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Buy Werthers Original - Butter Candies for £2.99

Werther's Original - This wonderful classic in a large tin.

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John Dory John Dory Medium whole ( 1 or 2 fish) 1 Kg (˙17.82 Kg = ˙8.10 lb)

Marshmallow Strawberries Marshmallow Strawberries - big squidgy strawberry flavoured marsh mallows.

South Wales & Cannock Wagon An ideal accessory for any Train Set.

Groovy Chick Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Clove Satins Clove Satins - individually wrapped stripy sweets with the distinctive taste of cloves.

Fidget dog beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B Jnnuary 20th 2003People think they're seeing spotsJust look at me and you'll see lotsWhen running, I look like a blurBecause of the dots on my fur !For ages 3 and up.

Kid K'nex Rovin' Rollers Big clickin' wheels, super scoops and huge buggy eyes go together easily with funky parts and crazy colours! You can build right on the storage case too. With fun building guide.Great for young minds and little hands!

Battleship The classic game of naval strategy.Set up your fleet and get your radar ready - the naval battle is about to start.All hands to action stations! Plan your strategy with cunning and flair, and with a bit of good luck your fleet will avoid direct hits.Carefully plot the coordinates, aim and fire! It's a hit! Which of your opponents ships is it? Just a destroyer - or could it be the Aircraft carrier?Follow up with shrewd shots and skillful strategy to find out. If you sink all the ships in your opponent's fleet before he sinks yours, you win the game!For 2 players

Sour Damson Sour Damson- 'As sour and as sharp as the wife's tongue!'

Perfection 40th Birthday Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

The Chocolate Society A smooth rich dark chocolate with fruity notes and exceptional length. Created exclusively from the Criollo cocoa bean, using the most exacting organic farming methods. Recipe included. Winner of the 2002, Soil Association Organic Food Awards!

Royal Banquet Large table with 6 upholstered chairs and many accessories.Ages 4 and up.

King Trampoline Trampolining is great outdoor family fun - and a superb way to keep fit. Circular - for the less experienced trampolinist - they offer a more controllable bounce. The circular design naturally directs the jumper into the centre of the mat.It's features are: 14 gauge galvanised steel frame with a lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure. Frame Height is 90cm, Frame size is 426cm dia/14ft. It has 96 springs that are 21.5cm in length. It includes deluxe frame pads 100% closed cell foam, a weatherproof soft surface mesh mat protected against UV. Suggested maximum weight 127kg (20 stone). Recommended age 6 years to Adult( with above weight guidelines).This item has to come straight from the manufacture and the delivery charge will not be ˙10 it will be ˙25.

Milk Chocolate Mice Milk Chocolate Mice - Small tiny little mice. Eaten one by one !

Charbonnel et Walker A gourmet milk chocolate Easter egg filled with decadent pink Champagne truffles. Presented in a sophisticated pink gift box. EASTER EGG SALE! WAS ˙24.99

Sport Dog Beanie Wording inside tag reads:Date of birth September 2nd 2002I bark and bark the whole day throughBut not because I'm mad at youIt's really just the only wayTo let you know I want to play!For ages 3 and up.

City Life Grocery Store The Grocery Store comes with shopping trolleys lots and lots of groceries a cash register and more. The window slides open with ease.

Ritter Sport - Rum, Raisin and Hazelnut Ritter Sport - Rum, Raisin and Hazelnut - gorgeous, high quality chocolate with raisins, hazelnuts and genuine Jamaican rum.

Building Pack No 2 Contains: one R8000 country station, on R539 railway cottage.

Double Lollies Double Lollies - the original long lasting lolly

Charbonnel et Walker A beautiful presentation box in spring yellow. Containing a gourmet dark chocolate Easter egg filled with an assortment of fine dark chocolates. EASTER EGG SALE! WAS ˙24.99

Sea Serpant with Vikings Nessie has moveable fins and head. Can float with included ballast weight, and is compatible with the PLAYMOBIL underwater motor (item 7350 not included). One AA battery required for Underwater Motor. Approx Size: 8 inches long and 5 inches high. Set includes Viking figure.Ages 4 and up.

Chocolate Eclairs Cadburys Chocolate +clairs - The perfect combination of soft chewy toffee and Cadbury's milk chocolate.

Dotson cat beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B September 2nd 2004People think they're seeing spotsJust look at me and you'll see lotsWhen running, I look like a blurBecause of the dots on my fur !For ages 3 and up.

Barbie Push Along Trike Modern fun trike complete with removable parent pole designed for the younger child. Character handlebar plaqueSturdy, tubular steel frameChunky blow moulded wheels for extra stabilityRear storage bucketSafety steering stopRemovable parent poleAdjustable handlebar height 52cm - 56cmAdjustable seat height 33cm - 36cmSuitable from ages 2-4

Baby Annabell Good Morning Deluxe Set This item comes complete with a Bathrobe, Slippers and is a lovely accessory for Baby Annabell.

Turkish Delight - Pistachio Turkish Delight - Handmade Soft juicy pieces of Turkish Delight with a dusting of Pistachio powder.

Niederegger Marzipan This cloth sack of marzipan potatoes is sure to bring a smile to someones face. Filled with marzipan potatoes and every bit as tasty as the classic forms.

Venchi A gourmet chocolate Easter egg by far. Beautifully wrapped and boasting a 75% dark chocolate egg made exclusively from the revered Criollo cocoa bean. This fine chocolate Easter egg also contains a surprise gift, suitable for both male and female. EASTER EGG SALE! WAS ˙25.99

Discovery On Ice The dinosaur skeleton can be assembled. Includes tent, snow mobile, and excavating equipment.Ages 4 and up.

Sherbet Pips Sherbet Pips - tiny hard sherbet sweets. Oh so traditional . . And oh so popular.

LMS 20 Ton Brake Van An ideal accessory for your train set.

Chocolate Filled Marshmallow Bunnies Chocolate Filled Marshmallow Bunnies - Big, soft, squidgy marsh mallow bunnies - with a sugary coating and a soft chocolate filling (sort of like chocolate spread) - this is a fabulous combination!!

The Premier Boxed Set The Premier Boxed Set. For ages 8 and over.

Chorus Gym 5 classical tunes. 5 traditional adult choruses. 3 grow with me positions. 3 x C batteries included

Airport Tower and Boarding Gate The Airport Tower has a moveable lift and baggage carousel. Complete with loads of exciting accessories for hours of roleplay fun. For ages 4 and over.

Congratulations Cake Wedding Day Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Congratulations very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Combination of Dippers The combination of a steaming÷,÷ comforting tea or coffee with the melting softness of a just-dipped Dipper is just irresistible! A combination of 6 dark chocolate and mint ganache dippers and 6 milk chocolate praline dippers÷,÷ 12 total. ˙10.95 per 12 Dippers. Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians÷,÷ alcohol free.

Quarter Straight Quarter Straight 87 mm x 2.

Chocolate Coated Foam Bananas Chocolate Coated Foam Bananas - These are the best we have tasted. Hard sweet banana with a chocolate flavour coating. These will bring back those childhood memories.

Chou Chou 48cm Chou Chou Dolls are a soft cuddly doll with eyes that open and close.Chou Chou look amazingly like real babies. They are simply delightful in their pretty romper suits with bear design. And, naturally, a dummy with a chain and bear clip as well as a sweet little cuddly teddy are included.

Swinger monkey beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B October 22nd 2003In the jungle where I'm foundYou'll see me monkeying aroundMy pals and I always hang outWe have great fun without a doubt !For ages 3 and up.

Sail Racer With the SAIL RACERÚ you build an awesome 3-wheeled land sail carÚ or two other great models: Low Flyer and Breeze Board! Then attach the colorful sail and build the ˘easy assemble÷ rider with protective gear. Turn on the motor and youÚre ready for some speedy racing action!Motorized and geared for action!Builds 3 Models: Sail RacerÚ Low FlyerÚ and Breeze Board!Includes step-by-stepÚ color-coded instructions˘Easy-to-assemble÷ KĂNEXman figure with snap-on X-GearCustom Tires!1 Color Graphic Panel ĂPunch OutĂ Sail included for a realistic look!103 KĂNEX pieces1 Grey PowerPack motor included!Requires (2) AA Batteries (not included)

Sylvanian Fridge & Accessories Sylvanian Fridge is an ideal accessory for your kitchen.It also comes with a few accessories.

Plain Chocolate Covered Toffees Plain Chocolate Covered Toffees - smooth creamy toffee encased in delicious dark plain chocolate.

Playmobil Baggage Carrier Playmobil Baggage Carrier with trailer, driver and suitcases.The baggage cart is used to transport passengers luggage to the airplane and back.

Porsche GT3 Seikel Scalextric Car Scalextric Car

Toffee Slab - Plain. Toffee Slab - Walkers original toffee.

Your The Best Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Love or Valentines balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Dolfin The latest bar from Dolfin and another winning combination. This smooth and mild dark chocolate is delicately laced with Aniseed. A refreshing and lasting aftertaste.

Giant Water Gun - NOW ˙5 OFF - ONLY ˙14.99! Soak your friends to the bone with this giant water gun!NOW ˙5 OFF - WAS ˙19.99 NOW ONLY ˙14.99!

Tunnocks Caramel Wafers Tunnocks Chocolate Coated Caramel Wafers - sheets of wafer with chewy caramel covered in milk chocolate - just stunning. It just becomes a delicious, chewy, chocolatey sticky gooey mess in your mouth... mmmmm!

Herald Bear Beanie Wording inside tag says:D.O.B January 7th 2002I'm an angel from up aboveI bring you thoughts of peace and loveWith a prayrer and a wish I'll flyBeyond the beautiful blue sky!For ages 3 and up.

Baby Annabell Wooden Wardrobe A beautifully decorated wardrobe to hang or store Baby Annabell's Clothes.This is a self assembly item.

Assorted Mojos Assorted Mojos - an assortment of chewy sweets. We used to have problems with mojos because they used to leak out of their wrappers and become one big mass - we actually stopped selling them for a while. But the manufacturer has changed the recipe now and the little blighters stay in their wrappers- until you put them into your mouth that is!!

Mushroom Marshmallow Mushroom Marshmallow - LARGE fluffy strawberry flavoured Fungi with a crisp sugar coating. These smell sweet and yummy, just like fresh strawberries.

Michel Cluizel The latest single origin dark chocolate bar from Michel Cluizel! Created from fine flavour cocoa grown at the Maralumi plantation on the island of Papua-New Guinea, off the coast of Australia. The cocoa used provides a slight spicy edge to this mellow dark chocolate with fresh hints of green banana and tart, sour notes of red currant. The sweetest of the Cluizel single origin dark chocolates. One of six single origin chocolate bars created by Michel Cluizel.

Dolfin Just a hint of the aromatic and refreshing earl grey tea and a 52% cocoa content smooth dark Dolfin chocolate. A fragrant, bitter-sweet medley.

Rock and Aniseed Rock and Aniseed - a combination of two distinctive strong flavours - a firm favourite.

High Level Piers Maximum height (level to level) 80mm. Pack of three piers for extended high level track, with grooves to accept R660 elevated track sidewalls.

Cola Doughnuts With the combination of Cola and Doughnut in the name we just had to try these! They are chewy rings with the familiar cola flavour (look a bit like sugar coated kalamari!!).  Just don't expect any jam in the middle... not that sort of doughnut!

Knuckles Pig Beanie Wording inside tag reads:D.O.B March 25th 1999In the kitchen working hardUsing ingredients from the yardNo one will eat it, can you guess why?Her favorite recipe is for mud pie!For ages 3 and up.

Gordon Loco An ideal accessory for the Thomas enthusiast.

Mind Mania Spelling Mind Mania Spelling is the cool and hip way for your child to learn grade-appropriate spelling and vocabulary - anytime, anywhere. Fun arcade-style games like Spelling Snake teach kids more than 2,000 words and definitions, including the most commonly misspelled words. Features a carabiner-style clip to hook it to a backpack or belt so kids can take it on the go; also functions as a watch with an alarm.

Eldar Vyper Jet Bike Vypers are highly mobile weapons platforms, capable of laying down a withering fire even at high speed.Their speed more than makes up for their light armour.Vyper Jetbikes are chosen in squads of between 1 and 3 models.A box contains a single Vyper model.

Wraparound Seat Seat snuggles around for a comfortable secure ride for the younger swinger.

Congratulations Engagement Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Engagement balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Niederegger Marzipan An assortment of pistachio, orange, pineapple and espresso, dark chocolate enrobed marzipan loaves.

Fun Sport Tennis Set - NOW HALF PRICE! Tennis Set now half price - WAS ˙9.99 NOW ˙4.99

Double Curve 1st Radius Track An ideal accessory for your train set.

Assorted Fudge Chunks of delicious rich fudge with a variety of flavours.

Dracula Fangs Dracula Fangs - These are something to get your teeth into!

Lips - Love - Valentines Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift Super Shape Love or Valentines very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Hama 1100 Bead Set Hama Beads allow children to create their own bright and colourful designs. Their is no limit to the number of designs possible! Contains small parts. Only suitable for children 5 years and over.

Push Along Thomas The Push Along Thomas talks and makes noises as he is pushed along. The phrases include "Here I come everyone", Push me along with my big red handle" and a "Peep, peep" train noise.The handle is removable. Batteries are included.

Milk Chocolate Toffee Slabs Milk Chocolate Toffee - smooth creamy toffee covered in rich milk chocolate - in slabs like it should be.

Left-hand curved point An ideal accessory for your train set.

Fruit Salad Fruit Salad - The old classic sweet and bursting with flavour.

Charbonnel et Walker A truffle full of passion and sheer wickedness. A cappuccino-flavoured milk chocolate ganache, surrounded by white chocolate, lightly dusted with cocoa powder.

Mounted Police Police officer on horse.For ages 4 and up.

Crystal Mints Crystal Mints - individually wrapped, cool, clear minty boiled sweets.

Rise of Destiny Special Addition In ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for a millennia. Now one boy has released the power! It's time to duel! Pack contains 50 cards and 3 new cards.For ages 8 and up.

Snowboard Extreme Game This is a 3D sloping mountain board game with figures and electronic launcher to make for a really exciting game for the whole family Battery Requirements 2 x D (sold separately)

Tactical Fighter The Mega Bloks Tactical Fighter comes with everything that you need to make this Fighter Plane.The cockpit opens and the plane comes with missiles.The plane measurers 21" (54cm).

Chocolate Lollies Chocolate Lollies - Think back years ago....remember the chocolate lollies with that brittle, crisp, and smooth creamy taste....well look no further!

Prawns Shell on Kg Shell on Prawns (frozen) 1Kg (˙4.58 Kg = ˙2.60 lb)

Sour Giant Strawberries Sour Giant Strawberries - like our 'normal' Giant Strawberries but with a fizzy/sour sugary coating. Yum!!

Racing Curves Radius 2 racing curve crossover.

Hand Made Cola Sherbet Hand Made Cola Sherbet - delicious sherbet crystals that fizz in your mouth - with a powerful cola flavour.

Pool Ladder For use with 30" (76cm) wall height pools. Coated steel frame, hi - impact plastic steps.

poker chips This Professional Poker chips pack contains 100 heavy weight chips,also a dealer button and instructions.

Imagination Desk Learning Centre Imagination Desk Learning CentreThis creative centre brings learning to life focusing on important pre-school skills while encouraging creative expression and imagination.As children colour each page they hear letter names, letter sounds, music, silly rhymes and more.

Twix Twix- caramel, chewy caramel fingers covered in rich milk chocolate.

BOX MIXED Frozen Fish 4 Kg Box of out most popular frozen white fish fillets. 1Kg (approx 5 portions) each of Cod {131}, Haddock {133}, Hake {191}, and Coley {132}, all skinless and boneless (except Haddock) Frozen on board the boat.

BR B17 Everton Locomotive This Gresley designed locomotive, named after the Everton Football Club, incorporates the number '6' at the beginning of its running number, indicating that the locomotive was formerly owned by the LNER. It is also worthy of note that Mr Frank Hornby, the originator of Hornby trains was MP for Everton from 1931-35.

Vimto Bar Vimto Bar - Wonderful chewy Vimto bar, if you liked the drink you will love this great chewy bar.

Venchi These sensational, large truffles certainly pack a rum punch. Individually wrapped and generously rich with their 56% cocoa content and rum-filled cream ingredients. Once eaten you certainly feel like you have downed a shot of rum.

Bike Stand with Shopper Bike Stand with Shopper, for ages 4 and up.

R/Aggression 9 These fully articulated poseable 7 inch figures are made using real scan technology. Each figure features a real likeness of the WWE wrestlers. Product May Vary.Not suitable for under 8 years.

Baby Born Christmas Set 2004 This beautiful ice blue outfit is the perfect outfit for Baby Born at Christmas.

Liquorice Whirls Liquorice Whirls - liquorice and toffee flavours swirled into a whirl.

Cluedo The classic "whodunnit" family detective game.The race goes on to solve the Cluedo mystery.There are six suspects, a selection of weapons and a number of rooms to search but who committed the crime, with what and in which room?The decision is yours!For 3 - 6 players

Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts- A whole Brazil nut covered in a thick coating of milk chocolate.

Charbonnel et Walker Champagne truffles with maximum flavour! They ooze richness with their generous butter and Champagne, milk chocolate ganache centre. Completed with a dusting of icing sugar in a beautiful gold laid gift box.

Surfer Ages 4 and up.

Giant Tutti Frutti Refreshers Giant Tutti Frutti Refreshers - think refresher chews -and then supersize them!!  These are great big chewy sticks - with a Tutti Frutti flavour and fizzy crystals in the middle.

My Scene Jammin' Jamaica Boy My Scene doll with accessories. For ages 6 and up.

Formal Funk Spend a funky evening out and aboutlooking top-notch with everybodyĂsfavorite fashion friends!With a funky formal fashion look plus an awesome after-party outfit, this totally-stylinĂ dress-up themed set also features tons of sizzlinĂ accessories, an exclusive memory book with exclusive Bratz pics, and a display mannequin to hang the fashions on! Available in nine Bratz and Bratz Boyz styles, formal wear was never this funkadelic! 1 Fully-Articulated Bratz Fashion Doll Funky Formal Wear After-Party Outfit 2 Pairs of Snap-On Shoes "Hot Threads" Display Mannequin Collectible Memory Book with Exclusive Bratz Pics Over 15 Stylin' Themed Accessories Collectible Poster

Playmobil Knight This Playmobil Knight comes with changeable armour. You can take off all his armour and put it back on again. He has a shield with his coat of arms on it and his faithful dog is always at his side.

Banana Whirls Banana Whirls - a chewy taste to savour - banana and toffee combined.

Nutty Bar - Nutty Crunch Nutty Bar - Nutty Crunch This is the nearest we could get to the 'Nutty Bar'. It is full of peanuts and covered in a hard and crunchy caramel.

Clams Venus Venus Clams Cooked/Frozen in 1/2 Shell 1Kg Bag

Lion Bar Lion Bar - caramel, filled wafer, & crisp cereal - all covered in milk chocolate.

Barbie Charm Outfit The Barbie Charm Outfit comes in a variety of designs with matching accessories and will fit most Barbie Dolls. Each set sold separately. Designs may vary.

Winnie the Pooh Flower Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Coconut Rolls Coconut Rolls - delicious coconut and liquorice sweets out of liquorice allsorts. No need to avoid those aniseedy ones in a bag of allsorts - now you can buy just the coconutty ones!

Wonder Fairy Barbie Welcome to Fairytopia, a land of dreams! This beautiful barbie doll has real wings that flutter and comes with a special tiny little fairy that you can carry with you in your pocket!Each sold seperately and subject to availability.colours and decorations may vary from those shown. For ages 3 and up.

Tower Bridge The most versatile and challenging climbing accessory ever to be introduced into the T.P. range. Tower Bridge lives up to its name, combining a terrific turret with an extendible gantry that can be traversed from above or below. Tall, exceptionally strong and fyully modular, it will excite the older child, even the most adventurous 10 year old. Built at low height, Tower Bridge will thrill the little ones too.Tower Bridge Platforms shown are sold separately. T.P.766PLEASE NOTE THE TOWER BRIDGE IS A CLIMBING ACCESSORY AND MUST BE FITTED TO THE NAVIGATOR,CHALLENGER OR EXPLORER FRAME. IT DOES NOT STAND ALONE AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR SWING ACCESSORIES.

Twizzler With our spinner, enjoy full 360 degree spinning without tangled ropes.

Wee Nippies Wee Nippies - Similar to an Army and Navy. Warm taste of cloves.

Ellis Baby New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Milk & White Slab Molten chocolate poured out and set into an eye-widening expanse. A 50/50 blend of milk and white chocolate marbled together. ˙14.95 per 500g slab÷,÷ (equiv. to ˙2.99/100g). Free delivery to anywhere in UK. Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians÷,÷ alcohol free.

Track Plans Scalextric An up to date catalogue with a wide range of scalextric items.

Topic What has a hazelnut in every bite? Topic.

Milk Chocolate Eggs Milk Chocolate Eggs - Crisp outer shell filled with scrummy milk chocolate. Not just for easter, eaten all year round.

Baby Annabell Bottle Baby Annabell Bottle is made for Baby Annabell and comes with magic milk.

Duo Ride Bracket The Sherwood is a fully modular range, made from pressure treated pine and galvanised steel, which offers you maximum choice and exceptional value for money. TO BUILD THIS PARTICULAR COMBINATION, YOU WILL NEED TP774 PLUS THE FOLLOWING- TP806/TP805/TP879Please note: For safety reasons this item may ONLY be fitted to Sherwood frames.

Westley's Loft Playset Where does the My SceneÍ gang go for the ultimate party? Why, to the Party PadÍ, of course! MadisonÍ, Barbieź, ChelseaÍ, NoleeÍ, DelanceyÍ and KenzieÍ are the trendiest gal pals living the big city life, and they're starring in their second movie, "Masquerade MadnessÍ"! There's no better place for the biggest party of the year (a masquerade party, at that!) than the spacious 2-story, plush loft that MadisonÍ calls home. It's decked out with party-themed accessories and a party light feature that creates a glow-in-the-dark effect on the gang's clothes and accessories. There's even music and a pulsating light to really get the party rocking! The loft comes complete with a spiral staircase leading to an upstairs bedroom, cool furniture with lots of plush accessories, and a fireplace.

Chou Chou Bright Clothing 2004 These pretty outfits are available in a selection of colours and styles.Each outfit is sold separately.

Speckled Jelly Eggs Speckled Jelly Eggs - little crispy jelly eggs with chewy jelly centres. They look just like little birds eggs!! Do you remember them from when you were young too???

Lego Green Base Plate The perfect starting point for LEGO creations! This green baseplate measures 10" x 10", so it's a great place to start building castles, skyscrapers, or what ever your imagination comes up with.

Dolly Mixtures Dolly Mixtures - Everybodies favourite.

Ellis Get Well - Get Well Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Get Well Soon balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Amedei This stylish chocolate tasting box from Amedei consists of 12 neapolitans from 6 different renowned cocoa growing regions from around the world. An opportunity to discover the unique flavours from Trinidad, Venezuela, Madagascar, Grenada, Jamaica and Equador. Amedei hand selects its single origin cocoa beans.

Flower Garden Set With colorful flowers. The garden hose can be attached to the water pump found in item 3179.Ages 4 and up.

Uncle Joes Mintballs Uncle Joe's Mintballs - a classic pure mint - if you have ever tasted these you will know that there is nothing quite like them.

Cheeks baenie baby Wording insidetag reads:D.O.B May 18th 1999Don't confuse me with an apeI have a most unusual shapeMy cheeks are round and ty-dyed redOn my behind as well as my head!For ages 3 and up.

Adjustable Inline Skates (size 12-1) Groovy In-line skates that adjust in size as a child's feet grow - no tools required.Unique, easy size adjustment - twist button and slide boot to size2 piece printed liner with velcro adjusterColoured translucent heel-cuffs and wheelsEasy-buckle closureGroovy Chick printed graphics608Z sealed bearings64mm x 24mm wheelsDual-heel brake stops

Ello Fairytopia Creation System Girls can design, build and create anything with the Ello Creation System. The Fairytopia Set has 176 colourful pieces to create fantasy fairies, flowers and much more. The only ello Creation System with twirling pieces to add movement to yourcreations!Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

Apple & Blackcurrant-Diabetic - Sugar free. Apple & Blackcurrant - Diabetic - Sugar Free. Wonderful flavours from a classic combination. These are really scrummmmmmy.

Jelly Belly Jelly Belly beans are not just ordinary jelly beans. They are smaller softer and brighter with authentic, intense and wherever possible, natural flavours. Choose from 39 unusual flavours from bubble gum to watermelon.

Jack Hammer For ages 4 and up.

Parma Violets Delicately flavoured perfumed violet sweets.

Train Controller Controls the direction and speed of one locomotive. Input is 16v AC from the C912 mains transformer. Output is 0-12v DC to the track, plus non-variable 16v AC output for power-switched points, signals and other accessories.

Birthday Shimmer Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single birthday balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Chocolate Speckled Eggs Speckled Chocolate Mini Eggs - like little birds' eggs - crisp candy shells filled with delicious milk chocolate.

Family with Stroller The happy family walks the dog. For ages 4 and up.

Bus Stop This game is designed to help children with adding and subtracting while at the same time having fun. Children count the passengers on their red bus while reacing around the board game. To win the game you have to have the most passengers when the bus gets stationed. Suitable for children aged 4 and over. 2 - 4 players

LeapPad This Educational Platform is designed to inspire a love of learning. Interactive talking books come to life, introducing fundamental reading skills and reinforcing the magic of reading.Use the magic pen to hear letters and words, spell words, sound out words phonetically, or play a fun learning game!LeapPad books include special tools that can help develop vocabulary, spelling and phonics awareness.Each book is packed with engaging activities, interactive games, stories and facts that make reading and learning fun!Includes a 30-page interactive book featuring Disney's Winnie the Pooh, Richard Scarry and much more!

Fizzy Wizzy Fizzy Wizzy - Izzy wizzy let's get busy!

Baby Boy Groovy New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Booja Booja These espresso truffles are so packed with flavour, one gives you the entire chocolate and coffee fix you need (56% cocoa content). Voted 'Best Organic Product' in 2000 these Booja Booja hand made chocolates are the (organic) business.

Submarine Submarine can float and dive using a working air pump and move underwater using an attachable underwater engine and weight; robot arm really works.For ages 4 and up.

Jungle Run Toddler Kit Fits the Jungle Run when used at both toddler and full height. Heavy duty reinforced platform, providing an easier passage across the Jungle Run. Ideal for younger children, to prevent falls between rungs and to build their confidence.(Shown on Jungle Run at low heightThis is sold separately T.P. 837.)

Freaky Fish Freaky Fish - Large multi-coloured hard chewy fruity fish.

Baby Born Food Pack Baby Born Food Packs are designed for Baby Born. (20 sachets per pack).

Valrhona The latest single origin/estate bar from Valrhona. Created from the fine flavoured Criollo cocoa beans from the Palmira plantation in west Venezuela. As expected from Valrhona, this bar is exuding fruit notes but with an additional very distinct honey flavour and so quite a sweet dark chocolate. A slight powder in the mouth feel but an exceptional chocolate with great length in flavour.

Tokyo A Go Go Includes 2 eastern inspired outfits,accessories, suitcase and stickers and collectable robo-pet. One supplied. Colours and styles may vary.For ages 6 years and over.

Karaoke Machine This karaoke machine provides your child with a truly multi-sensory approach to learning. Children see letters, numbers and animations; hear songs that teach essential preschool concepts; and sing along to increase retention and make learning fun. Not only can kids hear 50 catchy songs that teach key preschool concepts such as letters, numbers, phonics and life lessons, they can also see letters, numbers and animations that follow the music. Plus, they can add fun sound effects to each performance The Learning Screen Karaoke Machine includes an easy-carry handle and a sing-along microphone.

Necron Warriors The Skeletal form of a Necron Warrior is a spine-chilling sight.These terrifying troops form the basis of every Necron army.Necron Warriors are chosen in squads of between 10 and 20 models.The Box contains 12 Necron Warriors and components to make 3 Scarab bases.

Lime and Lemon Lime and Lemon - a combination of delicious refreshing flavours in a boiled sweet. So simple - so why didn't we think of it???

Casdon Morphy Richards Comfi-Grip Iron The Morphy Richards Comfi-grip Iron features chrome effect sole plate, twistable knobs and buttons for that real life feel.

Toffee Slab - Fruit and Nut Toffee Slab - Fruit and Nut. Whole toffee slabs packed with fruit and nuts.

Love Bear Love - Valentines Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single Love or Valentines balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Summer Baby Basket Mark the moment with this impressive present. Contains all the contents of the Summer Basket shown÷,÷ plus a limited edition bib which will rekindle memories of your gift each time it is used! 570g total (as shown). Free delivery to UK mainland.

B.B Dress Collection 2005 Baby Born dress collection 2005 (each dress sold seperately, please state preference of dress when ordering)For ages 3 and up.

Safety Helmet Fashionable safety helmet featuring Groovy Chick graphics, trendy aerodynamic vented helmet. Pearl finish with printed graphics. Adjustable straps with foam padding for comfort fit, quick release buckle. Meets EN107. Fits head circumference 52-56cm

Baby Annabell 2 Doll The newest addition to the Zapf Creation Family of Dolls is our functional Baby Annabell doll.She is a 18 inch sound and motion sensitive doll.Baby Annabell babbles, gurgles and giggles, just like a real baby.When drinking, she makes real sucking sounds with an amazingly realistic mouth movement. When you rub her tummy, she burps.Baby Annabell closes her eyes, yawns, breathes little baby snores when asleep. But be quiet, any noise will wake her up again.Baby Annabell will be a perfect addition to your family.

Caramac Kit Kat Caramac Kit Kat - The Great classic Kit Kat bar, made with Caramac! This is really scrummy and hope it's around for a lomg time.

Extension Tube Adds another swinging positions to either or both ends of any Giant Swing Frame.Length: 91cm (3'). Extends base area by 50cm (20'). Maximum recommended weight: 60kg.

Summer Basket Our aim was to make our Summer Basket look more spectacular than a flower arrangement. It does!Ó but the enjoyment doesnĂt stop at the visual level. Tasting these specialities is the best bit: ˛ a selection of stunning summer chocolates ˛ apricot÷,÷ strawberry÷,÷ green apple and lime chocolate sorbets ˛ chocolate enrobed orange tangsÓ tangy and succulent ˛ chocolate dippers to stir into coffee or tea÷,÷ then nibble off ˛ pastel summer dragTes of chocolate in a thin sugar shell ˛ Kir Royal truffles 570g total (as shown). Free delivery to UK mainland.

Strawberry Gourmet Jelly Beans 'Strawberry' Gourmet Jelly Beans - delicious fruit flavour juicy jelly beans from The Jelly Bean Factory. Not only do they taste fabulous but there are Gelatine Free. We sell them in 125 gram bags (thatĂs an old 1/4 pound plus an extra 10%) - so you can either just enjoy one flavour - or you can buy a couple of bags and make your own customised selection of your favourite flavours.

Track supports An ideal accessory for a Train Set.

Worlds Biggest Jawbreaker Worlds Biggest Jawbreaker - for the World's Biggest Gob!!  Know anyone who fits the bill???

F.P Ollie the Octopus ˙10 OFF was ˙29.99 This Inflatable octopus is suitable for children aged 2-4 includes 25 balls and hoops for children to play catch.

Bratz Game Become 1 of the bratz girls! Move around the board and be the first to uncover and collect all your cool fashion accessories! For 2 to 4 players. For ages 5 years and over.

Sugar Almonds Sugar Almonds - whole almonds coated with a crisp suagr coating.

A Star is Born New Baby Balloon - single or bunch helium balloons gift Single New Baby balloon anchored with ribbons to decorative weight with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a gift box on the morning of your choice. Also available in bunches of 3,4 or 5.

Mussels meat small Mussel meat small Dutch (Frozen) 1lb bag (454g)

Beech Tree Large Light Green Landscape Materials pack of one.

Wrapped Fruit Rock Wrapped Fruit Rock

Jelly Beans - Banana Split Jelly Beans - Scrummy fruity and bursting with Banana Split from 'The Jelly Bean Factory'

Big Bear Balloon - Super shape helium balloons gift SuperShape very large shaped balloon with a gift card and FREE box of chocolates delivered in a extremely large box on the morning of your choice.

Starship This starship comes complete with interactive sounds and realistic lights.

SpongeBob SquarePants A new restaurant in Bikini Bottom means competition for the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob has an idea to save the day¨he'll make a new, improved Krabby Patty sauce that will win back customers! Play 5 action-packed learning games that teach 45 skills as you help SpongeBob collect ingredients, create the sauce, and test it on Patrick

Thomas Tank Engine Trouble with Trees A 21 piece play set in which children can recreate the story of when Thomas rescued James from the fallen trees.A story leaflet, which parents can read aloud to their children is included.The set features the special "Trees on the Track" bumpy track with trees which magically fall over by sliding the yellow bump sign.Move bump sign back to its original postion to restore trees to upright (or push them up manually).Includes Thomas, James and a 3-dimensional Fat Controller.

Sugar Free Blackcurrant & Liquorice Sugar Free Blackcurrant & Liquorice - a delicious sugar free version of the traditional favourite. Ingredients: Sweetener, Isomalt, Citric acid, Liquorice powder, Flavours & Natural Colours E162 E153

Track Pack A Add Track Pack A to the starter oval supplied with the smaller hornby train sets to make layout with point junction and siding.

Rosy Apples Rosy Apples - Bright green and red and full of apple flavour.

Prawns peeled Bag Whole Bags of Peeled Prawns (frozen) 2Kg (˙18.36 Kg = ˙4.17 lb)

Sugar Free Jelly Bears Sugar Free Jelly Bears - tasty fruit flavour cute little chewy jelly bears - but with no sugar (the sweetness comes from Maltitol Syrup) Full ingredients list: Sweetener (maltitol syrup) Gelatine Water Acid: E330 Flavouring Colours: E102, E110, E129, E133 Glazing agents: Vegetable oil, Beeswax, Carnuba wax

TMNT Figures Asst. Now the boys have a new level of attack in their war against Shredder-Fightin' Gear! Each turtle comes with his own unique fightin' gear, figures sold seperately. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Mind Mania Maths Mind Mania Math is the cool and hip way for your child to learn grade-appropriate math facts - anytime, anywhere. Fun arcade-style games like Math Invaders teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables, plus decimals and fractions. Features a carabiner-style clip to hook it to a backpack or belt so kids can take it on the go; also functions as a watch with an alarm.

Wood Elves The core of the Wood Elf army has always been its archers.Most of the warriors of the various kindreds fight with the longbow as their principle weapon.This box contains 8 plastic single piece figures.

Jelly Beans - Pear Sundea Jelly Beans - Scrummy fruity and bursting with Pear Sundea from 'The Jelly Bean Factory'

Nursery Swing Seat Designed for babies and toddlers from 9 months to 3yrs, with play tray and safety strap.

Charbonnel et Walker A new creation from Charbonnel et Walker. Strawberry flavoured chocolate with a milk chocolate Marc de Champagne truffle centre. Nestled in a pretty pink round box. Larger box also available.

Primary Filofun 50 Pack .

Cherry Cola Bottles Cherry Cola Bottles - a variation on the cola bottle theme - with a fizzy cherry cola taste.

GWR Conflat & Container An ideal accessory for any Train Set.

Venchi Chocolate with herbs and spices is how chocolate was first taken in South America before Europe had even heard of cocoa. So this milk chocolate bar made with Cinnamon allows you to sample a small taste of the past, and just like many of the herbs and spices originally used with chocolate it works very well indeed.

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