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Buy Mint Aniseed - Diabetic - Sugar Free. for £1.79

Mint Aniseed - Diabetic - Sugar Free. Two great mouth-watering flavours in one boiled sweet!!

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Kids Birthday Boy Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Dolfin A flexible addition to any kitchen. A large tub of Dolfin's luxury flaked dark chocolate. Use the flakes to make a luxurious hot chocolate drink or purely for decoration.

Hama beads Available in: Yellow/Green/Pastel Mix/Neon Mix/Flourescent Mix/Translucent/Glitter Mix/White/Red/Pink/Blue/Black/Coffee Brown.PLEASE STATE WHICH COLOUR/S YOU WISH TO ORDER IN SPACE PROVIDED.

Tent for Swingdeck A great hideaway made from tough waterproof material.

Crab Meat 454gm Crab Meat White Fresh picked 1lb bag (454g)

Sour Blue Raspberry Whips Sour Blue Raspberry Whips - fruity, jelly, sugar encrusted, raspberry flavour whips (about 24cm or 9 inches longÓ). Not too sour - more a hint than a blast!!

Baby Annabell Travel Bag A beautiful accessory to hold everything Annabell needs. This Travel Bag has wheels to make carrying easier for small hands.

Birthday Age 60 Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Playmobil Horse & Foals This set has two horses with foal and flower meadow. The saddles can be removed.

Chocolate Trading Company A chocolate gift hamper containing a selection of the finest milk chocolate bars in the world! Includes a guide with tasting notes on the special chocolate bars included. Finished with a sophisticated wrap and gold cord. We have chosen this selection for their diverse characteristics and flavours, due to the single origins and cocoas used. This chocolate hamper includes bars from Bonnat, Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, El Rey, Venchi and Amedei. Gift card included in the price!

Hand Made Berwick Cockles Hand Made Berwick Cockles - a traditional Scottish delicacy from Berwick. Soft, minty, fabulous.

Draco's Encounter Care of magical creatures is serious business. Will Draco be able to ride Buckbeak? If not, the first aid equipment is close at hand in the secret compartment. Includes 36 LEGO pieces.

Pineapple Cubes Pineapple Cubes - Mouthwatering chunks of Pineapple.

Sylvanian Fridge & Accessories Sylvanian Fridge is an ideal accessory for your kitchen.It also comes with a few accessories.

Noahs Arc Floats on the water. With working crane, a store room for bales of hay, cages in the hull, and sleeping room in the roof. Plenty of accessories! And 13 pairs of animals, of course!For ages 4 and up.

Strawberry and Cream Candy Cones Strawberry and Cream Candy Cones - delicious strawberry and cream flavour candy cones - very creamy and rich!

flashback fever Includes 2 retro outfits, accessories, collectable keychain and CD. One supplied.Colours and styles may vary.Bratz sold seperately.For ages 6 and over.

Deluxe Fun Ride This sensational trolley ride is already a classic in thousands of homes in America. Safe, durable and easy to assemble. Heavy duty trolly, 20 metre cable, weight limit 102kg (16 stone).Location: Make sure that the trees or other uprights selected for cable ends will support the full weight of anyone using the trolley.Please allow for the thickness of the trees or other upright when choosing the location for the Deluxe Fun Ride Cables.DO NOT SUSPEND CABLE OVER PATHS.

Amedei A white cubed box containing 6 premium milk chocolate neapolitans. Amedei's name is embossed on the lid in gold. Ideal for table settings, take home gift, hospitality and an alternative higher quality wedding favour. Dark chocolate neapolitans also available.

Happy Tattoo Bubble Gum Happy Tattoo Bubble Gum - remember the bubblegum with little tattoos in - so you could be the hardest, coolest kid in the playground? Well now you can again!!

Coley Fillet Kg Frozen Coley fillets (Frozen@Sea skinless/boneless) 1 Kg (˙4.44 Kg = ˙2.02 lb)

Metal Raiders In ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for a millennia. Now one boy has released the power! It's time to duel! There are 9 cards in every pack. For ages 6 and up.

Baby Annabell Nappies A perfect accessory for Baby Annabell

Silver Hearts Love - Valentines Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Love or Valentines balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Amedei This beautifully illustrated box from Amedei contains 12, 70% cocoa, dark chocolate neapolitans made from the "Porcelana" cocoa bean, a genetically pure strain of the Criollo bean. This prized cocoa bean provides a refined non-acidic and nutty flavour with notes of caramel. It is extremely rare and therefore Amedei only produce a limited amount each year. It is so special that each of the boxes is individually numbered. Winner of the "Best chocolate 2004" award.

B.B Bottle & Cap Baby Born Bottle & Cap 2005. A perfect addition to your Baby Born collection. For ages 3 and up.

Shock 12 Featuring front caliper brake, detachable stabalisers, full chain cover, rear mud guard, bell and upper bar pad.Suitable from ages 3-5.

Mint Poppets Mint Poppets - Milk chocolate coverd balls of yummy mint.

Porsche GT3 w/lights Scalextric Car Scalextric Car

Sea Serpant with Vikings Nessie has moveable fins and head. Can float with included ballast weight, and is compatible with the PLAYMOBIL underwater motor (item 7350 not included). One AA battery required for Underwater Motor. Approx Size: 8 inches long and 5 inches high. Set includes Viking figure.Ages 4 and up.

Raspberry Crystals Delicious raspberry flavoured sherbet crystals - dip a lolly in or your finger is just as good!

Milk Chocolate Eggs Milk Chocolate Eggs - Crisp outer shell filled with scrummy milk chocolate. Not just for easter, eaten all year round.

Knights Super Set Knight Set includes anvil, horse, and accessories. Playscape is compatible with PLAYMOBIL Rock Assembly System (available separately).

Playmobil Family Van Playmobil Family Van with trailer. It has a detachable roof. The trunk and trailer can store all the accessories that are included with this set.

Acid Drops - Handmade Hand Made Acid Drops - The Nations favourite, sharp to taste, thirst quenching! These are a unique recipe.

Playmobil Road Sweeper This Playmobil Road Sweeper has brushes on the front that rotate when the vehicle is moved.

Baby Born Comfort Seat Baby Born Comfort Seat is an ideal accessory for the Baby Born doll.

Valrhona This Caraibe, single origin chocolate with hazelnut bar from Valrhona uses the finest Caribbean cocoa beans, Trinitario to be precise, which blend perfectly with the deep roasted hazlenuts.

Chocolate Filled Marshmallow Bunnies Chocolate Filled Marshmallow Bunnies - Big, soft, squidgy marsh mallow bunnies - with a sugary coating and a soft chocolate filling (sort of like chocolate spread) - this is a fabulous combination!!

Playdoh Zoo Set Free Playdoh easy2do set This brightly and fun Playdoh Zoo set comes complete with 3 tubs of playdoh along with accessories to build your own playdoh fun shaped animal. Suitable for children aged 3+

Mighty Imps Mighty Imps - Yep this is them the small little pieces with the MIGHTY punch of liquorice and menthol.

Learning Drum This innovative drum allows children to tap out their ABC's and 123's to a catchy beat.Featuring four learning modes, and Learning Drum flashes letters, numbers, or shapes as the child pats the top of the drum.The textured sides of the drum featuring sculpted LeapFrog characters add to the musical fun.Introduces: Letters, Numbers, Cause & Effect, Gross Motor Skills and Musical Awareness.

Champagne & Truffle Selection Box For maximum impact÷,÷ give this... a double layer of the best real cream truffle selection around÷,÷ with a full bottle of fine champagne. The selection box contains all the classics... champagne÷,÷ rum÷,÷ cointreau÷,÷ kirsch÷,÷ cognac as well as tantalising new recipes to discover for the first time... 75cl÷,÷ 485g. Free delivery to UK mainland.

Dinosaur Play Centre Made with durable PVC material. Includes water slide, wading pool, spray nozzle, 3 ring toss games, 6 plastic playballs, basketball hoop and seperate inflatable baby dinosaurs.

Candy Lipsticks Candy Lipsticks - fruit flavour sweets in a lipstick case - made by Swizzels

Square/ Round large peg board Square/ Round large peg board. Hama Beads allow children to create their own bright snd colourful designs, or they can use the information booklet provided for inspiration. There is no limit to the number of designs possible! Contains small parts. Only suitable for children 5 years and over.

Travel Cluedo Handy travel version of the classic whodunnit game. For 2-6 players

Treacle Toffee Slabs Treacle Toffee Slabs - rich chewy toffee in lpocket size break-up slabs - just taste the black treacle and molasses... mouth watering!

Cod Roe Smoked Smoked Cod Roe (Vac Pack) 1Kg (˙22.50 Kg = ˙10.23 lb)

Hogwarts Express Enter Platform 9 3/4 and you're on your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.Don't worry about getting your bags when you reach the school - press a button and the luggage is magically unloaded! Spin the wall to reveal Platform 9 3/4, and open the compartments to see inside during the journey! Includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kings Cross platform. Train does not run on LEGO train tracks. Ages: 8-12 Pieces: 410

Racoon Family The Sylvanian Raccoon Family fearues, a father, a mother and two young children ( a boy and a girl raccoon).These are sold together in one pack.

Glace Fruit Drops Glace Fruit Drops - Individually wrapped, clear fruity boiled sweets.

Aged to Perfection Birthday Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Valrhona Used by great chefs this 64% cocoa content dark chocolate has a striking taste with intense notes of red berries. This fine chocolate will transform your pastries and desserts. Recipe sheets from the Ecole du Grand Chocolat to collect in each box.

Triangle net Triangular shaped net shown on image with swingdeck (sold seperately).

GT40 Sport Racing Set Track Specification:Name: Circuit 3Running length: 6.54 metresMinimum space required: 2.88 x 1.71 metresShape: extended figure 8Contents:C8206 x 6C8207 x 1C8217 x 1 C8205 x 9C8246 x 1 PairC8203 x 2plus 2 hand controllers and a transformer.Classic racing fun with a giant figure of 8 style circuit with racing line curves and chicane. The performance of these Ford GT40 race winning Le Mans cars is staggering!

Cola Fizz - Diabetic - Sugar Free Cola Fizz - Diabetic - Sugar Free Great tasting boiled sweet with a yummy Cola Fizz!!

Baby Annabell Baby Walker Baby Annabell Baby Walker is a great accessory for the Baby Annabell Doll.

Haddock Fillet Kg Haddock Fillets Med ( app 3 fillets) 1 Kg (˙10.20 Kg = ˙4.64 lb)

Murray Mints Murray Mints - quite simply "too good to hurry mints".

Peach Bon Bons Peach Bon Bons - Crisp crunchy outer shell with a soft chewy centre. The more you chew the greater taste of Peach

Baby Born Christening Classic Set This beautiful outfit is a perfect addition to the Baby Born Collection.

Bonfire Toffee - Treacle Pieces Bonfire Toffee (Treacle Pieces) - We had never heard of these, but they are very tasty.

Mechanics Basics Build it up, strip it down, create a new design. Tons of custom parts.

Mazet A fine selection of speciality almonds. Enrobed in a variety of fine dark and milk chocolate. Finished with either a dusting of cocoa, sugar or plain dark chocolate.

English Blackberry Gourmet Jelly Beans English Blackberry' Gourmet Jelly Beans - delicious fruit flavour juicy jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory. Not only do they taste fabulous but there are Gelatine Free. We sell them in 125 gram bags (thatĂs an old 1/4 pound plus an extra 10%) - so you can either just enjoy one flavour - or you can buy a couple of bags and make your own customised selection of your favourite flavours.

S/Man Movie 2 twin This twin pack includes 2 6" figures, one which is called Web Climbing includes bendy web traps so you can make your own traps to capture the villain. Figure two is Battle Attack This figures has real punch and kick action. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Iced Caramels Iced Caramels - Hard crispy sugar coating covering a creamy chewy caramel.

Chaos Land Raider The mighty Land Raider is without doubt the most powerful battle tank ever built.When the Chaos Legions fled into the Eye of Terror they took with them hundreds of these precious machines.Now, whenever the Legions issue forth another Black Crusade these same Land Raiders are ever in the vanguard, proving their powereven after 10,000 years. A Land Raider is a Heavy Support choice.The box contains a single model.

Police Officer and M/Cycle Moving front axle, removable luggage.For ages 4 and up.

Guylian Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange- Low carbs Guylian Belgian Dark Chocolate Orange- Low Carbs, no added sugar and it's chocolate! These wonderful Belgian chocolate manufacturers have come up with a great tasting bar of chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Raisins Delicious plump raisins (isn't that how they always describe raisins??) covered in milk chocolate.

Amazing Mammals Reading Practice/School-Related Subjects.Leap 2 introduces your child to chapter books, and strengthens vocabulary and reading comprehension skills through subjects such as maths, science and foreign languages.

Quarter Straight Quarter Straight 87 mm x 2.

Hand Made Horehound Hand Made Horehound - a boiled sweet with a unique warm taste. Horehound is a plant - there are two varieties. Black Horehound is also known as Stinking Roger and Madwort. Just as well it's the White Horehound that is used to make sweets then!

Jelly Tots Jelly Tots - a definitive children's favourite - tiny sugar encrusted jelly sweets.

Lobsters 1.50Kg Live Lobsters 1 1/2Kg (3 1/4lb) approx price each at (˙19.98 Kg = ˙9.08 lb)

Tractor-Trailer Put the tractor to work on the farm! The farmer relies on his tractor to get lots of work done around the farm. He can use the shovel in front to pick up bales of hay, and the trailer in back to carry tools and other useful items. Help him travel around the farm and finish his job!

Lizardmen Skinks Plastic Box Skinks find no difficulty in crossing water, whether this is wide rivers, swamps or lakes. As troops they are far more volatile than the Saurus and switch between reckless audacity and sudden panic.This may be due to their very short memories. As soon as a skink unit flees out of danger, it is quite likely to forget the experience and regroup for another attack with just as much recklessness as before.This boxed set contains 10 skinks.

Fruit Salad Fruit Salad - The old classic sweet and bursting with flavour.

Groovy Chick Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Green Howlers Green Howlers - Super sour apple bubblegum balls - they turn your tongue green too!

Search the City Reading Comprehension/Reading to LearnLeap 3 is for readers ready to master more complex vocabulary, develop logic and reasoning skills and explore school subjects such as science, geography and history.

Chocolate Coins - Euro's Chocolate Coins - Chocolate Euro's wrapped in gold foil, not to be banked but eaten!

Pictionary Classic Bite your lipÓ.don't say the wordÓ.just draw it. This game is where the pencil does the talking. You and your team try to guess words by sketching clues to each other.

Crab Meat Mixed 1lb Crab Meat Mixed (Fresh 50/50mixed) 1lb bag (454g)

Track Pack ( C ) Hornby Track Pack ( C )

Butterscotch Butterscotch - A traditional Butterscotch - rich, buttery, creamy and sweet.

Dungeons and Dragons The fantasy adventure board game.The Land of Rallion is in the grip of the dark forces of the Dungeon Master.You can decide to be one of the four heroes whose mission it is to battle through the dungeon, defeating vicious monsters. Or will you choose to be the Dungeon Master, trying to stop the heroes. For 2- 4 Players.

Welcom Baby New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Kick N Learn Piano Rewards baby's natural kicking with music, lights and sounds. Musical melody with ten tunes and lights.What a great way to encourage baby’s natural kicking motion! When baby touches or kicks the piano, music and sounds play as twinkling lights “dance” along to each song.Different settings help baby learn letters, animal names and sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers. When baby is ready for concerts outside the crib, the keys play notes like a piano!Easy-attach crib straps, on/off switch and volume control, and automatic shut-off. Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included).

Baby Annabell Changing Bag Baby Annabell Changing Bag comes complete with additional accessories.

Kids Birthday Girl Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Dolfin A 70% cocoa content, dark chocolate bar for the nearly serious chocoholic. The Dolfin quality is assured by sealing the chocolate in its own specially wrapped wallet.

Hand Made Chocolate Satins Hand Made Chocolate Satins - words and pictures can't do these justice. The colours are so deep, the taste is so rich, creamy and delicious.

Sport Dog Beanie Wording inside tag reads:Date of birth September 2nd 2002I bark and bark the whole day throughBut not because I'm mad at youIt's really just the only wayTo let you know I want to play!For ages 3 and up.

Karaoke Machine This karaoke machine provides your child with a truly multi-sensory approach to learning. Children see letters, numbers and animations; hear songs that teach essential preschool concepts; and sing along to increase retention and make learning fun. Not only can kids hear 50 catchy songs that teach key preschool concepts such as letters, numbers, phonics and life lessons, they can also see letters, numbers and animations that follow the music. Plus, they can add fun sound effects to each performance The Learning Screen Karaoke Machine includes an easy-carry handle and a sing-along microphone.

Wee Nippies Wee Nippies - Similar to an Army and Navy. Warm taste of cloves.

Neighbourhood Swim Centre The Swim Centre has a unique colourful octagan design with a strong vinyl construction. It features soft, wide side walls for sitting and lounging. It has 3 air chambers each with double valve intake and fee flow exhaust valves.The water capacity is 765 gallons (2,895 litres)Dimensions:-144 inches (366cm)diameter, 26 inches (66cm) height when inflated.ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED. Suitable from 6+

Getaway Car Escape from prison with a rope and hook. Vehicles headlights move up and down.For ages 4 and up.

Sherbet Pips Sherbet Pips - tiny hard sherbet sweets. Oh so traditional . . And oh so popular.

Jelly Beans - Pear Sundea Jelly Beans - Scrummy fruity and bursting with Pear Sundea from 'The Jelly Bean Factory'

Baby Abigail Baby Abigail comes complete with her dummy, bottle and her small teddy bear. Baby Abigail is a sleepy baby, as she sleeps you can see her breathing and if you gently rub her you will her babble she will also slightly stair to the sound of her mothers voice. Suitable for children aged 3+

Risk You can go one better than Napoleon and rule the world with Risk, the great game of strategy and world domination. For 2 - 6 players.

Hand Made Frying Pan Lollies Real old fashioned lollies. You have never tasted anything like these - absolutely delicious.

Jelly Love Hearts Jelly Love Hearts - little romantically shaped sweets in a variety of colours. Touching . . . And very tasty!

Marzipan Selection A small batch on special offer÷,÷ purely due to the slightly shorter than usual shelf life: Best before 1st August 2004. ...if you send them this impressive 500g selection box from÷,÷ in our opinion÷,÷ the best marzipan specialist in Europe. Includes big÷,÷ deep-filled bouchTes with truffle or cherry at their centre÷,÷ marzipan loaves enrobed in chocolate÷,÷ marzipan with orange pieces÷,÷ with pistachios÷,÷ and much more. Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians.

C.C Underwear Set 2005 Cute little underwear sets new to 2005. Sold seperately, for ages 3 and up.

Safe Breakers This set includes 2 Safe Breakers and a safe with working security lock.

Bournville Bournville - A true classic in chocolate!

Birthday Ribbons Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Voice Tablets Voice Tablets - a Yorkshire speciality - made by Dobsons

Lions Wine Gums Lions Wine Gums - tasty chewy wine gums.

Arry Diesel Loco Another great addition to the Thomas range.

Apple Sticks Apple Sticks - Lengths of apple flavoured chewy sticks with a jelly centre.

Olympic Pool The largest rigid frame children's pool available. Robust construction for years of play. Over 50cm deep, built in drainage hole, with plug. Optional cover available.(sold separately).Dimensions: 250cm x 165cm x 50cm (8'2" x 5'5" x 1'8").

Dark Slab Molten chocolate poured out and set into an eye-widening expanse. 70% cocoa dark chocolate made from Latin American Criollo beans÷,÷ with whole almonds. ˙14.95 per 500g slab÷,÷ (equiv. to ˙2.99/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians÷,÷ alcohol free.

C.C Feeding Set Make sure Chou Chou is never hungry with this complete feeding set.For ages 3 and up.

Vimto Lollies Vimto Lollies - Yummy fruity vimto flavoured sweet on a stick.

Milk Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight Milk Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight - chunks of Turkish delight encased in smooth milk chocolate

Thomas and the School Trip Interactive talking Flip Books create an engaging and educational experience for your pre-schooler.The story side of each book tells a warm tale that your child will love, while the activity side provides hours of fun activities that develop pre-reading skills, pre-maths skills and other essential pre-school lesson.

Perfection 21st Birthday Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Hogwarts Brake Coach 2 This wonderful coach for the Hogwarts Express Set. Part of the Harry Potter range.

Michel Cluizel A sophisticated, dark chocolate tasting box, containing the full collection of Premier Cru's created by Michel Cluizel. Experience the unique characteristics and fine flavours of each single origin chocolate presented inside this beautiful gift box. Contains 28 neapolitans, 7 each of: Los Ancones, Concepcion, Tamarina and Mangaro.

White Aniseed Balls White Aniseed Balls - delicious little lumps (not perfect balls like traditional Aniseed Balls) with a really delicious, slightly mellower aniseed taste.

Lions Fruit Pastilles Lions Fruit Pastilles - delicious chewy fruit flavoured, fruit shaped sweets, encrusted in sugar.

Dlx Monopoly The World famous property trading board game. Move around the board buying and selling properties, building houses and hotels as you go.It's all about dealing in big money and getting rich quick - until you own it all! For 2 - 8 players.

Merry Maids Merry Maids - or now known as Milk Chocolate Caramels!

Baby Annabell Good Morning Deluxe Set This item comes complete with a Bathrobe, Slippers and is a lovely accessory for Baby Annabell.

Prawns peeled Kg Peeled Prawns (frozen) 1Kg (˙10.80 Kg = ˙4.91 lb)

Little Feather Bear Beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B September 22nd 2003There's so much to be thankful forOur health and families and much moreAnd as for me, I'd like to sayWe should all give thanks everyday ! For ages 3 and up.

Blackcurrant Pencils Blackcurrant Pencils - long (about 24cm or just over 9 inches!), soft, chewy, blackcurranty sweets. Just don't try and sharpen them...!

Wonder Fairy Barbie Welcome to Fairytopia, a land of dreams! This beautiful barbie doll has real wings that flutter and comes with a special tiny little fairy that you can carry with you in your pocket!Each sold seperately and subject to availability.colours and decorations may vary from those shown. For ages 3 and up.

Pit Garage An ideal accessory for any Scalextric Set.

Terror Eyes Terror Eyes - bubblegum eyeballs - dare you eat one?

Prawns peeled Bag Whole Bags of Peeled Prawns (frozen) 2Kg (˙18.36 Kg = ˙4.17 lb)

Pounds Elephant Beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B March 30th 2002Marching across the dusty groundYou'll hear me from miles aroundMy trunk is swinging to and froListen to my trumpet blow!For ages 3 and up.

Clikits Striped Sunny Jewels Create jewellery in the hottest new colors!Exciting colors and striped elements make this the coolest CLIKITS set yet! Make colorful necklaces, bangle bracelets and even rings!

Street Sweeper - MHS Highway Hire Street Sweeper - MHS Highway Hire features operating kerb cleaner (mobile arm), rotation road sweeping brush and rear rubber hose.

Foam Mushrooms Foam Mushrooms - fruit flavour, great to chew.

Cake and Candles Birthday Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Birthday very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Valrhona 100% unsweetened, pure and very intense. Used by the best professionals for baking and decoration.

Sweet Peanuts Sweet Peanuts - a firm favourite - a crisp sweet peanut flavoured shell with a softer centre. Made by Pascalls.

Subaru Rally Special Price This is a Subrau Rally full function remote control car. Complete with the correct rally car transfers.

Striped Mints - Diabetic - Sugar Free Striped Mints - Diabetic - Sugar Free. Classic minty boiled sweet.

Railer/Uncoupler Track An ideal accessory for your train set.

John Dory John Dory Medium whole ( 1 or 2 fish) 1 Kg (˙17.82 Kg = ˙8.10 lb)

Big Ice Cream Cones Big Ice Cream Cones - great big foamy ice cream shape chews. They taste strawberry and creamy... and chewy... and best of all they don't melt all over your hand on a hot day!

Fashion Accessory Pack Create funkadelic looks for your Bratz with these mix 'n' match fashions. 1 supplied. Colour and styles may vary. Age from 6 years

Playmobil Modern Bedroom This Playmobil Modern Bedroom comes with a bed, wardrobe, dressing table with a full length mirror and lots more.

Pontefract Cakes Pontefract Cakes - Little disks of liquorice, Oh so yummy!!

Hogwarts Castle Locomotive This wonderful Locomotive is part of the Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter range.

Lips - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Fruit Salad Gums Fruit Salad Gums - delicious fruit flavoured, fruit shaped gums.

Smoking Locomotive 1/2 Price This authentic battery operated smoking locomotive has real working headlights, and authentic loco horn sound.

Teddy Bears - Diabetic - Sugar Free. Teddy Bears - Diabetic - Sugar Free. Chewy, gummy, yummy teddy bears!

Clikit Sweet Dreamy Jewels Make the jewellery of your dreams!Make necklaces, bangle bracelets and hair bands that sparkle! This CLIKITS set features elements that look like rhinestones and pearls for an exciting look. Design your own jewellery in your own special style!

Volvo Rigid Truck - Target Volvo Rigid Truck - Target features working opening rear doors.

Mackerel Peppered Pack Hot smoked Mackerell Fillets Peppered 1 Pair(Vac Pack)

Best English Mints Best English Mints - pure smooth mints made by Barker and Dobson.

Dinosaur Discovery Complete this detailed puzzle to discover the prehistoric world. Suitable for children aged 5-9.

Control Tower An ideal accessory for any Scalextric Set.

Giant Flyers Giant Flyers - liquorice sticks with sherbety, crystal centres.

Tree House/Expedition Lodge Create a tree-top adventure with a cable rail to transport equipment, a trapdoor, and a rock-hiding place to conceal a treasure. Plenty of accessories. Assorted animals.For ages 4 and up.

Motion System 30 Model Ingenious mechanisms produce and transform movement in the 30 large toys that can be built with this set, including helicopter, sidecar and climbing man! Includes 6v electric motor, detailed instructions and tools. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Space Marine Rhino The Rhino Allows the space Marines to move swiftly to seize an objective or strike deep into the heart of an enemy force. Space Marine Tactical, Devastator and Command squads may all be upgraded to include a Rhino Transport Tank.Some Inquisitors have access to a Rhino as a transport for their Storm Troopers. The box contains a complete Rhino and the model even has interior detail.

Black Jacks Black Jacks- Full of aniseed and great to chew.

Mazet A large 500g tin containing 4 types of speciality almonds. Includes the historic caramelised almond famous to Mazet, dark chocolate enrobed almond dusted with cocoa powder, dark chocolate enrobed sugared almonds and milk chocolate enrobed caramelised almonds lightly dusted with sugar.

Jakemans Throat Sweets Jakeman's Throat Sweets - a throat sweet to clear your passages and soothe your throat. Made by Jakeman's - established in 1901.

B.B Underwear collection 2005 Baby Born Underwear Collection 2005 (sold seperately).

Le Mans 24 (MG Lolas) Track Specification:Name: Circuit 4Running length: 9.33 metresMinimum space required: 3.00 x 2.18 metresShape: extended figure 8Contents:C8206 x 14C8207 x 1C8217 x 1C8205 x 11C8200 x 1C8203 x 2C8215 x 1C8246 x 1 pairplus 2 hand controllers and a transformer.The superb MG Lola EX257 Le Mans / ALMS sports cars make this set a thrilling experience. The giant layout gives the cars room to 'stretch their legs' whist also giving the enthusiast plenty of track layout variations.

Fruit Chewies Fruit Chewies - Crisp outer shell and full of fruity flavour, these are just mouthwatering!

Right-hand standard point Length 168mm, an ideal accessory for your train set.

Neon Filofun 40 Pack .

Monster Marshmallow Cables Monster Marshmallow Cables - great big, long chewy marshmallow cables

Coconut Poppets Coconut Poppets - Coconut centres in milk chocolate - Another addition to the ever increasing range!

Onewa, Toa Metru of Stone Toa Metru of Stone and guardian of Po-Metru, Onewa is equipped with a twin proto-pitons and wears the Great Mask of Mind Control. Each Toa Metru features 13 points of articulation and comes with a new Kanohi mask. The Toa have a gear in the back that allows both arms to move. Models can fit inside the can.

Renault Curtainside P & O Lorry Renault Curtainside P & O Lorry has working features such as opening rear doors and de-coupling trailer.

Valentines Bear - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Heavy Duty Platforms Nylon-reinforced polymer-laminated material which is high frequency welded to hold as many children as can fit on it. Two strong platforms for double the fun. Now with Reversible colours.

Michel Cluizel A single origin chocolate bar created by Michel Cluizel from an exquisite blend of cocoa beans at the Los Ancones plantation, on the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean. This unique chocolate bar holds quite a complex assortment of fresher fruit flavours including apricot, peach and even green olive. One of six single origin chocolate bars created by Michel Cluizel.

Covered Cinder Toffee Covered Cinder Toffee - delicious light honeycombed cinder toffee with a chocolate flavour coating.

Bounce Tigger Bounce Learning to Read/Early ActivitiesLeap 1 develops basic reading fundamentals.These books have special vocabulary building and focus on the relationship between letters and sounds (phonics).Characters and themes stimulate interest in beginning story reading.

Rainbow Strips Rainbow Strips - Lengths of sour fruit flavoured liquorice, covered in a sharp and zesty sugar coating.

Sirius Black's Escape Help Sirius BlackÍ escape the dementors!Harry PotterÍ has to ride BuckbeakÍ up to the tower to save Sirius BlackÍ from the dementorsÍ! Will he make it in time, or is Sirius doomed? This exciting set features a tower you can open, secret hiding places, spooky spider-webs, and more. Includes Harry Potter, Buckbeak, Sirius Black, and a dementor.

Yahtzee The World's best selling Dice Game. Try your hand at scoring the highest number of points by rolling combinations of dice in this classic dice game.For 1 or more players

Seal Super Pool The seals perform tricks and are rewarded with fish.Ages 4 and up.

Cadburys Double Decker Cadburys Double Decker - milk chocolate filled with a chewy crunchy centre - smooth chewy nougatine and crisp crunchy cereal.

ZIGITY This card game has a mixture of activities and twists to win its a race to get rid of all your cards. You'll play sets of cards which spell a word, add up to 11 or complete a puzzle. Fun for all the family.

Building Pack No 2 Contains: one R8000 country station, on R539 railway cottage.

Curly Wurly Curly Wurly - the bendiest, stretchiest chocolate bar in the World - Cadburys milk chocolate with a chewy caramel centre.

Dinosaur Expedition Below the ice.Ages 4 and up.

Imagination Desk Learning Centre Imagination Desk Learning CentreThis creative centre brings learning to life focusing on important pre-school skills while encouraging creative expression and imagination.As children colour each page they hear letter names, letter sounds, music, silly rhymes and more.

Floating Bear - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Fratelli Nurzia Torrone A traditional Italian styled box containing a 220g bar of the almond and lemon oil torrone. A soft and pleasingly dense torrone containing an impressive 50% of finely roasted Almonds and flavoured with pure honey and lemon oil from Sicily. Exclusive to Chocolate Trading Company.

Chocolate Orange Candy Tools Chocolate Orange Candy Tools - tool shaped candy with an orange chocolate flavour.

Starship This starship comes complete with interactive sounds and realistic lights.

Chocolate Nibbles Chocolate Nibbles. These are just pure chocolate heaven. Soft chewy, with a biscuit texture.

1/2 Curve Large Radius Track An ideal accessory for your train set. Steel only.

Crab Med Live Brown Crabs (Jacks) Med 1 Kg app price each at (˙4.50 Kg = ˙2.05 lb)

Cherry Cola Bottles Cherry Cola Bottles - a variation on the cola bottle theme - with a fizzy cherry cola taste.

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