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Buy Toxic Waste Bars for £1.4

Toxic Waste Bars - Sour Apple. If you like a sour chewy bar and the flavour of apples, these are just scrummy.

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Cheeks baenie baby Wording insidetag reads:D.O.B May 18th 1999Don't confuse me with an apeI have a most unusual shapeMy cheeks are round and ty-dyed redOn my behind as well as my head!For ages 3 and up.

Marshmallow Mushrooms Marshmallow Mushrooms - big, soft, squidgy marsh mallows - with a delicious strawberry taste and a sugar coating.

Beech Tree Large Light Green Landscape Materials pack of one.

Toffee Poppets Toffee Poppets - Milk chocolate coated balls of toffee.

Blue Knight Ages 4 and up.

Coconut Rolls Coconut Rolls - delicious coconut and liquorice sweets out of liquorice allsorts. No need to avoid those aniseedy ones in a bag of allsorts - now you can buy just the coconutty ones!

Deluxe Uno Game Beautifully presented, it makes a perfect gift, featuring a built-in cardtray, score pad and pencil.

Cranium Cadoo The all-new, outrageously fun game designed especially for kids.Whether you love to act, puzzle, sketch, sculpt, or even crack secret codes, Cranium Cadoo has something for you.Age from 7 years.

Liquorice Toffee Big chewy chunks of liquorice toffee.

Apple and Custard Hearts Apple and Custard Hearts - tiny little sugar encrusted jellies with a delicious combination of apple and custard flavours.

BR Class 90 Belgian Locomotive When first introduced to traffic this locomotive's running number was 90028 however it was later changed to 90128. Originally the prototype carried the Mainline livery but in the early 1990's, in celebration of Railfreight Distribution's link with SNCB, was repainted in the Belgium railways turquoise livery, a colour scheme that it carries to this day.

Baby Comforters Baby Comforters - fruit flavoured, chewy, baby comforters made by Barratts.

Valrhona A small box of rich dark 66% cocoa chocolate, enrobed orange pieces from Valrhona. These little nibbles provide a chocolate treat with a refreshing fruit finish and are of the highest quality.

Rise of Destiny Special Addition In ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for a millennia. Now one boy has released the power! It's time to duel! Pack contains 50 cards and 3 new cards.For ages 8 and up.

Fruit Allsorts A twist on a classic from Bassetts.  For people who love the Allsorts but not the liquorice, these are completely liquorice free!  Of course they are also perfect for people who do like liquorice too and who just want a change!

Baby Born Shower & Bathing Deluxe Set The Shower and Bathing Set is a perfect additon to the Baby Born Collection.Each set is sold seperately.

Chocolate banana's Chocolate Banana's - Soft chewy marshmallow centre coated with a rich dark chocolate.

Psycho Rats Psycho Rats - Multi-coloured fruity flavoured rats.

Maximum Alcohol Chocolates Ó these are chocolates they won't forget receiving! Most liquid liqueur chocolates are made using a sugar crust to help hold in the liquid÷,÷ or by thickening the alcohol with sugar. None of that here... the pure spirit or liqueur is simply poured into dark chocolate cups then sealed with more dark chocolate. A very adult alcohol and chocolate experience. Whisky÷,÷ rum÷,÷ gin÷,÷ cognac÷,÷ cointreau and more... innocently presented in a velvet-soft box. 15 chocolates 200g (equiv. to ˙8.97/100g). Not to be ordered for those under 18. Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians.

Baby Annabell Dresses 2005 These beautiful dresses are a perfedt addition to your Baby Annabell's wardrobe.Dresses sold seperately.For ages 3 and up.

Tubbo hippo beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B January 16th 2003Of all the things I am most fondIt's laughing in my favourite pondIt keeps me from the mid-day heatA hippo's life just can't be beat!For ages 3 and up.

Rhubarb Rock Rhubarb Rock - really good this one - the distinctive flavour of rhubarb in pieces of fruit flavour rock. It even looks like rhubarb with the pink and green colours - how clever!

Track Pack B Add B to the Starter Oval + A to make layout with two points and a double siding for a range of shunting operations.

Frys Peppermint Cream Frys Peppermint Cream- rich chocolate and a fondant centre.

Un-branded Approximately 100 coins per 330g bag (3.3g each). Our foil wrapped chocolate coins contain only high quality milk chocolate.

Bank Counter Equipped with locking safe and ATM.For ages 4 and up.

Chocolate Lollies Chocolate Lollies - a chocolate flavoured ball - on a stick!

Grand Prix Sport Set Track Specification:Name: Circuit 1Running length: 4.10 metresMinimum space required: 1.93 x 0.88 metresShape: OvalContents:C8206 x 4C8207 x 1C8217 x 1 C8205 x 5C8203 x 2plus 2 hand controllers and a transformer

Baby Annabell Sleep Tight Deluxe Set Complete with a Night Light, this set is perfect when it's time for Annabell to go to bed.

Jelly Beans - Passion Fruit Jelly Beans - Scrummy fruity and bursting with Passion Fruit from 'The Jelly Bean Factory'

Welcome Home Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Welcome Home balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Amedei A black cube containing 6 premium dark chocolate neapolitans. Embossed in gold with the Amedei name. Ideal for table settings, take home gift, hospitality and an alternative higher quality wedding favour. Milk chocolate neapolitans also available.

Propeller flying fish Wording inside the tag reads:In the water and the airHe can go most anywherePropelling out into the skyWe can watch him sail on by!For ages 3 and up.

Sherbet Fountains Sherbet Fountains - a classic - fizzy sherbet with a liquorice stick to dip into it.

BR Brake Van Bauxite An ideal accessory for your train set.

Lime Crystals Lime Crystals - Sharp zesty lime crystals. These will turn your tongue green!

Porsche GT3 Seikel Scalextric Car Scalextric Car

Baby Giraffe & Keeper With feeding bottle.For ages 4 and up.

Chocolate Fruits Chocolate Fruits - a crisp outer shell of a variety of fruit flavours encases a chocolate flavour centre.

Modern Kitchen This set has lots of brilliant accessories including an oven and a dishwasher which both have removable shelves.

Rhubarb and Custard Chews Rhubarb and Custard Chews - chewy sweets with that distinctive and delicious flavour of rhubarb and custard. Not sure how they choose the colours for theseÓ but they don't half taste good!!

SR Comp Coach Malachite An ideal accessory for your train set.

Thanks Daisy Thank You Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Thank You balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Michel Cluizel A perfectly balanced dark chocolate from Michel Cluizel with exceptional length in flavour. This 72% cocoa content bar is created from a meticulous blend of fine flavour cocoa and so possesses the full spectrum of real chocolate flavours and notes without one overpowering another. Not too tart and fruity with real depth of character.

LMS Coronation City of Birmingham LMS 4-6-2 Princess Coronation Class 'City of Birmingham' First of the steamlined Coronations to be built with a double chimney, the 'City of Birmingham' left the Crewe workshops in July 1939. By the end of its working life, and after being rebuilt in 1946, 'City of Birmingham' had travelled over 1.5 million miles and was eventually 'retired' to the Birmingham Museum. MODEL SPECIFICATION Length: 298mm; Running number: 6235 'City of Birmingham'; Livery: LMS crimson lake; Period: 1930 - 1940; Features: Sprung buffers; Finish: Pristine; Motor: 5 pole skew wound loco drive; Purpose: Heavy express passenger; Suitable rolling stock: R4095, R4129, R4130. PROTOTYPE HISTORY Class Introduced: 1937; Loco Weight: 105tons 5cwt; Driving Wheels: 6ft 9in. Additional Production NotesAlternative front bogie for use on layouts with radii of 19"+ Only suitable to run on second radius curves or greater

Coconut Ice Coconut Ice is a deserved old favourite. Bright pink and while and with a fabulous sweet coconut taste.

Strawberry Shortcake Scented Plush Doll Strawberry Shortcake is a beautiful 10 inch plush doll with a lovely strawberry scent.She has a non-interchangable Berry Fun Fashion Outfit.

Black Adders Black Adders - Fruit flavoured chewy Adders.

Banana Splits Banana Splits - Chewy toffee with a hint of Banana.

Baby Born Food Pack Baby Born Food Packs are designed for Baby Born. (20 sachets per pack).

Hake Fillet Frozen Hake Fillets (Frozen@Sea skinless/boneless) Kg (˙7.88 Kg = ˙3.58 lb)

Leap's Friends A-Z Story Book Reading Readiness/Simple Activities.Leapstart up to 5years.LeapStart books introduce concepts that develop reading readiness such as letter recognition, phonics, repetition and rhyme, matching, music and simple poems.

Pineapple Chunks Pineapple Chunks - sugar encrusted pineapple flavour boiled sweets - a big favourite.

Love Bear Love - Valentines Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Love or Valentines balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Birthday Heart Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

CrabStix Crab Flavour Stix (frozen) (32pcs)

March Beanie Baby Wording inside tag reads:" Happy Birthday "For ages 3 and up.

Twix Twix - the longer lasting snack - twin fingers of crispy biscuit with a chewy caramel layer - all covered with rich milk chocolate (known as Raiders in some countries).

Baby Born Jeans Collection 2004 Available in a variety of styles, the Jeans Collection is a lovely addition to the Baby Born range. Each outfit is sold seperately.

Berwick Cockles Berwick Cockles - These will warm your cockles on a cold day!!

Heart Butterfly - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Bonnat This Venezuelan single origin bar from Bonnat provides a chocolate with both a robust and rustic bitterness with a hint of acidity. Good length in the taste and not perhaps one for the faint hearted. Quite a complex one.

Forest Tower Set The Forest range has been designed with the smaller garden in mind.If what you're looking for is a natural wood playset, with lots of play features packed into a complete frame, you need to look no further. All Forest items are supplied complete with the accessories illustrated. A compact wood playset packed with play features. A generous Tower platform (97cm x 75) is accessed by galvanised steel rungs on both sides, and covered with a roof canopy.The tower features three strand rigging with hardwood rungs and a built in fireman's pole. Complete with slide, the tower has a galvanised steel handrail to encourage safer sliding. The Tower canopy and all plastic parts are natural green and UV stabilised.The set includes a double swing arm with a two child glide ride and a single swing seat. Maximum recommended weight per ride is 45kg. Recommended age 3-8 years. Optional ADDITIONAL PURACHASE TP223 Slide Extension ˙12.00.

Ritter Sport - Plain Ritter Sport - Plain - gorgeous, high quality plain chocolate.

Coffee Creams Coffee Creams - Luxury milk chocolate coffee creams in a handy tube ideal for sharing.

Rainbow Drops Rainbw Drops - Crispy sugar coated puffed maize and rice.

Additional Radio Control and Sound System This is an additional Radio Control and sound System for your Thomas Train Set.

Swordfish Steaks pair Swordfish steaks 7-9 oz (frozen) 2 Stks(app 500 g) (˙14.46 Kg = ˙7.23 lb)

Holiday Teddy Beanie Wording inside tag reads:The holidays go by so fastTry to slow down and make it lastTake time this year to spread some joyTo each and every girl and boy !For ages 3 and up.

Double Lolly Fizz A Swizzels Double Lolly with sherbet to dip it in.

Pink LeapPad *with free back pack Books magically come to life with voices, music, silly sounds and games while children learn to read. With the award-winning LeapPad learning system, children are always engaged, always having fun. And with more than 50 interactive book titles in the library, they'll be learning something new for years to come. Children place a book on the LeapPad player, pop in the cartridge, and touch any page with the Magic Pen to hear words and stories read out loud, learn letter sounds, hear lovable characters come alive and play learning games. Each book is packed with engaging activities, games, stories and facts that make reading and learning fun.NOW WITH FREE GREEN BACKPACK WORTH ˙5.99. WHILE STOCKS LAST.

Skunk Babies The Sylvanian Skunk Family.Parsley and Lavender Bouquet are the Skunk Babies.They are sold seperately.(Please indicate if you have a preference which baby your require.)Pictured is Lavender Bouquet the baby girl. Parsley Bouquet the baby boy comes with blue dungarees.

Sarsaparilla Tablets Sarsaparilla Tablets - a distinctive taste in a very traditional boiled sweet. Some say they are the Viagra of the sweet world!

Groovy Anniversary Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Anniversary balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Its Boy New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Mazet A fine selection of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and raisins enrobed in dark and milk chocolate.

POKER RACK This duluxe revolving poker rack includes heavyweight poker chips (200), 2 deck of poker cards, dealer button and instructions.

Hand Made Lucky Tatties Lucky Tatties are one of Scotland's oldest known sweets, flavoured with cassia and steamed and covered with cinnamon powder. We now sell tiny Lucky Tatties - so there are far more to go round!!

Jumbo Apple Lollies Jumbo Apple Lollies - great big thick green chunky lollies - with a superior delicious apple flavour.

Classic Tiny Tears Tiny Tears is a delightful, fully jointed doll who can drink, wet and cry.She comes in a pretty outfit with a brush, a dummy and a nappy also included.Design may varySuitable from age 3

Refresher Chews. Refresher Chews - Well these have to be the ultimate classic sour, sherbet chew. Yummy chews filled with Sherbet!!

Lobsters 0.7Kg Live Lobsters 0.7Kg (1 1/2lb) approx price each at (˙19.98 Kg = ˙9.08 lb)

Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts - luxurious whole hazelnuts encased in creamy milk chocolate.

Emperor Trampoline Trampolining is great outdoor family fun - and a superb way to keep fit. Circular - for the less experienced trampolinist - they offer a more controllable bounce. The circular design naturally directs the jumper into the centre of the mat.Features include: 14 gauge galvanised steel frame with a lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure. Frame height 90cm, frame size 365cm dia/12ft. It has 80 springs that are 21.5cm in length. It includes deluxe frame pads 100% closed cell foam, weaterproof soft surface mesh mat protected against UV. Suggested maximum weight 100kg (16 stone). Recommended age 6 years to Adult (with above weight guidelines).This item has to come straight from the manuafacture to you and the delivery charge will not be ˙10 it will be ˙25.

Candy Necklaces Candy Necklaces - Fruit flavoured Necklace, these are still the same as years ago!

Bonnat A superb milk chocolate with teeth. The 65% cocoa in this contradictory bar gives this single origin milk chocolate an interesting depth and warmth thatĂs perhaps an option for those of you who just can't decide whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate. Not too sweet but rich in flavour and with no bitterness. Increasingly popular, particularly if you like milk chocolate and are looking to reduce your sugar intake! The strongest flavoured of the three high cocoa milks by Bonnat.

Dump Truck The driver`s cab and loader tilt. An RC compatible verhicle with trailer hitch. For ages 4 and up.

Everton Mints Everton Mints - traditional English mints with a chewy centre.

Hero Helicopter and figure Squeeze one of the handle triggers to shoot foam tipped missiles from the front of the helicopter. Squeeze the other to rotate the propeller. Pontoons transform into a wind surfer that really floats! Helicopter also has wheels for hard surface play. Includes Spiderman pilot action hero figure with removable helmet.

Destroyer This high definition model is recomended for the experienced builder.This authentic replica features lots of details including deck artillery, heli-pad with helicopter, communications/radar array, and deck boats. Finished model is over 25" long.

Jelly Beans - Blueberry Jelly Beans - Scrummy fruity and bursting with Blueberry from 'The Jelly Bean Factory'

Hand Made Clove Rock Hand Made Clove Rock - Distincive aroma of cloves and a crunchy rock all in one.

Niederegger Marzipan An assortment of pistachio, orange, pineapple and espresso, dark chocolate enrobed marzipan loaves.

Surfer Girl Blaine Bronzed Blaine doll. Comes with bottle of suntan lotion and has a sweet summer scent.Colours and styles may vary. For ages 5 and up.

Sour Apples Sour Apples - we had these made specially for us because we did not feel that regulat sour apples were sour enough. These have an extra biteÓ on the outside they taste like a slightly unripe apple (with that sourness to make your mouth tingle)Ó in the inside they taste like a sweet ripe fruit. Yum yum!!!

Challenger Climbing Frame The Challenger 2 is designed to offer a more demanding climb than the Explorer, whilst still being suitable for the adventurous one year old when built at toddler height.Split level platforms, a hideaway tent, a climbing net, a basketball set and a twizzler spinner offering continuous 360 degree spin, are just some of the huge range of accessories available to make Challenger the frame you and your children want more than any other for years to come.Does not need to be concreted in, you can secure it with the 4 stakes supplied, so you can move it around the garden.It comes with the Connectacap System that conceals the protruding nuts for safer play.Comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure.Full Height Base Area: 320cm x 137cm, (10'6" x 4'6"). Height: 206cm (6'9"). Platform Heights Upper Level: 120cm (3'11"). Lower Level: 92cm (3').Low Height Base Area: 300cm x 123cm (9'10") x 4'). Height: 160cm (5'3"). Platform Heights Upper Level: 75cm (2'5"). Lower Level: 45cm (1'6").

Cyber Chew Bar Cyber Chew Bar - Yummy raspberry flavour chew bar. All the great taste but no sugar!!

Jazzies - Large White Jazzies Large White - Thick round disks of white chocolate sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

Champagne & Hand-Piped Chocolates A box of our hand-piped chocolates with a half bottle of champagne 37.5cl÷,÷ 250g. Free delivery to UK mainland.

4' Snapset Pool 4' x 10' (122cm x 25cm) Water capacity 78 gal (297 L) Repair Patch provided.

Island Punch Gourmet Jelly Beans 'Island Punch' Gourmet Jelly Beans - delicious fruit flavour juicy jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory. Not only do they taste fabulous but there are Gelatine Free. We sell them in 125 gram bags (thatĂs an old 1/4 pound plus an extra 10%) - so you can either just enjoy one flavour - or you can buy a couple of bags and make your own customised selection of your favourite flavours.

Fimbles Magna Doodle Creative, drawing fun! Plays the Fimbles theme tune, character phrases andfunny sound effects. 2 stampers with surprise finds. Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Included)

Lifestyle Dream Kitchen Compact, upscale kitchen designed to match today's home decor.The kitchen has five realistic electronic features: microwave, oven, stovetop, phone and light.Multiple storage drawers and cabinets with authentic handle hardware.Upscale, granite-look countertops. Special compartmentalized silverware drawer plus pull-out fruit/vegetable basket.Decorative plate rack, sink with faucet, realistic kick plate, framed window and detailed wainscoting to accent wallpaper border.Special frying pan and boiling pot with lid activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove's front burner.Includes 27-piece accessory set.Minimal adult assembly required.Requires 12 "AA" batteries (not included)>

Peanut Brittle Delicious toasted peanuts in brittle toffee.

Building Pack No 3 Contains: one R8003 Water Tower; one R8002 Goods Shed; one R076 Footbridge; R537 Trackside Fencing.

Frys Turkish Delight Frys Turkish Delight- still has that Eastern promise!

1st Birthday Hat Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Super Shape Birthday very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

The Chocolate Society A smooth rich dark chocolate with fruity notes and exceptional length. Created exclusively from the Criollo cocoa bean, using the most exacting organic farming methods. Recipe included. Winner of the 2002, Soil Association Organic Food Awards!

My scene Need a place to change? Don't worry, we've got it covered!Includes dressing room and accessories. Dolls not included. For ages 6 and up.

Tangy Apples Tangy Apples - soft, foamy apple sweets with a hint of sourness.

Turtles Ultimate Combat Lair Oozing Ninja action awaits you in the Combat Lair. All four turtle micro figures, their extreme training accessories, Ooze, and a real vibrating stadium make the Combat Lair the ultimate place for building and battling the turtles against two Ninja Foot Soldiers and Shredder. No batteries required. Contains 320 pieces

Playmobil Horse and Pony Ranch This Horse and Pony Ranch has lots going on, with 3 ponies, 2 horses, a horse box, straw, fresh hay and grain sacks. It has a water pump with basin and moving pump arm, cleaning equipment, wheel barrow and lots more.

Chewits - Xtremely Sour Lemon Chewits - Xtremely Sour Lemon. They have done it again, another great tasting sweet. These are chewy and bursting with sour lemon.

ChocoGramź Deluxe A fine balance of tastes and textures÷,÷ and a safe choice if you are unsure what they will like. The selection includes pralines÷,÷ ganaches÷,÷ buttercreams and caramels... the soft÷,÷ the firm÷,÷ the nutty÷,÷ the smooth÷,÷ the flavoursome÷,÷ the mellow... finished with a hand-piped flourish. 30 chocolates 500g (equiv. to ˙3.99/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians

Chou Chou Rompers These little rompers are the perfect addition to Chou Chou's wardrobe. Sold seperately, for ages 3 and up.

Mensa Score points by matching colours or symbols of the same kind. Easy and quick to learn rules.This is a addictive and challenging game and can be played a many different levels depending on your ability. Suitable for children aged 10+ this game is for 2-4 players.

Liquorice Toffee Slabs Liquorice Toffee Slabs - the chew of the toffee, the taste of the liquorice, in a proper little slabs to break up.

Curly Wurly Curly Wurly- Caramel, chocolate with a wonderful chewy centre.

Bonnat A 65% cocoa content, single origin milk chocolate bar from Asfarth. A delicious and full flavoured milk chocolate with the added benefit of reduced sugar and higher cocoa content. Now you can enjoy your milk chocolate fix with some of the guilt taken away. This bar is one of three high cocoa milk chocolate bars created by Bonnat.

Just Truffles Crisp chocolate shells with lickably soft real cream centres... champagne÷,÷ rum÷,÷ cointreau÷,÷ calvados÷,÷ creme caramel÷,÷ tiramisu and more. Real alcohol (not flavouring!) serves to preserve the cream in a state of melting softness... the very essence of a real truffle. 30 chocolates 355g (equiv. to ˙5.62/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians

C.C Jogging Deluxe Set Chou Chou can keep fit in style with these jogging sets! Sold seperately, for ages 3 and up.Dolls not included.

Golf Ball Bubble Gum Golf Ball Bubble Gum - remember buying these with your pocket money? Dimply balls of mint flavour bubblegum.

Clikits Trinket Treasures Decorate your room the way you like! Give your room a whole new look and style! Design and make different sized frames with mirrors, or combine them to create a note paper holder. And that's just the beginning -- there's plenty to create with this great CLIKITS set! Includes a storage box for your favorite stuff, CLIKITS accessories, an organizer tray and inspiration booklet.

Playmobil Living Room This Playmobil Living Room has a sofa that can convert to a bed, a carpet, a T.V., a table and lots of other things that you can arrange around your living room.

Fizzy Dummies Fizzy Dummies - These are bigger than our Baby Comforters. Fizzy, fruity, chewy dummies.

High Level Piers Maximum height (level to level) 80mm. Pack of three piers for extended high level track, with grooves to accept R660 elevated track sidewalls.

Frog Prince - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Baby Boy Groovy New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Chocolate Trading Company A chocolate gift hamper containing a selection of the finest milk chocolate bars in the world! Includes a guide with tasting notes on the special chocolate bars included. Finished with a sophisticated wrap and gold cord. We have chosen this selection for their diverse characteristics and flavours, due to the single origins and cocoas used. This chocolate hamper includes bars from Bonnat, Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, El Rey, Venchi and Amedei. Gift card included in the price!

Dundee Beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B SeptemberWhen the Scots dress to the hiltThey will wear a tartan kiltBut I don't, it's no surprise'Cause they don't make one in my size!For ages 3 and up.

Lime and Lemon Lime and Lemon - a combination of delicious refreshing flavours in a boiled sweet. So simple - so why didn't we think of it???

Bassetti Bassetti - one of our best sellers. Hard liquorice sticks made by Bassetts.

Electric Turntable This turntable is designed to operate with the Standard Train Controller R965. Drive the locomotive onto the turntable, then switch the power from track to turntable via the 'on-on' lever switch R046. Your speed controller now controls the rotations of the turntable.

Alphabet Shapes Alphabet Shapes - Fruit flavoured candy shapes.

Chocolate Coated Lollies Chocolate Coated Lollies - Popkiss Sour Power - Pineapple, Blueberry and Strawberry coated individual lollies.

Giant Blocks Set + FREE POP ONZ WORTH ˙2.99! Buy the Giant Blocks Set and receive the Pop Onz, worth ˙2.99 absolutely free!

Noahs Arc Floats on the water. With working crane, a store room for bales of hay, cages in the hull, and sleeping room in the roof. Plenty of accessories! And 13 pairs of animals, of course!For ages 4 and up.

Cola Millions Cola Millions - tiny chewy sweets with cola flavour.

Tiny 'n' Tuff Farm Set An assortment of farm machinery and acessories for the younger person.

Chou Chou Tights . Chou Chou Tights 2003 are an ideal accessory for the Baby Chou Chou Doll.These are sold in packs of two.These packs are sold separately.

Space Dust - Strawberry Space Dust - Strawberry - this is the world famous space dust which explodes on your tongue - sometimes now its called Fiz Wiz or Crazy Shocks but explodes in your mouth just the same!!.

GWR Pannier Locomotive A new running number for this popular example of GWR's many independent and highly successful locomotive designs. Pannier tanks like this one were rarely seen outside the Great Western Railway.

New Baby Cheeky Baby Face Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape New Baby very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Perfection Birthday Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Valrhona Pearls of single origin dark Caraibe chocolate made exclusively from the Trinitario bean. 100% Grand Cru, 66% cocoa content, this round tin of rich dark chocolate doesn't have to leave your side.

Formula One Racing This Formula One Racing set includes 4 racing cars, over 7.5 feet of racing track and may extras including a battery case, Start/Finish signs etc.

Traffic Light Lollies Traffic Light Lollies - red, yellow and green lollies that everyone remembers from when they were young.

We Did It Dancin' Dora Dora sings the ˘We did it÷ song and moves just like in the show. She speaks in English and Spanish

Dungeons and Dragons The fantasy adventure board game.The Land of Rallion is in the grip of the dark forces of the Dungeon Master.You can decide to be one of the four heroes whose mission it is to battle through the dungeon, defeating vicious monsters. Or will you choose to be the Dungeon Master, trying to stop the heroes. For 2- 4 Players.

Candy Canes Candy Canes - Beautiful vibrant coloured Candy Canes. Each one individually wrapped and approximately 18cm Long!

Marry-Me-Quick Marry-Me-Quick - Pieces of great tasting rock.

Ethnic Rock-A-Bye Chou Chou 48cm Doll Ethnic Rock-A-Bye Chou Chou Doll is just like a real baby, she can laugh and cry. When rocked back and forth her eyes gently close and she falls a sleep breathing evenly.

Harvest Tractor/Loading Area Tilting loading bay and mowing bar, removable rail hook up.For ages 4 and up.

Speedeez turtle sewer loop playset 1/2 price was ˙14.99 Load in your cars and watch then ride the Turbo ball power speedeez turtles sewer loop.

Spearmint Bonbons Spearmint Bonbons - delicious mint flavour sweets.

Casdon Delonghi Microwave Casdon Delonghi Microwave is battery operated with a rotating turntable, an array of cooking sounds and flashing LED's. This item is supplied with a selection of imitation food. Requires 3 x AA Batteries.

Get Well Flower - Get Well Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Get Well Soon balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Venchi Chocolate with herbs and spices is how chocolate was first taken in South America before Europe had even heard of cocoa. So this milk chocolate bar made with Cinnamon allows you to sample a small taste of the past, and just like many of the herbs and spices originally used with chocolate it works very well indeed.

Prawns Smoked Smoked Shell on Prawns 250gm Per Pack

Vimto Bars Vimto Bars - grape, blackcurrant and raspberry flavour bar with real fruit juices.

Baby Annabell Dress 2004 A perfect addition to the Baby Annabell range.Each dress is priced seperately

Munchies Munchies - We thought they had stopped making these, and by chance we found them again.. Just the same as years ago, once you start eating them you can't stop!

Royal Assorted Toffees Royal Assorted Toffees - A selection on wonderful creamy Toffees.

Strawberry Refresher Chews Strawberry Refresher Chews -Sweet and sour fizzy taste.

Niederegger Marzipan This cloth sack of marzipan potatoes is sure to bring a smile to someones face. Filled with marzipan potatoes and every bit as tasty as the classic forms.

B.B Shirt & Trouser Set Baby Born Shirt & Trouser Set, sold seperately. For ages 3 and up.

Orange Mojos Orange Mojos - big, soft chews with a fruity orange flavour..

Barbie Separates These ultra-trendy outfits include a skirt, a top and shoes for that girl about town look and will fit most Barbie Dolls. Each set is sold separately. Design may vary

Milk Bottles Milk Bottles - These are the ones by Haribo, we have lots of requests for these. These are more of a Milk bottle than the milk gums, so the choice is yours!

Bakery With shelves and a wide choice of bread and pastries. For ages 4 and up.

Coltsfoot Rock Coltsfoot Rock Sticks - hard sticks of brittle rock flavoured with Coltsfoot (a plant with hoof shaped leaves) People used to dry and smoke the leaves to relieve asthma and the juice was used as a cough cure. The taste is strangely addictive!

Classix C50 Case Set Includes flexi-rods, mini flexi-rods, panels, sleek 5-spoke wheels and rugged tyres, Chinook Helicopter with rotating blades and winch, Shark with grabbing jaws, F1 Race Car with dual suspension and convertible roof. Ideal for those that have mastered K'Nex building techniques and want a real challenge. Packed into a carry case.

See & Learn Piano Music and a light-up mirror make playtime fun!Explore colours, shapes and instrument sounds with this interactive piano that combines music with sparkling lights and a mirror - so little ones can watch themselves play!Play 20 tunes and has 3 learning modes that let baby press keys to advance a tune, hear names of shapes and colors, or tap any key to create a melody!

Refreshers Refreshers - the classic sherbety fizzy sweet.

New Baby Girl Bottle Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape New Baby very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Christening Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Amedei This stylish chocolate tasting box from Amedei consists of 12 neapolitans from 6 different renowned cocoa growing regions from around the world. An opportunity to discover the unique flavours from Trinidad, Venezuela, Madagascar, Grenada, Jamaica and Equador. Amedei hand selects its single origin cocoa beans.

Professor Lupins Room In the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, students experience strange creatures and other unusual things. Is Neville's Riddikulus charm strong enough to transform the menacing Boggart Snape into his grandmother's clothes? Turn the wardrobe and find out. Go upstairs to visit Professor Lupin in his office. Building set includes 155 LEGO pieces

Happy Tattoo Bubble Gum Happy Tattoo Bubble Gum - remember the bubblegum with little tattoos in - so you could be the hardest, coolest kid in the playground? Well now you can again!!

Hogwarts Express Enter Platform 9 3/4 and you're on your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.Don't worry about getting your bags when you reach the school - press a button and the luggage is magically unloaded! Spin the wall to reveal Platform 9 3/4, and open the compartments to see inside during the journey! Includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kings Cross platform. Train does not run on LEGO train tracks. Ages: 8-12 Pieces: 410

Racoon Family The Sylvanian Raccoon Family fearues, a father, a mother and two young children ( a boy and a girl raccoon).These are sold together in one pack.

Walnut Whip Walnut Whip - A milk chocolate swirl hiding a white fondant centre and a classic walnut on top.

Baby Annabell Deluxe Set Baby Annabell Deluxe Set is an ideal accessory for the Baby Annabell Doll.The outfits are priced ˙14.99 each

Sardines Sardines (frozen) 1Kg Bag (˙2.70 Kg = ˙1.23 lb)

Panama Frog Beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B August 25th 2001Want to know what's really neat?I have suction cups on my feetThey help me climb high up a treeTo see the jungle under me!For ages 3 and up.

Jimbo elephant beanie Wording inside tag reads:October 2nd 2003No matter where it is I goI bring my trunk with me, you knowI'd never forget it at home you see'Cause I have a great memory!

Lemon Bonbons Lemon Bonbons - A lemon toffee centre in a crisp casing and a dusting of sweet lemon icing sugar. We sell Sharps Bonbons only - the finest that we have found.

Beechs Violet Creams Beechs Violet Creams - smooth dark chocolate with delicious violet flavour fondant cream centres. These are quite simply exquisite.

Sylvanian Bathroom Sylvanian Bathroom features a bath, toilet, shower unit and lots more.

Walking Lips Balloon - Love - Valentines - Airwalker helium balloons gift AirWalker Love or Valentines balloon on legs designed to hover and float along the ground with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Birthday White Cat Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Charbonnel et Walker A truffle full of passion and sheer wickedness. A cappuccino-flavoured milk chocolate ganache, surrounded by white chocolate, lightly dusted with cocoa powder.

Merlot & Chocolates A bottle of deliciously quaffable and velvety French red Merlot wine÷,÷ with an array of our hand-piped pralines÷,÷ ganaches÷,÷ caramels÷,÷ truffles and giandujas. 75cl÷,÷ 250g. Free delivery to UK mainland.

C.C 48cms Dresses These delightful dresses make a wonderful addition to your Chou Chou's wardrobe.Sold seperately, for ages 3 and up.

Hand Made Soor Plooms Soor Plooms - delicious deep green sour plum boiled sweets.

Adjustable Inline Skates (size 12-1) Groovy In-line skates that adjust in size as a child's feet grow - no tools required.Unique, easy size adjustment - twist button and slide boot to size2 piece printed liner with velcro adjusterColoured translucent heel-cuffs and wheelsEasy-buckle closureGroovy Chick printed graphics608Z sealed bearings64mm x 24mm wheelsDual-heel brake stops

Baby Born Headbands These headbands are a must have accessorie for any babyborn doll. asst colours sold seperately

"Edwardian" Mint Rock "Edwardian" Mint Rock - wrapped minty rock pieces - a bit like you get at the seaside. Why is it Edwardian?  Not sure really - maybe thats when this sort of thing became popular...

Liquorice Wood Liquorice Wood - The old classic pieces of wood. All you need to do is Chew and Chew and Chew!!

Pirate Boat Green Our Swing Boat brings fairground fun to your garden - pull on the ropes to swing higher. Available in green.Maximum Total Recommended Weight: 80kg two users.

Fizzy Blue Bottles Bubblegum flavoured fizzy jelly blue bottles

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