so now there are even more ways to play. Set includes a sturdy, see-through storage container with colorful red handy lid. Use the lid as a building plate or seal up the container and take the set along for on-the-go play!The QUATRO Medium Bucket includes 50 colorful bricks in assorted shapes and sizes so your little one can build and play for hours!LEGO QUATRO ... 4 times as big as a LEGO Brick... and twice as big as DUPLO Bricks.

Sour Apple Jellies Sour Jelly Apples - sour apple flavour sugar encrusted juicy jelly sweets.

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat With lovely detail and a comfortable handle the Comfort Seat can be used as a car seat, a rocker or a hand held carrier.

Playmobil Tractor and Harvest Wagon This Playmobil Tractor and Harvest Wagon comes with working front loader, tilting harvest trailer, removable railing and roof.

Thanks Daisy Thank You Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Thank You balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Zoo A SystemX building with enclosures and fences. Four main areas for the animals. Includes two zookeepers, a family of four, and lots of animals.For ages 4 and up.

Devious Diesel Loco This cheeky locomotive is an ideal addition to the Thomas range of locos.

Fizzy Dummies Fizzy Dummies - These are bigger than our Baby Comforters. Fizzy, fruity, chewy dummies.

F1 Scalextric Set An excitement-filled set including not only the new Sport track but also Sport hand throttles which feature dynamic braking.Williams and McLaren, leading teams that help give F1 its excitement and pace. The C1101 set includes the latest liveries fighting for pole position on the circuit 3 track. Awesome!Complete with lap counter and timer.Get a set, Get ready and Go! Go! Go!

Venchi A very special single variety chocolate from Venchi. Made solely from the Criollo cocoa bean from Venezuela, an exceptional full flavoured bean which comprises just 5-10% of the worlds cocoa crop and therefore used by only the very best chocolatiers, Venchi for one. An incredibly powerful, low acid dark chocolate with a strong bitter cocoa taste. Highly recomended for real dark chocolate lovers.

Chewing Nuts Chewing Nuts - chewy toffee centre to make your jaw work. Please note: the covering is actually chocolate flavour - though bet you can't tell from the taste!

Jumbo Gobstoppers Jumbo gobstoppers - about the size of a golf ball. These will keep you quiet for hours!!!

Eagle Swing The most compact single swing in the TP range, the Eagle Swing has a galvanised steel frame complete with injection moulded seat. The Eagle Swing can be assembled at low height for use with babies from 6 months 9 THIS REQUIRES THE ADDITIONAL PURCHASE OF THE NURSERY SWING SEAT (TP526 ˙19.95) Provided with injection moulded ground stakes for stability. Quick and easy to assemble. Suitable for children up to approx 40kg. Supplied with a moulded seat but, if you prefer, you may purchase an alternative swing seat. Dimensions at full height: Base area = 168cm x 148cm Height = 183cm. Dimensions at low height: Base area = 126cm x 104cm Height = 104cm.Please note that TP Duo rides and attatchments do not fit the Eagle swing.

South Seas Kiwi Gourmet Jelly Beans 'South Seas Kiwi' Gourmet Jelly Beans - delicious fruit flavour juicy jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory. Not only do they taste fabulous but there are Gelatine Free. We sell them in 125 gram bags (thatĂs an old 1/4 pound plus an extra 10%) - so you can either just enjoy one flavour - or you can buy a couple of bags and make your own customised selection of your favourite flavours.

Conductor Figure of 8 Set The classic figure of 8 set layout is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway.Children take control as they use the Conductor to direct the trains.By pushing the red button, the Conductor raises or lowers the barriers to allow the engines through.This set comes with Thomas, an exclusive yellow goods wagon with sliding doors, red truck, Sir Topham Hatt, a signal, a red stop sign and tree.

Olympic Pool Cover For use with the Olympic Pool TP 578. Each sold separately.

New Baby Girl Foot Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape New Baby very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Un-branded Approximately 25 coins per 500g bag (20g each). Our foil wrapped chocolate coins contain only high quality milk chocolate.

Thomas ElectricTrain Set - NOW ˙25 OFF! Thomas Toby Electric Train Set - NOW HAS ˙25 OFF - WAS ˙65 NOW ONLY ˙40!

New Baby Born 2004 The New BABY bornź Function Doll comes with eight life-like functions, and now you can take her everywhere! She is a 43cm function doll that drinks from her bottle, eats her own special food, needs her nappy changed, cries real tears, uses her potty, squeals with delight, moves her arms & limbs and can now go to the beach, bathtub, or swimming pool. BABY bornź comes complete with all the accessories necessary to perform the major functions listed above: a bottle, plate, spoon, special doll food, potty, nappy, dummy, birth certificate and comes dressed in a pink striped vest.

Hornby On/Off Switch An ideal accessory for your Train Set.

Sherbet Lemons Sherbet Lemons- Succulent lemon, simply the best!'

BIG Age 50 Birthday Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Birthday very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

The Magic Wiglee He wiggles here, there and everywhere. Through your fingers, round a pencil or out of a glass! Everybody just loves him! Parents and children alike! One of the oldest illusions around, and still as popular today as ever!

Tactical Fighter The Mega Bloks Tactical Fighter comes with everything that you need to make this Fighter Plane.The cockpit opens and the plane comes with missiles.The plane measurers 21" (54cm).

Power Clips Used for all electrical connections to the track.

Candy Watches Candy Watches - Turn back the hands of time with these fruity fizzy watches. Still taste as we remember them.

Colour Light Signal Switches from red to green and back again.

Michel Cluizel This bar won first prize at the Salon du Chocolat 2003 show. Created exclusively from cocoa beans from the Mangaro plantation in Madagascar. This fine dark chocolate bar is possibly the most exotic of all the Michel Cluizel single origin range. It provides a well balanced range of citrus fruits with an underlying edge of ginger to aid depth and character. One of six single origin chocolate bars created by Michel Cluizel.

Spiderman Figure Walkie Talkie - NOW HALF PRICE ONLY ˙9.49! Spiderman 12" Figure walkie talkies are now half price! Was ˙18.99 now only ˙9.49!

Giant Sweet and Sour Refreshers Giant Sweet and Sour Refreshers - think refresher chews -and then supersize them!! These are great big chewy sticks - with a sweet cherry and sour apple flavour.

ZIGITY This card game has a mixture of activities and twists to win its a race to get rid of all your cards. You'll play sets of cards which spell a word, add up to 11 or complete a puzzle. Fun for all the family.

Chou Chou Pastel Deluxe Set Available in two designs, the Pastel outfits are a perfect accessory for Chou Chou. We only have stock of the knitted lilac set.Each item is sold seperately.

Orange and Lemon Slices Orange and Lemon Slices - traditional orange and lemon flavoured boiled sweets.

Chocolate Licko Chocolate Licko - Crumbly biscuity sweet with a soft chewy texture. Great for all chocolate lovers. This is a fine powder that you can dip your finger in and enjoy the chocolate or just use a spoon!

Cranium Board Game Cranium is the hot new board game that brings together family and friends through 14 fun activities that celebrate the whole brain. Whether you're an aspiring actor, trivia buff, or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team an opportunity to shine. Cranium is great for teens and adults and takes about an hour to play. For ages 12 years and over.

BR WC Weymouth Locomotive 'Weymouth' was outshopped in September 1949 with the running number of 34091, a number incidentally that remained with the locomotive until it was withdrawn in September 1964. The Hornby model shows 'Weymouth' as it was in 1962 with a 9' wide, cut down tender.

Rhubarb and Custard - Hand Made Hand Made Rhubarb and Custard- A wonderful combination.

Rabbit Face Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift SuperShape very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

12' Pool Cover Fits 12' (366cm) Easy Set Pool, 12" (30cm) overhang.

Onewa, Toa Metru of Stone Toa Metru of Stone and guardian of Po-Metru, Onewa is equipped with a twin proto-pitons and wears the Great Mask of Mind Control. Each Toa Metru features 13 points of articulation and comes with a new Kanohi mask. The Toa have a gear in the back that allows both arms to move. Models can fit inside the can.

Gobstoppers Gobstoppers - Bright coloured hard boiled sweets.

Bonnat Created from the prized Criollo bean from Venezuela, producing an equisite chocolate that is well balanced and full flavoured. Arguably the finest of the Bonnat single origin chocolate bars. This chocolate provides a complex range of fruits and floral notes with a warmth and depth of fine cocoa.

Crab Meat 227gm Crab Meat White Fresh picked 1/2lb bag (227g)

Topic What has a hazelnut in every bite? Topic.

Maple and Pecan Whips Maple and Pecan Whips - a new variation on traditional Walnut Whips with 2 perfect complimentary flavours.

American Football Player Ages 4 and up.

Blinkies They're into everything- friendship, makeovers, shopping, boys and more. Take good care of her and her heart will grow. If not, you'll know. Six cool friends. Get to know them all, can you be a good friend to blinkies?Virtual best friend with cool colour screen. For ages 6 and up.

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Eldar Guardians Battle Squad In times of need those taught the ways of war form squads of Guardian Defenders. In this way they defend their dying civilisation. Eldar Guardians are chosen in squads of between 5 and 20 models.The box contains components to make up to 16 Eldar Guardians armed with shuriken catapults.

LNER N2 Weathered Locomotive As previously stated these locomotives saw service in Scotland and some of the suburban areas of London heading up passenger trains. As suburban traffic was not considered at 'Top Link' the locomotives would more frequently than not appear in need of a clean.

Ellis Baby New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

El Rey A 41% cocoa content milk chocolate. Created exclusively from the fine flavour Carenero cocoa bean from Venezuela. A full flavoured milk chocolate with a gentle balance of a honey sweetness and malt notes.

Cod Roe Smoked Smoked Cod Roe (Vac Pack) 1Kg (˙22.50 Kg = ˙10.23 lb)

Jammin Jamaica Westley The girls are hanging at the beach to hear the band play! The doll comes with bikini, beach outfit, brush and lots of accessories.Comes with your very own copy of the very first My Scene Movie.

Piglet Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift SuperShape very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Harvest Tractor/Loading Area Tilting loading bay and mowing bar, removable rail hook up.For ages 4 and up.

Intellivision Cartridge Game1/2 Price was ˙9.99 This Intellivision cartridge game is complete 2 player, 3 cartridge video game and includes 3 games

Sheep Available in packs of ten.

Liquorice Twisters Liquorice Twisters - Strawberry sticks of chewy yummy Liquorice.

Chocolate Sticks Chocolate Sticks - French chocolate with paper coating.

Swingdeck The clever combination that adds a challenging climb and a mighty play deck to the brilliant fun of a Giant Swing Frame. Easy to attach and comes complete with Heavy Duty Platform - tough enough for years of use. Dimensions: Extends base area by: 130cm (4'3") in length.

Dolfin An assortment of 48 individually wrapped, milk and dark Belgian chocolate neapolitans, packed into a neat presentation box. Each square laced with a different flavour, such as Earl Grey, milk Nougatine, orange with milk, dark and coffee. Also ideal for use as wedding favours.

Hand Made Soor Plooms Soor Plooms - delicious deep green sour plum boiled sweets.

R/Agression 6 These fully articulated poseable 7 inch figures are made using real scan technology. Each figure features a real likeness of the WWE wrestlers. Product May Vary.Not suitable for under 3 years.

Peanut Brittle Delicious toasted peanuts in brittle toffee.

Terror Eyes Terror Eyes - Bubble gum eye balls. Put them to one side and they will see you through the week!!

Casdon Dual Chalkboard Wipe clean felt pen surface on one side, conventional chalkboard on the other. 2 "non spill" water beakers and 2 paper clips incorporated in the frame on each side. No finger trap hinge.

Birthday Age 30 Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Castle Style Bouncy Castle Made with durable PVC material, including 24 balls.

Robosapien Robosapien is a realistic, recreational robot that can be easily programmed and mastered using a remote control. Based on the science of Biomorphic Robotics, Robosapien is able to act more like a human. He will come to life at your command and can perform up to 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, high-five, whistle, dance and 3 different karate moves. Robosapien is fully programmable and can perform a chain of commands in any combination of moves, for example you can create your own dance sequence in any combination. He will react to both touch and sound, and uses up to 6 sensors to detect obstructions without help.Robosapien is functional straight out of the box, requiring no set up and all functions are controlled by the remote control. He can provide more than 6 hours of continuous entertainment and will shut down automatically after being idle for more than 20 minutes.Requires 4 'D' type batteries. Not supplied.

Liquorice Satins Liquorice Satins - Pillows of scrummy yet beautiful little boiled sweets with a wondeful taste of liquorice.

Double Straight Track An ideal accessory for your train set. Length 335mm.

Valrhona A small box of rich dark 66% cocoa chocolate, enrobed orange pieces from Valrhona. These little nibbles provide a chocolate treat with a refreshing fruit finish and are of the highest quality.

Tropical Jawbreakers Tropical Jawbreakers - hard candy gobstopper with a mega soft bubblegum centre - all in a range of fruity flavours.

Liquorice Wands Liquorice Wands - Bassetts have stopped making liquorice pipes and replaced them with liquorice wands... don't ask us why! Wands are twisted liquorice with sweet bits on the end (just like pipes really!)

Large Blister Bead Set Hama Beads Sweet Kittens. Hama Beads allow children to create their own bright and colourful designs, there is no limit to the number of designs possible! Contains small parts. Only suitable for children 5 years and over.

Guylian Belgian Dark Chocolate - Low carbs Guylian Belgium Dark Chocolate - Low Carbs, no added sugar and it's chocolate! These wonderful Belgian chocolate manufacturers have come up with a great tasting bar of chocolate.1g net effective carbs per serving!

Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs - little eggs of creamy pure chocolate wrapped in multi coloured foil.

Playmobil Viking Raiders Playmobil Viking Raiders, with horse, cart and treasures.

Passing Contact Switch Supplies the brief pulse of current that a point motor requires. Supplied with connecting wires.

Party Cat Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift SuperShape very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Giraudi Not just superior quality amaretti but fine dark chocolate enrobed amaretti, which is such a successful combination of texture and flavour with a crisp shell and slightly chewy meringue centre. This attractive box contains approximately 25 individually wrapped Amaretti. Best enjoyed with coffee after a meal.

Trout Smoked Hot Smoked Trout Fillets(sold by weight app 125gm) (˙22.68 Kg = ˙2.84 lb)

Shapeshifter Heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe locked in the neverending battle of good and evil. Design may vary.

Chou Chou Buggy Chou Chou Buggy 2003 is a wonderful buggy and an ideal accessory for the Chou Chou Doll.

Happy Birthday Princess Crown Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Birthday very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

B.B Sleeping Bag 2005 Baby Born Sleeping Bag 2005. Keep your Baby Born snuggly and warm in this cute little sleeping bag. For ages 3 and up.

Knights Of The Realm Knights of the Realm are the most numerous of the orders of chivalry. Knights must have proven themselves in battle and taken on their full responsibilities as knights. A Knight of the realm is a noble whose task it is to rule and protect his people, serve his feudal lord, and provide an example of knightly virtue for others to aspire towards.This box contains 2 complete plastic figures.

LMS City Of Edinburgh Locomotive First sent to traffic in April 1940, 'City of Edinburgh' was outshopped in the familiar Crimson Lake of the LMS. However in 1945 this striking colour gave way to the austere livery of wartime black.

Fish & Chips Fish & Chips- Creamy white chocolate without the batter!

Hornby Two-way Switch An ideal accessory for your Train Set.

Braquier The ultimate party centrepiece. This 18cm high bomb is made of the finest 65% cocoa content chocolate. Once lit, stand back the bomb explodes, the chocolate (enough for 10 people) shatters and a deluge of chocolate dragees are released. Amazing! (UK only)

Frys Orange Cream Frys Orange Cream - dark Frys chocolate encases a delicious orange fondant centre.

Safety Helmet Fashionable safety helmet featuring Groovy Chick graphics, trendy aerodynamic vented helmet. Pearl finish with printed graphics. Adjustable straps with foam padding for comfort fit, quick release buckle. Meets EN107. Fits head circumference 52-56cm

Old Toms Extra Strong Old Tom Extra Strong - now these will clear your pipes - they are strong!

Toasted Coconut Marshmallow Toasted Coconut Marshmallow - Large Chunks of gooey Marshmallow coated with a thin layer of Toasted Coconut. THEY ARE JUST AMAZING!

Kick N Learn Piano Rewards baby's natural kicking with music, lights and sounds. Musical melody with ten tunes and lights.What a great way to encourage baby’s natural kicking motion! When baby touches or kicks the piano, music and sounds play as twinkling lights “dance” along to each song.Different settings help baby learn letters, animal names and sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers. When baby is ready for concerts outside the crib, the keys play notes like a piano!Easy-attach crib straps, on/off switch and volume control, and automatic shut-off. Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included).

Humbugs - Hand Made Old Fashioned Traditional boiled sweet, full of flavour. A wonderful golden colour with a chewy toffee centre.

Heiress cat beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B April 20th 2004We'll do our hair and paint our toesAnd then change into dress-up clothesNext we can dance and skip and twirlIt's so much fun to be a girl!For ages 3 and up.

Alphabet Train Learn the alphabet with the ABC train. Build the train's carriages using Mega Bloks bricks with a different letter of the alphabet on each block.Suitable from age 1.

Turkish Delight - Handmade Turkish Delight - Handmade Soft juicy pieces of Lemon and Rose flavoured Turkish Delight...Full of Eastern promise!

Sweet Bananas Sweet Bananas- soft banana flavour candy chews.

Booja Booja Light and creamy Champagne truffles made with 56% smooth dark chocolate and packed with a punch. Dusted with fine cocoa powder. Another winning truffle from Booja Booja in our opinion.

Floral Gums Floral Gums - delicious, gently scented and flavoured gum sweets. One of the biggest favourites with our customers.

B.B Changing Backpack 2005 Baby Born Changing Backpack 2005.

Refreshers Chew Refreshers Chew - a fizzy chew bar.

Baci - Chocolate Mini Box Baci - Chocolate Mini Box - Nestle box of chocolates. A whole hazelnut nesles on a light, bubbly praline in a wafer cup, all wrapped in a delicious mix of milk and dark chocolate.From Italy, the home of love, come Nestle Baci. Named after the Italian word for Kisses, Inside every one there's a message of love that will touch the heart - friends relatives, and lovers alike.

Playmobil Road Sweeper This Playmobil Road Sweeper has brushes on the front that rotate when the vehicle is moved.

Jesmona - Black Bullets Jesmona Black Bullets - Crisp minty boiled sweet! This is a great Northern Classic.

Chocolate Trading Company A chocolate gift hamper containing a selection of the finest milk chocolate bars in the world! Includes a guide with tasting notes on the special chocolate bars included. Finished with a sophisticated wrap and gold cord. We have chosen this selection for their diverse characteristics and flavours, due to the single origins and cocoas used. This chocolate hamper includes bars from Bonnat, Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, El Rey, Venchi and Amedei. Gift card included in the price!

Spider-Man 2 Movie Figure (Asst 3) Characters from Spider-Man 2 come to life with these 6" action figures. Kids will be able to recreate pivotal scenes from the motion picture with the help of cool action features and accessories. Each figure is authentically decorated and incorporates laser-scanning technology to capture actor likeness. Superposeable figures offer over 30 POA (Points of Articulation).Only one supplied.Desgn may vary.

Little Chap New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Deluxe Swing Seat Single Seat deluxe swing seat in orange. Also available in green (T.P 925).

Super Goal Big enough for enthusiastic 10 year olds, but small enough for most gardens. Fit the optional Trainer for Super Goal (TP 67). Made from galvanized steel, the Super Goal has a Lifetime Guarantee against rust causing failure.Width: 213cm (7'). Height: 152cm (5'). Depth: 91cm (3').

Baby Born Jeans Collection 2004 Available in a variety of styles, the Jeans Collection is a lovely addition to the Baby Born range. Each outfit is sold seperately.

Trillions - Milk Chocolate Trillions - Milk Chocolate Trillions of small little coloured pieces of crisp shell hiding a milk chocolate centre.

Dark Slab Molten chocolate poured out and set into an eye-widening expanse. 70% cocoa dark chocolate made from Latin American Criollo beans÷,÷ with whole almonds. ˙14.95 per 500g slab÷,÷ (equiv. to ˙2.99/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians÷,÷ alcohol free.

Grays Tea Cakes Grays Tea Cakes - real old fashioned sweet toffee coconut discs - made by Grays of Dudley.

Formula One Racing This Formula One Racing set includes 4 racing cars, over 7.5 feet of racing track and may extras including a battery case, Start/Finish signs etc.

Playmobil Knights Training Field This set contains all a Knight needs to train including a dummy knight, a horse and lots of other accessories.

Orange and Lemon Millions Orange and Lemon Millions - tiny chewy sweets with orange and lemon flavour.

Bazooka Bubble Juice - Bazooka Bubble Juice - Bazooka have done it again, Three mouthwatering flavours, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry. Each flavour in it's own little box and the bubblegum is in small nuggets.

BR MN Brocklebank Line Locomotive 'Brocklebank Line' was built at Eastleigh and first went to traffic in November 1948, 35025 was rebuilt in December 1956 with a speedmeter being fitted in October 1959. Towards the end of BR service 'Brocklebank Line' was transferred to the Western Region but after withdrawal the locomotive was moved to Barry for scrapping. In 1984 the engine was purchased by Brocklebank Line Rescue and moved to the Great Central Railway in February 1986.

Baby Born Bath Tub The Bath Tub is an ideal accessory for Baby Born, making bathtime fun!

Happy Mothers Day Smiling Flower - Mothers Day Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Mothers Day balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

B.B Sporty Dress Classic Set Baby Born Sporty Dress Classic Set. For ages 3 and up.

Virgin The privatised rail network is the theme of this set, featuring the Virgin livery that's now seen on 125 High Speed Trains in the west of Britain, from Aberdeen to Penzance. The track that comes with this set is the Starter Oval plus Track Pack A to provide a siding. Add extra Track Packs when you are ready for more. The power and dummy car lights illuminate in the direction of travel. CONTENTS: Virgin Trains 125 HST diesel electric locomotive, Class 43 Two Mk3 open second coaches Dummy power car, Class 43 Starter Oval track plus extension Track Pack A (with point and buffer stop) (measuring 1470mm x 990mm) C912 Wall Plug Transformer R965 Train Controller R602 Power Connecting Clip R8011 TrakMat Additional Production NotesOnly suitable to run on second radius curves or greater

Jazzies - Large White Jazzies Large White - Thick round disks of white chocolate sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

Fratelli Nurzia Torrone A beautifully illustrated, art deco style gift box created in the early 1920Ăs, containing 5 x 86g, individually boxed sticks of this classic style torrone. A soft and pleasingly dense torrone containing an unrivalled 50% of finely roasted Almonds, flavoured with pure honey and lemon oil from Sicily. Exclusive to Chocolate Trading Company.

Haddock Fillet Kg Haddock Fillets Med ( app 3 fillets) 1 Kg (˙10.20 Kg = ˙4.64 lb)

Fried Eggs Fried Eggs - a soft white foamy base with a fruity yolk.

Juneau husky beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B December 17th 2003Hurry, jump on, I'll pull the sledOr we could play snow-tag insteadEither way we'll have such funWhat can I say? I love to run !For ages 3 and up.

Beechs Violet Creams Beechs Violet Creams - smooth dark chocolate with delicious violet flavour fondant cream centres. These are quite simply exquisite.

Containers 3 x 20 ft Wagon An ideal accessory for any Train Set.

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