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Buy Introductory Bird of Prey Experience for £58

Falconry techniques have been refined over many centuries and passed down from many falconers. This introductory course allows you to not only share in this knowledge and skill, but offers you hands on opportunities throughout your experience. Learn to fly hawks, falcons and eagles which are among some of the fastest and most powerful birds in the world.

Witness for yourself the breath taking sight of these magnificent birds of prey in flight!

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Nitro Rush EVO R/C Truck Head off-road with the Rush EVO – the T-15 engine, nitro powered stadium truck! Here at at Stuff HQ we love a good R/C car, but the new Nitro Car range blows everything we've seen before totally out of the water (or off the road).

Giant Frog Helium Balloon Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air !!

Race Car Trial For that once in a lifetime experience or the perfect introduction to the art of race car driving. This Race Car Trial can provide the opportunity you have been waiting for. The instructors can help you to exploit your talents to the full. The Race Circuit is ideal to take those first tentative steps into the unknown realms of high speed, exhilaration, in fact the glamourous world of motor racing.

E-Z Air Trainer THE E-Z AIR IS FUN TO FLY HARD TO BREAK AND EASY TO FIX!... Pilot your own Aircraft with the inexpensive E-Z Air Trainer. The ideal introduction to flying Radio Controlled Areoplanes. Easy and fun to fly, it comes complete with it's twin Electric Motors and R/C equipment already installed, and is ready to fly within minutes of opening the box! * Dual motors for complete control * Made from damage resistant materials * Easy to use remote control * Wingspan 450mm length 415mm

LED Message Mirror Now not only can you checkout yourself out when you look in the mirror you can also… Tell The Time - Have the time and date shown in LED glory. Leave A Message - Write a personalised message with special scrolling effects and fonts all from the supplied remote control or your PC.

Top Gun Aerobatic Flying Lessons This has to be the ultimate in aerobatic tail chasing any where in the UK. These highly manouverable aircraft are designed to with stand incredible forces as you put the Extra 300 through it's paces.

Karlsson DIY Wall Clock Karlsson DIY Wall Clock How’s this for an off the wall idea - the Do It Yourself Clock consists of wall mounted silver hands and separate individual numbers that stick directly to the wall. You can arrange the numbers into any shape you desire or use the template included to achieve a perfect circle. The DIY Wall Clock is certain to attract attention wherever you choose to position it. Your Karlsson DIY Wall Clock takes 1 x AA battery which is included.

Baby Video Sleeve This silver plated video sleeve is a much more attractive alternative to the regular card or plastic box. It has the words 'baby video' and a cute little baby character engraved into the front of the box and the words 'baby video' engraved into the spine. It comes with a sticker set for the spine and front of the video, which shows through the aperture cut into the front of the sleeve. The baby video sleeve fits any VHS video. Part of our matching 'baby button' range.

Qees(Silver - KitCatQ) Liven up your keyring with Qees, limited edition collectable keychain figures! Each one is designed by a different artist and there are hundreds to collect. Careful though, you might find Qees the key to a collecting obsession!<!-- Old What's new text:Collectable keychain art-->

Blue Eyes

Zip Polo Shirt

Cyberstar Driver

Miracle Cure for Lottery Addiction Dr Bullfarber's Miracle Cure for Lottery Addiction aims to calm & rectify the fear of missing out on the jackpot ticket! A matchless concoction indeed! Bath bags are the ideal way to release refreshing oils of herbs into your bath. DIMENSIONS of the Miracle Lottery Cure: 12.5cm (5") x 7.5cm (3") x 3.5cm (1 1/4")

Dirty Jokemaster Dirty Jokemaster is full of dirty jokes from the world famous raunchy and hilarious comedian, Jackie The Joke Man Martling. He is a well-known American radio personality, stand-up comedian, and comedy writer and he's put more than 1,100 of his funniest and filthiest jokes and insults onto this great Dirty Joke Machine so that you can carry them with you, and have great dirty jokes wherever you go! This easy to use gadget allows you to select jokes by category and rate th... read more at our site

Static Line Parachute Jump (UK Wide) If you have the nerve to go it alone then this two day course is the one for you. After one day of intensive training it's time to take to the skies. The pumping adrenalin that you will experience on your ascent only enhances the exhilaration you will feel after the jump. As for the jump itself, 3000ft of leisurely descent gives you plenty of time to admire the stunning views.

Thinking Putty(Colourchanging Amethyst Blush) Mind-blowing Thinking Putty leaves all other stress relievers firmly in the shade. Thinking Putty stretches, bounces, shatters, tears, and even snaps. Move over Newton's Cradle - Thinking Putty is poised to become the latest must-have stress relief toy.

The Ultimate bartender's cocktail set Fantastic Xmas present! only £14.95!! Stainless steel bar tools bartender's set, essential for any home bar, includes: * Cocktail Strainer * Lemon and lime slicer * Beer and bottle opener * Corkscrew * Jigger * 4 olive picks

Wooden Handled Heart Seal and Wax Stick A solid heart brass seal has a wooden handle to impress into hot sealing-wax. The heart seal now comes with one stick of red wax in a presentation box with a clear lid (if you would like a different colour wax stick please input your prefered colour into the message text box on the 1st page of the checkout). The detail in the heart design is excellent and the finished wax-seal looks fantastic. The seals are approximately 22mm in diameter and one wax stick produces 15 to ... read more at our site

Amazing Science Experiments 52 Amazing Science Experiments that will entertain budding Einsteins for hours - perfect for rainy days! The Amazing Science Experiments are simple but exciting and any equipment necessary can be found around the home or is readily available from a supermarket. The Amazing Science Experiments will help you discover how to make an egg bounce, how to crush a plastic bottle without squeezing it, how to lift a glass of water upside down without spilling it, how to make a gra... read more at our site

Giant Microbes(Flu) Infectiously cute and highly huggable, Microbes are modelled on the nasty little bugs that float around causing all manner of medical mayhem. The difference is, these fluffy critters are a million times bigger, and contagious for all the right reasons.

Ducti Wallet Banish boring wallets forever with the totally unique Ducti – the wallet made from Duct tape! Any modern man worth his salt has a roll of Duct tape in his toolbox. Is there anything you can't do with this amazing invention? It can fix everything from a punctured tyre to a broken heart (well, not quite, but you get the point.) And now thanks to a bunch of clever chaps with a lot of time, and indeed a lot of tape, on their hands, Duct tape can fix your fashion crisis too. We're not talking taping up the hole when you've split your trousers (although it's an interesting idea.

Father and Son Fishing Many people will remember the first time they went fishing with their father and this is the perfect gift even if neither father or son has fished before. Covering all the basics, this course is designed to start a passion of a lifetime and provides the opportunity for a great day of father son bonding. All necessary equipment is provided and the course takes place in some of Hampshire's most beautiful and tranquil countryside. The perfect highlight of any school holiday.

Skidding! All Angles - All Action The driving skills that you gain on this course could mean the difference between life and death if you encounter a skid situation in your normal driving. Using techniques which simulate loss of car control you'll learn the skills (and thrills) of driving on ice, aquaplaning and skid avoidance exercises with our friendly and expert instructor. We are sure your driving confidence will benefit from the addition of these skills - they're as enjoyable as they are educational.

R/C Mini Tank These mini r/c tanks are not only fun but are also dangerous - with 2 or more tanks you can shoot at each other using infra-red technology! When shot the tank will flash and stop moving. Full directional control with 180 degree rotary turret. Charging unit even looks like an ammunition cage!

Rocksalt Lamp Based on testimonials a Rock Salt Crystal Lamp can help eradicate pet smells, clear up sinus problems, reduce the smell of cigarette smoke, and generally makes people feel better. The health benefits of these lamps have been taken to heart in parts of Germany, where the majority of homes have salt lamps.

Dr Who Daleks Dr Who's arch enemy The Daleks are back in glorious twelve inch high r/c talking nostalgia. These genuine fully licensed BBC overloards move backwards, forwards, turn left and right as well as having a rotating head with flashing lights!

Baxter of California Skin Toner Facial Scrub A mild facial exfoliant that gently buffs away impurities and dead surface cells as it stimulates skin renewal. Effectively tones, exfoliates, and promotes cell renewal, improving smoothness and revitalizing the complexion. Walnut shell powder gently removes impurities and sloughs away dead surface cells without harming delicate facial skin. Honey, Aloe Vera and Botanical extracts soothe and supply moisture. To use: Smooth over clean skin, gently massaging onto face and neck in a light, circular motion. Rinse well. Use once or twice per week as needed. Follow with Clay Mask.

Flashflight Nightflyer(Blue) This isn't a mere glow-in-the-dark flying disc; it's an ultra-bright, LED-lit miracle of advanced fibre-optic technology. Go on, light up the sky!

Custom V-Lite

LoCo Bite Golf Balls (Dozen)

Ice Cube Light The Ice Cube Light is a portable battery powered colour fazing party light. The Portable Party Ice Light has two custom illumination modes. Simply press down on the top of the light to turn it on or off and it lights up in the normal white light mode or you can make it faze through red to blue to green. Dimensions of the Ice Light are 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 cms. The Ice Light requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Photon III White The New Photon 111 Micro-light utilizes a state of the art micro processor to make the already brightest - for - its - size Photon Micro-light even more fun. The micro-processor gives you the choice of three levels of strobe, and a very handy one minute auto - shutoff. At any time you can squeeze the front button to bypass the electronics to get instant brilliant light. The water resistant case has been engineered to quickly change the long-life lithium batteries (which are included). Modes: High Bright Medium Bright Low Bright Fast strobe Medium strobe Slow Strobe Auto shut-off.

Logan 555 Sunglasses

Swiss Jelly Card (Blue)

Card Light Ultra thin credit card sized light. Ideal for your wallet/ handbag

The ultimate flying lesson A 60 minute flying lesson is a great experience for any one to have, however, combine this with an aerobatic experience and it becomes the ultimate in flying lessons.

Satin Striped Cushion - Pink Decorate your bed or sofa with this luxurious Pink Satin Cushion and create your very own boudoir. Silky, stylish and sexy, this Pink Satin Cushion is sure to add a touch of class to your home. Our Pink Satin Cushion is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, perfect as a gift to a style conscious friend. Our Pink Satin Cushion is 66cm x 33cm. The Pink Satin Cushion is also available in Black also shown in this picture, available from the Women's Home Stuff section of... read more at our site

Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter(Ammo Pack) Get yourself tooled up good and proper with the Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter. Perfect for picking off annoying colleagues, shocking the life out of the new work experience girl and dumbfounding the dog. You talkin' to me?

A Pleasure Flight Over London This experience offers you the breathtaking opportunity to view London from the air and put everything into a totally new perspective. Depending on the weather, your flight takes in most of the sights along the Thames including Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and the Millennium Dome. Don't forget your camera as there are sure to be some awesome views!

Reading Light If you're looking for a cute bedtime companion, who will always look on the bright side of life, then you can't do better.This cheeky little bedside lamp will join you with your nightly read, and sit waiting for your return the next night.His body is made of polished zinc plated wire, complete with a translucent lamp holder and two metre cable. He's holding a semi translucent blue shade.The reading light is supplied with a chrome topped 40 watt bulb.You may not be surprised to hear that he was even a finalist at the International Interior Design Awards!GIFT STATS: Reading LightReading Light Measures: 15 x 13 x 12 cmReading Light Material: Polished zinc plated wire

PureTSkin Hidra-Mat Moisturiser 50ml For oily skin or an oily T-zone, this non-greasy emulsion gives the skin the ideal amount of moisturisation but leaves it matt and without shine. The symbiotic effects of the active ingredients allow it to actively reduce sebum (oil) levels and give a long-lasting matt appearance. Moisturises without making the skin greasy Reduces natural sebum levels without being over-aggressive Leaves skin matt and shine free To use: once or twice daily as a moisturiser on clean skin.

Ducti Triplett Wallet Banish boring wallets forever with the totally unique Triplett – the wallet made from Duct tape! Any modern man worth his salt has a roll of Duct tape in his toolbox. Is there anything you can't do with this amazing invention? It can fix everything from a punctured tyre to a broken heart (well, not quite, but you get the point.) And now thanks to a bunch of clever chaps with a lot of time, and indeed a lot of tape, on their hands, Duct tape can fix your fashion crisis too. We're not talking taping up the hole when you've split your trousers (although it's an interesting idea.

Madame Tussauds Peak Season Child Ticket Madame Tussauds invites you to experience what it is like to be famous as you join a host of the worlds hottest celebrities. Join our Bollywood dancers on stage and learn moves from the movie Bride and Prejudice. Step back in time for our Warriors Show as Alexander the Great and Achilles army fight the ultimate of battles. Sing, dance and perform with the stunning Beyonce, Britney and Kylie, 'are you a Diva in the making'?

Worst Case Scenario Books(Work) Knowledge is power, or so they say, and what better way to boost your wisdom than by reading. Life may have taught you a trick or two, but there'll still be situations you still have no idea how to get out of, which is why you need these Worst Case Scenario books, literally rammed to the rafters with an armada of expert advice.

Rainbow Practice Balls

Rabbit Vibrator Rabbit Vibrator is the ultimate vibe. Since it's appearance on the TV show "Sex And The City", the Rabbit Vibrator is the world's best selling vibe. The Rabbit Vibrator gives you amazing orgasms through simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The Rabbit Vibrator gives you ultimate authority over your orgasm with a remote control handset that puts the multi-speed motor at your command. All the incredible pleasure of our best-selling Rabbit Vibrator but with extra p... read more at our site

Glider with Aerotow After your first flight you'll be hooked on this superb sport. Why? It's much more challenging than powered flight - you need a lot of skill to keep a glider airborne - knowing how to recognise lift (rising air), where to find it and how to use it. But it's also great fun - effectively you become just like a bird - you often rise up in thermals alongside birds! After a pre-flight briefing, you will be strapped into the glider with your instructor... read more at our site

Round of Golf for Two

8x21 Binoculars

Kheo Air-S Mountain Board Show off your mountain boarding skills with the Kheo Air-S – the 100% freestyle, ultra-lightweight board that's perfect for tricks. Best described as a cross between snowboarding and surfing on dry land, mountain/all-terrain boarding was developed by extreme sports lovers without access to snow or sea. But while the surface is different, one thing is very much the same – the intense adrenalin rush.

Singing Star for a Day Before arrival at the studio, choose the songs you are wishing to sing, so they are prepared for you at the studio. Then it's into the studio to record them - taking as many attempts as needed to get that perfect performance. Effects are then applied and the song will be mixed. During this time you can choose the artwork to appear on the CD. Typically 5 songs are completed in a day, although we have recorded up to 11.

Flashing light warning triangle Features include 18 flashing lights with red and yellow refectors, visible at over 300 metres in most weather conditions. This warning triangle helps to protect you and your family in the unfortunate event of an accident or breakdown.

Body Fat Bathroom Scales It's not all about weight. Get the bigger picture with these bathroom scales with complete body analysis. Features a cool wirless remote monitor with huge easy-to-read LCD display. No more straining to see the reading on your bathroom scales!

Classic Super Car Experience What a fantastic opportunity to drive these fabulous Classic's around one of the most famous race circuits in the UK.

Top Hat Cufflink Case Top Hat Cufflink Case

SimBackup Who cares about losing your mobile? It's losing the precious numbers inside that's gutting. With Simbackup you'll never lose then again, as this handy keyring gizmo will store the lot in an instant. Just make sure you don't attach it to your phone!

Cigar Ashtray

GM Gunmetal Wedge

3100 I/H (Graphite)

Mini Deco Lights As seen at the end of the hit movie "Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason" Our miniature decorative lights (Mini Deco Lights) are just perfect for the ultimate finishing touches for your wedding, party or any special occasion. You can put the Mini Deco Lights in bouquets, table centres, flower displays, around your cake, in bay trees, in your is only your imagination stopping you! Each set of Mini Deco Lights consists of 10 tiny white bulbs on very thin gre... read more at our site

Digital Detectives - Killer Bugs Book This is no ordinary whodunnit! This is a thrilling adventure full of secrets, suspects, puzzles and clues, BUT at certain parts you must go online and join in the investigation. Using the free website you can investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, make notes in your journal and point a finger at the culprit. Do a good job and you'll solve the crime. Do a bad job and some very bad things can happen...........

Power Push Gas Cartridge Refills Overdone it on the wine? Grab yourself a gas cartridge refill. If you've had so much fun popping corks with your Power Push (not to mention drinking the contents of the bottles) that you've run out of gas, never fear. With these refill packs of two gas cartridges, you can fill your Power Push up again and pop away ‘til your heart's content.

Bird of Prey Day Falconry techniques have been refined over centuries and passed down from many falconers. This full day course gives you the opportunity to share in this knowledge also to interact these magnificent birds of prey up close before learning how to fly them to the fist. These birds are not trained to do tricks they simply mimic what comes naturally to them. All the birds on show will display their natural instincts to soar, quarter, pounce and mantle.

Heart Cushtie Fancy a hug? Look no further - the Heart Cushtie is so soft, squishy and romantic you'll want to hold it, touch it and take it to bed forever. Snuggletastic!

Ducti classic wallet A cool wallet! This killer duct tape wallet has a classic bi-fold design (hence the name) with nickel plated grommets. It holds all your green and some cards. During a 400ft bungee jump in New Zealand, we decided to either stop jumping off bridges or own a wallet we could be proud of. The result was our first duct tape wallet... unfortunately we had to hand it over with our pants to a fish and chips vendor in Auckland (OK, so sticky side out wasn't such a good idea). But, back at our research lab (kitchen table) after many hours of work, and the loss of our fingerprints.... the classic was born. 4" wide by 4" tall

Space Hopper Odd Ball Racing Three Pack Space Hopper Odd Ball Racing Three Pack: The Space Hopper Odd Ball Racing Three Pack is the most fun grown ups can have in a garden. Getting on a space hopper magically transports you back to when you where a kid hopping round your parents garden. These adult space hoppers are larger than the space hopper you used to have and because there are three space hoppers in this Odd Ball pack you can have proper grown up races which are 3 times the fun... read more at our site

Thinking Putty(Electric Blue) Mind-blowing Thinking Putty leaves all other stress relievers firmly in the shade. Thinking Putty stretches, bounces, shatters, tears, and even snaps. Move over Newton's Cradle - Thinking Putty is poised to become the latest must-have stress relief toy.

Happy Birthday Balloons (Helium Balloon) Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air !!

A Full Day Extreme Powerboating On this action packed day you will get the chance to drive three types of high speed single seat powerboats. The awesome monohull, the speedy catamaran or the exhilarating hydroplane. All the boats are capable of speeds over 50mph and it feels a lot faster when you are only inches from the water. Guaranteed to leave the pulse racing, the day is run by a World speed record holder and so you can be sure this is the real deal!

Eminem Eminem goes on tour, early 2005. More details soon.

PureTSkin Dermo-Facial Cleansing Bar 100gm A 'new-generation' soap-free, facial cleansing bar that achieves ultra deep cleansing without damaging the skin's protective acid mantle (pH). The well known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of tea-tree oil limit the bacterial proliferation that's so damaging for oily and acne skin. The skin is cleansed in depth and impurities eliminated to leave it clean, healthy and fresh. Reduces oil and bacteria Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory Deep cleansing but non-aggressive To use: wet bar and work up into a lather. Massage over the face and then rinse off thoroughly with running water.

Muppets(Gonzo) The most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational Muppets are here, in the cute and cuddly form of these gorgeously realistic soft toys. Yes Muppet lovers, now you can snuggle up to your favourite characters from one of the best loved TV shows in history.

Desktop slot machine Top quality Vegas style slot machine. heavy duty. Rings and flashes each time you get a jackpot. Great for saving money. Accepts 98% of the worlds coins. Pull handle to try and match 3 wheels.

Forged 690 MB Irons

Large Gold Organza Bags for Gifts and Favours Gold Organza Bags for Gifts and Wedding Favours. This Organza Bag is 19 cm high and 13 cm wide and will easily fit a disposable camera.

Duracell C (2) - 50 Packs Duracell C (2) - 50 Packs

£250 Open Gift Voucher You've ummmed and arrghhed but we've made the decision easy for you - give an Open Gift Voucher - and let the lucky person make a choice for themselves.This £250 voucher can be redeemed against any of the experiences or gifts on our web site. From Ferrari Driving to Spa Breaks and Hampers to fine wine.give them the ultimate gift experience.

Schotts Original Miscellany

Mini Weather Forecaster

Gear knob (black) Flashing Light gear knob, battery operated, smart polished chrome finish and three different lighting effects by just pressing the centre switch. Supplied complete with all fittings and batteries, simple to install.

Spankometer It's time to break your own record with the Spankometer. Just slip on the wrist and let yourself go!

Single seater circuit gift experience After a full briefing you'll be strapped into the four point racing harness of an awesome single seater racing car. Feel the G-Forces as you Blend in the power.

Tiger Moth Flying Lesson 'Everybody who has ever flown in a Tiger Moth has fallen in love with it' - Roald Dahl, Going Solo. Nothing compares with flying over the English countryside in a Tiger Moth. Wearing goggles and leather flying jacket and sitting in the authentic cockpit – it could be a summer’s day in 1932 as you enjoy this perfect blend of fun and nostalgia. Your activity begins with a pre-flight briefing on the effects of controls... read more at our site

Top Trumps(Marvel Comic Heroes II) Top Trumps was the undisputed winner of the Loaded World Cup of Games and we can't argue with that.

Phobile(Phobile + Adapter 4 - Siemens) Forget comedy ring tones and ridiculous headsets. The latest must-have mobile accessory is infinitely more impressive, as it transforms your sleek mobi into a retro-design classic.<span class="highlight">Another Firebox UK First!</span>

Gliding Half Day Mini Course These exhilarating Winch Launch Glider Flight lessons will take you to between 1000 and 1500 feet above the ground. You will be able to see far across the rolling English countryside on this course to remember. The lessons will last between 5 and 20 minutes in which time you will learn to turn and manoeuvre the glider.(4 Winch launch lessons)

Rubber Ashtray

Inflatable Chair Very comfortable and quick and easy to inflate inflatable chair. Make great emergency inflatable chairs for parties or just as an alternative piece of furniture when you just want to relax.

Anthony Shave Cream 170gm If you are still using foam chuck it out and try some of this exceptional shaving cream! Anthony's shave cream contains natural moisturising oils to soften the beard and give a superb close, friction-free shave. Exceptional lubrication to help avoid razor burn, nicks and cuts Helps reduce ingrowing hairs Moisturises and conditions the skin To use: Apply with finger tips or a brush and shave in the usual manner.

Cocktail Masterclass Learn the art of cocktail making with some of the most influential bartenders in the industry. This fantastic experience teaches you the secrets of mixology, tricks used by the experts and offers an fascinating insight to the history of cocktail making. You will try your hand at making and tasting some of the most mouth watering concoctions around then watch how the experts do it. Complete this memorable experience by taking home a complimentary cocktail guide or professional cocktail shaker.

X-zyLo It weighs less than an ounce but can fly up to 200 yards. Nothing else in the world as light travels so far, or does so looking like the top bit of a wrenched-in-half Coke bottle.

403 AD Irons Steel

Poloneck Peeker Bunny The Poloneck Peeker Easter Bunny is a cheeky chappie who comes wearing a lovely cream poloneck jumper. DIMENSIONS of the Poloneck Peeker Bunny: 18cm (7") long 16cm &(6") arms outstretched

Champagne Parchment Paper Our Champagne Parchment Paper is the finest quality parchment paper available and makes the most exquisite wedding and party invitations. This Champagne Parchment Paper is a more golden colour than it appears in the photo and has a beautifully distinctive mottled appearance! It has a 90g weight and is A4 (210 x 297mm) in size, however if you need A5 size paper we are more than happy to cut the A4 sheets in half for you, simply proceed to the checkout and type your cuttin... read more at our site

Remote Control Yacht

WWF adopt an orang-utan Support WWF's vital conservation work with this intelligent yet endangered species by adopting a loveable orang-utan. This will enable WWF to continue monitoring and protecting them in their natural home. WWF want to give orang-utans and other primates the chance to live and breed in relative safety away from the threats of poaching, habitat destruction and forest fires.

Hot Wheels Experience Discover, during this half day course, the power of a Four Wheel Drive on our off-road course, and the amazing 'Skid Car', mounted on a fully adjustable cradle. Plus Emergency Reaction Training, which will teach you valuable stopping and swerving skills. All under the expert tuition of our professional instructors. This session is great fun, safe, and a must for all lovers of driving.

Walkie talkie watches Ultra-smart wristwatch style walkie talkies. Each kit contains 2 watches, 2 sets of headphones and 2 sets of batteries. 250ft range.

Pocket Money Toy Alloy Wheel YoYo The YoYo is back in the shape of a car alloy wheel. You may think the YoYo dates back to the 70's, but we did some hunting around online and found out that there is a vase painting that dates back to 450 B.C. that shows a youth playing with a YoYo!

The Ultimate Race Track Day Yet again we bring you the ultimate in driving experiences. This ultimate race track day gives you four very different driving experiences, the Ford Focus, Single Seat Racing Car, Subaru Impresa Turbo and the awesome Lotus Elise.

Set of 3 Lounge Light Colour Changing Candles BRAND NEW LOUNGE LIGHT COLOUR CHANGING CANDLES WITH NEW IMPROVED BENEFITS WHICH INCLUDE A LONGER LIFE BATTERY AND COLOUR HOLDING FUNCTION. The Colour Changing Candles are a brand new revolution in ambient lighting and are the first major development in candles for 4000 years. Available in 3 different sizes, these can be bought individually on the "womens home" page or you can grab a set of all 3 here (small, medium and large) on special offer... read more at our site

Quantum 3.2(with extra 256MB SD Card) Forget printing out thumbnail size images from mere camera mortals. The Quantum 3.2 delivers 6.6-megapixel shots from a 3.2-megapixel CCD. It really is a Digital Dream. That's nice. <span class="highlight">Save £30 - was £129.95!</span>

Qees(Metallic Black DoGgyQ) Liven up your keyring with Qees, limited edition collectable keychain figures! Each one is designed by a different artist and there are hundreds to collect. Careful though, you might find Qees the key to a collecting obsession!<!-- Old What's new text:Collectable keychain art-->

Tinybox MP3 & Radio This is one of the smallest and most stylish MP3 players money can buy.It is much smaller than a credit card, measuring just 5.7 x 3.8 x 1.1cm and weighs 30 grammes.However don’t let its size fool you. It stores 256 MB worth of music (about 4 hours / 70 songs), has a built in FM radio with 30 presets and it can even record radio content.It has loads of other features including 5 EQ modes, voice recorder, and a multi-colour background light. The Tinybox can be recharged either by plugging it into the USB port of your computer, or from the mains (both cables supplied).An amazing MP3 player which looks as good as it sounds!Full list of features:Supports MP3s and WMAs256MB equal to 4 hours music / 70 songsFM radio able to save 30 channels and record radio contentVoice RecorderUSB Storage Disk5 EQ modes: normal, classic, rock, jazz and pop4 Cycling modes: normal, repeat song, repeat all, preview first 10 secs of each songRechargeable Lithium-Ion batteryUSB charger also data cableA-B repeat functionBlue, green, red, orange, yellow background lightCharge time 1.5 hours = run time 8 hours

Club Tipped Polo

Cyberstar CT

Gold Tassels These gold tassels wrap around the spine of an A5 (21cm) invitation, leaving the gold tassels hanging. Each gold tassel cord has an adjustable slider which you tighten around the card. Because the gold tassel cords are adjustable they fit around any card between 18 and 25 cm deep. The gold tassels are 51cm in length from knot to knot, the tassels on each end are 4.5 cms long, which gives a total unfolded length of 60 cms... read more at our site

Ducati 916 Red Complete Fairing Kit Can't decide which MiniMoto you like best? Have as many as you like - but only buy one bike. Confused? Read on… So, you love your new MiniMoto (obviously). But maybe the style wasn't the right choice for you. Say you bought a Yamaha, but you've realised you're more of a Ducati type. Or maybe you just like a change every now and again. You don't need to buy a dozen bikes or resort to re-sprays. All you need is a set of MiniMoto attachable (and detachable) Bodywork Panels! Changing the bodywork on a motorbike, even a mini motorbike, might sound like a lot of hard and complicated work.

Rent a Keg Delivered complete with a tap and a professional cooling system, this kit is everything you need to make that summer barbeque, family gathering or graduation party kick off in style for just £1.70 a pint. Your kit is delivered and assembled by an expert who will show you how to pull the perfect pint. Don't worry if you take a while to get the hang of it - you have 88 chances to get it right. After 48 hours, the keg and equipment are collected - regardless of whether you have finished it.

Durex performa condoms Durex Performa condoms are designed to keep you going longer than ever before. These ultra safe condoms are lubricated with a special blend of lubricant that contains benzocaine to de-sensitise your penis. The de-sensitising effect allows you to control and prolong ejaculation. Turn yourself into a real sex machine!

White Lily Scented Candle White Lily Candle is one from Lily Flame's range, which really are the nicest scented candles we have ever seen or smelt. We just wish smellovision computers have been invented so you can enjoy all the beautiful smells in the range. The White Lily Candle smells just like fresh white lilies with a floral bouquet and the great thing about these candles are you don't need to light them to enjoy the beautiful smell, we guarantee you will not be disappointed... read more at our site

Mathmos Softlight(Blimp) The latest offering from those clever Mathmos people - an ingenious, ergonomic pebble of light, or stylish minilamp that gently and hypnotically cycles through a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colours. Operated via a touch sensitive switch, you'll wonder what you ever saw in boring old light bulbs.

SumoBots The ancient art of Sumo gets an ultramodern makeover! Using RC controllers, players must manoeuvre their programmable SumoBots around the arena, employing customised moves to knock opponents out of the ring. The more battles you win, the smarter your SumoBot becomes. All this and not a wobbly backside in sight.

Sunsail Competent Crew Sailing Course Perfect for those who want to take their first step towards further RYA qualifications, the competent crew course is the basic standard required. Covering topics such as navigation, rope work, sail handling and safety, it's great for those who have never sailed before but want to learn how. The course takes place in either Largs, Plymouth or Portsmouth and lasts five days. Run by the UK's leading sailing provider, Sunsail, you can be sure of a fantastic adventure while you learn a great new skill.

Birmingham Deluxe Makeover The ultimate experience for anyone interested in the way they look! After a glass of Bucks Fizz, you will be treated to a makeover, starting with a haircut or colour from an expert Burlingtons stylist. Then relax for a pampering makeover from professionals including a hand massage. mini manicure, mini facial, makeup and hairstyling. Feeling like a million dollars, enter the studio for your shoot with a top photographer before selecting a complimentary 12'' x 8'' print (worth £55.99) to keep.

RC Stealth Fighter Modeled after America's high-tech Stealth aircraft, the easy to fly Air-Tech Stealth, comes fully assembled and includes everything needed to get you in the air quickly and at a very affordable price. The Stealth is constructed of lightweight, durable foam and features dual electric motors driving safe, plastic propellers for full control and excellent maneuverability. An included NiMH battery gives long flight times and recharges in minutes using the portable charger. The 2-channel radio transmitter allows precise control with a range of well over 100 feet. Climb, glide, turn left, turn right, buzz the tower - it's all up to you. CD included with flight instructions. Dual motors for better control. Fun to Fly!! Portable quick charger included. Wingspan: 680mm Length: 240mm NB to heavy to by delivered outside of the UK

Alloy Wheel YoYo The YoYo is back in the shape of a car alloy wheel. You may think the YoYo dates back to the 70's, but we did some hunting around online and found out that there is a vase painting that dates back to 450 B.C. that shows a youth playing with a YoYo!

WildSling Water Bomb Launcher Fires Water Bombs Over 300ft Throwing water bombs is something that amuses no matter what the age. Well this the WildSling is so much better than just throwing... you launch them! The water bombs can fly over 300 feet!

Anthony Eye Cream 21gm Light and easily absorbed, this excellent eye cream will help reduce fine lines and the signs of ageing. It also contains ingredients designed to strengthen the delicate tissue under the eyes to help reduce dark shadows and puffiness. Helps reduce dark circles and eye bags Smoothes fine lines Vital protection for the vulnerable eye area To use: pat a small amount around the eye contour morning and/or night.

Pet door bell Ding dong, Fido calling! Put a stop to doggy scratching at the door to be let in. With this wireless doorbell, your pet can politely let you know when it wants to be let in with a simple press on the paw pad. Easy to install. Pawpad takes 1 x 9V battery and chime 3 x 4 AA batteries (not included). Paw 12.5 x 10cm Chime 12.5 x 9cm

Herb in a Tin(Basil) Why bother with allotments and window boxes? Take the hassle out of growing your own herbs with these clever little tins. Simply tug the ring-pull lid off and everything you need to grow the herb of your choice is in the can - seeds, nutrients, the whole lot. Just add water.

Classic White Interlock Polo Shirt

Shower Cap

Red Heart Confetti Red heart confetti looks great scattered over tables at parties or at weddings. You can even add the confetti to invitations or valentines cards. The hearts are made of shiny red plastic and so, can be used a number of times. Each bag of heart confetti contains several hundred hearts and each heart is 6mm across. Please keep out of reach of small children.

Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game is a fantastic garden game for all the family, the kids will absolutely love it, it's much more fun the normal snakes and ladders game and it gets them out of the house and away from the TV. The Garden Snakes and Ladders Game takes fun to a totally new dimension because you and the kids are actually in the game, you all act as counters and you move up the ladders and down the snakes and around the Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game ... read more at our site

SD Flash Memory Card (512MB) Expand the memory of your camera or multimedia player by an incredible 512 megabytes! Give your digital device the kind of memory that would make an elephant green with envy. SD (Secure Digital) Flash Cards enable you to store more photographs at higher resolution, longer, higher quality movies and extra MP3 tracks. These easy to use cards simply slot into compatible devices; simple, but hugely effective. SD Cards are portable, durable, reliable and rewritable. You can even get photographs printed straight from the card at a developer's (e.

Sugar & Spice Thank heavens for little girls! Whether buying for little or big ones this collection of candies will be just what they’ve always wanted. Show your princess that you think she’s made of sugar and spice and all things nice by sending her this hamper of every girls’ favourite sweets. Besides, diamonds are so last year and it’s a lot cheaper!

52 Ways to Stay in Love / 52 Romantic Adventures


1 night Eurostar package to see U2 in Paris. 1 night Eurostar package to see U2 in Paris at the 'Stade De France' on the 9th July 2005. Our Package includes 1 night in 3 or 4 star accommodation with a choice of concert tickets. The Eurostar train departs London Waterloo in the early morning of the 9th July 2005 ( Approx. 08:00) and stops at Ashford. It returns on the 10th July departing Paris in the early afternoon.

Wedding Groom Cufflinks - Black Wedding Groom Cufflinks are classic black within a shiny silver setting. Thoughtfully designed for your special day, these Wedding Cuff Links will also serve as a memento of the happiest day of your life forever. Wedding cuff links do not come with a case, allowing you to choose the most suitable case for your requirements. We have two to choose from, one a smart Silver Card Cufflink case, the other an engravable Chrome Cufflink case (this has the added bonus that it wil... read more at our site

Worst Case Scenario Books(Golf) Knowledge is power, or so they say, and what better way to boost your wisdom than by reading. Life may have taught you a trick or two, but there'll still be situations you still have no idea how to get out of, which is why you need these Worst Case Scenario books, literally rammed to the rafters with an armada of expert advice.

Smiley Face Helium Balloon Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air !!

Classic Ferrari Three laps of one of the most famous circuits in the UK is a treat in itself but with a Ferrari 308 QV to do them in this will surely be a memory that lasts a lifetime.The stunning 308 is capable of over 150mph, boasts cornering and handling capabilities that are out of this world and accelerates like nothing you will ever have driven before.

NBA TIM DUNCAN FIGURE San Antonio Spurs forward/center, No. 21, is in a dribbling or defensive posture and has five joints (neck, shoulders, thighs). Accessories: NBA basketball, personalized base and official San Antonio Spurs uniform.

VitaMan Shave Crème 150ml This moisturising shaving cream has been a massive hit in Australia. Its extra lubrication softens the beard to help you sail through your shave like a breeze! Excellent for those with dry, sensitive skin. Gives a rich, lubricating lather for a friction-free, extra close shave. Helps avoid ingrowing hairs and razor burn. Apply to warm, damp skin with fingertips

Jean Christophe Novelli Full Day Cookery Class From his delightful 14th Century Hertfordshire home, Jean Christophe Novelli, the charismatic Michelin starred French chef and star of the latest series of Hell's Kitchen, will spend an informative and enjoyable day teaching you how to prepare some of his fabulous signature dishes as part of a seven course gourmet meal, and helping you choose matching wines. The course includes tastings and all equipment and ingredients.

Pet Breath Fresheners(Cat Breath Fresheners (Twin Pack)) Has your dog got breath like... well, a dog? Fear not, because now you can save your pet from potential embarrassment with these ingenious little breath fresheners. Conveniently packaged in a tin, Yip Yaps can be given to your waggy-tailed companion whenever he/she is in need of friendlier breath. Woof! (Also available for cats - meow!).

Pub tricks an bar bets DVD This DVD is packed with tricks and stunts specifically designed to amaze, confuse and entertain in bars and pubs. The DVD has been created for all abilities and the tricks graded allowing you to move from simple but incredible effects that you can do straight away, through to amazing illusions that you will master with a little practise. The DVD contains 20 incredible tricks to do at the pub using props that you will find in any bar or restaurant. Tricks Include: Coins across: A simple but amazing trick where coins jump one by one from one of your hands to the other with no gimmicks or complex set up. Spirit Writing: The name of a card chosen from a pack is written on a piece of paper, the paper is burnt in the ash tray and when the ash is rubbed on your arm the name of the chosen card appears written in the ash. Making Money: Borrow a £10 fold it into a tube and out drops a £2 coin Coin through table: An empty match box is placed on the table, you borrow a coin and tap it under the table then with a bang the coin appears to have penetrated the table and is now in the matchbox. The DVD also contains 20 bar-bets. These cons and scams are designed to be fun and give the chance to win a tenner or a pint. Can you get an ice cube from a drink without touching it? Can you get a £10 from under a bottle without touching the bottle? Can you make someone’s hands stick to the bar? Description : "Pub Tricks and Bar Bets" is filmed in pubs on real people so you can see the reaction each trick and bet gets for real. Then each trick is fully explained allowing you to learn the trick quickly and easily before heading to the nearest pub to amaze and confuse.

SS Mesh Polo

Full Bore 2.3 Steel Fairway Woods

Orgasm Badge Orgasm Badge - What better badge to wear than this one that can give you and your friends hours of fun. Just let that special friend push the button on the badge and they can hear a world class faked orgasm.

Flashing Mobile Phone Keyring Never miss a call on your mobile if the music's too loud or you just can't hear it! This handy little keyring will flash a red LED inside the clear case whenever your mobile rings. It's active for up to a metre from your phone and comes ready for action with a battery supplied. It's big enough to be seen, but small enough not to look like a canoe in your pocket! 11.5 x 1.6 x 1.6cm to be exact. Comes boxed so you blokes don't need to break into a sweat just thinking about... read more at our site

Deface Black Wallet

Professional Speed rope

ProAirbrush Self Tan Don't risk your health on a sunbed – fake it the professional way with this Airbrush Self Tan kit. A tan looks great and makes you feel good too, but with the dangers of the sun andsunbeds to consider, more people than ever are faking it, and we don't mean Meg Ryan style. So why are magazines full of pictures of celebrities with even, natural looking tans (apart from Donatella Versace), yet when us mere mortals try it, we end up looking like a piebald Satsuma? Of course, it's partly because celebs can afford fancy £200 an hour salon treatments, but also because they've discovered the wonders of airbrush tanning.

Rose Walker (Helium Balloon) Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air!

Open Road Sports Car Experience A brilliant treasure hunt around beautiful Hertfordshire countryside searching for sports cars en route by following clues!! Share the driving time with someone else as you take turns with your navigator in a selection of the following: Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Morgan, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Range Rover and TVR.

The Slammer timer The drinkers racing game!! Place 1-4 shot glasses on the race pads and push the button - you will get a countdown of 5 seconds and then Bam!! its drink and slam as fast as you can - this is a knockout games, fastest person each time gets to sit out the next round. If your slow you could be in for a blurry night! * Includes 4 shot glasses * LCD timer

Lie Detector Here's an electric shock lie detector that senses stress patterns in someone's voice to dictate if they've told a lie. The real fun part is if they're lying you'll certainly know because this lie detector gives a real electric shock.

Cure for Uncontrolled Spending Internationally Famous Dr Harvey Quant's Cure for Uncontrolled Spending warns that this condition can lead to an over-used credit card and an unhappy bank manager!! The Cure for Uncontrolled Spending works in the most obstinate cases though - as long as its not taken internally!! Bath bags are the ideal way to release refreshing oils of herbs into your bath. DIMENSIONS of the Cure for Uncontrolled Spending: 12.5cm (5") x 7.5cm (3") x 3.5cm (1 1/4")

Procrastinator(Mousepad Doodler) Apparently, procrastination is the thief of time. Which is great news for bored layabouts everywhere, especially those armed with one of these brilliant hour-crunching device. With countless drawing exercises, doodle prompts, games and gap-fillers, Procrastinator are an incredibly entertaining waste of time.

Languages For Love Fancy a Danish or some other European delicacy but don't know what to say? Languages For Love teaches you how to break the ice in 8 European languages on a fun CD and phrase cards. A perfect gift for the man at home or abroad!

Telescopic Chinning Bar

Trilogy T5 Irons (Graphite)

Introduction to Racing Driving From the moment you climb into a single-seater racing car, you are in for some unbelievable excitement. The starter waves his flag, you pump the accelerator, the engine roars and you're off. In moments you’re taking the corners and barrelling along the straights of a famous British racetrack. The programme typically involves a welcome on arrival, followed by a briefing. Then it’s time to take to the wheel for laps in a performance saloon, where your instructor will demon... read more at our site

Exclusive Pole Dancing Lesson With a full hour of intensive one to one instruction from a professional fitness trainer and former pole dancer (as seen on C4's The Salon), this is a perfect introduction to the latest sexy fitness craze. Using the facilities at either a top London dance studio or two Midlands gyms, your one to one session will cover mobilisation exercises and sexy dance move before moving onto the pole for some swinging routines. With no onlookers, you will be free to express yourself as much as you wish.

Pet Breath Fresheners(Dog Breath Fresheners (Twin Pack)) Has your dog got breath like... well, a dog? Fear not, because now you can save your pet from potential embarrassment with these ingenious little breath fresheners. Conveniently packaged in a tin, Yip Yaps can be given to your waggy-tailed companion whenever he/she is in need of friendlier breath. Woof! (Also available for cats - meow!).

Mini casino 5 Las Vegas casino games in one box, includes chips and mini roulette wheel

Hire an E Type Jaguar This Day to Amaze combines classic car hire, winding roads and stunning scenery from the Cotswolds, Stratford and Warwick, for the classic day out.

Lite Up Boules Light Up Boules are fantastic for this summers garden parties and BBQ's. You can start playing whenever you like but the greatest thing is that when the light starts to fade you can carry on as long as you like and all your friends will flock to the game like moths to a flame. The flashing Lite Up Boules can be seen up to 100 feet away. The Lite Up Boules are individually illuminated by coloured flashing LED's which are powered by their own internal batteries (all includ... read more at our site

Acre of the Moon Buy an Official Acre of the Moon now and you can amaze your friends and family every night when you look up to the moon and say "I own an acre of that"! An Official Acre of the Moon is the perfect place for your future holiday home. The 3 keys to buying property are location, location and location. Well you can't get any better than your very own plot on the Moon can you? And yes it really is an official acre of Moon! The Acre of Moon truly is a novel and unique item, ea... read more at our site

Knockman(Guitar) Forget the Osmonds and the Jacksons; this is one musical family who really excel in the weirdo department. Each cutesy wind-up Knockman performs an enchanting musical routine by strumming, striking or hula-ing its own extremities. Put them together and you've got a band. Knock 'n' roll!

King Keg Personal Brewery (Bitter) - Save £20 Depressed by pub prices? Or been barred from the local? Brew your own beer instead. For many of us, the phrase ‘home brew' conjures up memories of a lethal concoction made by dad in the garage that knocked the canary off its perch. But times have changed, and now home brew doesn't have to be second best to draught bitter. With the King Keg Personal Brewery, you can brew 40 pints of pub-quality booze in as little as two weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of going down the local.

Original Chocolate Making Workshop For 2 Whilst the Chocolatier gives a brief introduction to the history of chocolate, you will sample such delights as chilli and orange dark chocolate and milk chocolate caramel sea salt truffles. Then it's aprons on as you learn how to make chocolate fudge, Dutch truffles and praline. You will also be able to pipe, cut, dip and decorate your delicious creations which you will then be able to take home in a beautiful ribbon tied box. Each person will be able to take home at least 25 chocolates.


Orgasmatron The Orgasmatron really is the ultimate head massager... It is made primarily of copper, which acts as a conductor that taps into your body's unique electrical fields. Get someone to gently lower the Orgasmatron onto your head, and then with a slow, teasing action, move it up, down and around. The sensation you get is unbelievable... tingling up and down the spine, goosebumps all over your body... and best of all the Orgasmatron helps you forget all the stresses and strains of the day. Buy one of these and you’ll never want to leave your home again!GIFT STATS: OrgasmatronOrgasmatron Measures: 25cm x 15cmOrgasmatron Colour: CopperOrgasmatron Weight: 120gMaterial: Copper

Riley Manhattan 7Ft Pool Table 7FT Riley Manhattan American Pool Table, Enhanced Grain Ash- SAVE 30%, FREE DELIVERY UK mainland

Adult Sex Games Here's an adult board game to add new depths to your relationship. Turn the lights down low, take the phone off the hook and get ready for some truly passionate encounters - play Monogamy and your relationship will never be the same again.

Anthony Acne Cleanser 237ml A kinder, gentler acne cleanser. Actively works to prevent and control blemishes, kills bacteria, prevents clogged pores. Solution Salicylic Acid helps treat acne and helps prevents future breakouts. Vitamin B5 helps repair skin, Allantoin, Chamomile and Camellia soothe. Salicyclic Acid 2% fights acne, kills bacteria. Vitamin B5 promotes skin repair. Chamomile soothes and calms, is a natural astringent and is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Camellia soothes the skin. Allantoin softens. Green Tea Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that minimizes free radical scavengers. To use: apply a little onto damp skin. Massage over and rinse off thoroughly with running water.

Female strip mug This is an adult item. This product features explicit imagery. By purchasing this item you are confirming you aged 18 or over.* Your very own personal stripper! * When the mug is hot, her underwear disappears

Mezza Putter

Avery Hat

Hand Held Farter Hand Held Farter allows you to let off a ripping fart at the touch of a button. Ideal in enclosed spaces and lifts.

Champagne: Gift Boxed MUMM Cordon Rouge Champagne (Ref 01002NVP) Very fresh and elegant, with light fluffy fruit this is the style and quality that made Mumm a true Grande Marque and it is very satisfying to see this house back on form. All comes Gift boxed in an oak-stained wooden box with brass hinges and a silk lining

Clay shooting tuition

Optic Set 25ml measure as used in UK pubs, complete with bracket to fix either to a wall or a standard shelf. Holds upto a 1litre bottle.

1GB MP3 Player Here's a 1 GB MP3 player that is perfect for storing files as well as music thanks to its enormous storage on this 1GB MP3 player with the added bonus of folder support

Make a Movie in a Day! Discover your inner Spielberg and try making a movie in a day!

Silver Star Sparklers Silver Star Sparklers The ultimate accessory for waving in the air at weddings, parties or Valentines day! Or place one on a cake as a loving touch. The star sparklers come in packs of 8 and are approximately 9cm long and 3cm wide with a silver coloured finish. As with all sparklers, obvious care must be taken and adults must be present should children intend to use them.

Booby Match Card Game Booby Match Card Game is strictly for grown ups only and probably the breast game around! The Booby Match Card Game has king size playing cards with a difference! The Booby Match Cards are decorated with close ups of breasts of differing shapes and sizes but all in matching pairs and perfectly formed. The obvious game to play is snap but the Booby Match Cards can be used to spice up any card game or poker night... read more at our site

Oddballs(Pink) Grown-up space hoppers for those who haven't quite managed to grow up. Exactly like the ones you had as a nipper, only bigger.

Super MINI Cooper S You can't help it, you're grinning before you get in. It's just one of those cars. You just know it's going to be great from the very minute before you put your foot down, it's pure enjoyment. Taking it through the sweet curves of the track is so much fun! Throw in some extra track time and top it all off with a qualified race instructor to drive you even faster.

Pebble Candles These really are candles with a difference.Clever design and colouring means they look more like pebbles you would find on the beach.They look good, but smell even better, as each has its own individual aroma.One is mint scented, one is ginger and the other smells of green moss. Presented in a funky gift box, complete with a PEBBLE logo. Almost good enough to eat!Burning time approx. 6 hours eachGIFT STATS: Pebble CandlesCandles Measure: 8 x 4cm diameterCandles Weight: 370g boxedCandles Colour: VariousPackaging: Gift Boxed

Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick - Light Say goodbye to dark under eye shadows, skin blemishes and pigmentation marks with the world’s first invisible concealing agent for men. Water resistant and dermatologist approved, this clever camouflage stick is undetectable once blended and effectively covers most skin imperfections. Originally developed in the US for Actors, TV presenters and business professionals the Camo Camouflage stick comes in 4 skin colours. To use: Apply to area concerned and blend lightly with finger tip until undetectable.

Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt Black (Large) Have any slogan you like across your chest, but with just one T-shirt – the Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt. The slogan on your T-shirt can say a lot about you, but obviously, having one for every occasion could prove expensive. That's why the Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt is the perfect solution. This high quality T-shirt in classic black features a chest panel, and comes with a selection of over sixty VELCRO (R) brand letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. Stick them on the panel and make the phrase of your choice! The Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt is great in any situation; particularly in a pulling situation, as it's sure to catch the eye of the opposite sex.

Wine: Dinner Party Case (Ref 99926B) 2 x Jean Louis Denois Chardonnay (01170B). A real alternative from Champagne. Made with one of the Champagne varieties of Chardonnay, this wine has finesse, balance, and freshness.5 x 2001 Domaine Alain Lalanne, Vin de Pays des Cotes de Gascogne (Ref 50001B). Soft, elegant white that exhibits all the reasons the wines of Gascony are being snapped up so fast4 x 1999 Malbec, La Florencia, M&F Cassone (Ref 81019B). The full, mouthfilling, jammy fruit makes this a gloriously luxurious glass of wine at an incredible price.1 x Churchills Fine Vintage Character (Ref 47200B). Fantastic mature Port that will be perfect drinking for the next 5 years.

Tetris Two-Player Plug 'n' Play <img src="/i/SummerSalePrice_5off.gif" width="42" height="42" border="0" align="left" alt="£5off!" vspace="5">The ultimate productivity killer is back and this time it's on your TV! <font class="highlight">Another Firebox UK First!</font>

Sitecom PCI adapter 100Mbps Ease and reliability with the latest wireless network technology! With help of this complete solution, you can fit your desktop pc into any 2,4 GHz wireless network. The new 802.11g+ high-speed wireless LAN standard enables a transfer speed up to 100 Mbps thanks to the improved mode. The Wireless Network PCI Adapter can be installed into any free PCI slot in your computer. After this, your pc can communicate with both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless equipment. When there is a wireless access point available, you can even establish a connection with a wired network.

Dri-Fit Polo Shirt


Quill & Seal Gift Set This calligraphy ink, quill and seal set is ideal for those people who love tradition and think that it would be nice if post was still delivered by a brave knight on a galloping horse. The Quill and Seal set contains: A gorgeous blue, 28cm feather quill finished with a brass nib holder 2 nibs (broad and round) 1 gold wax stick 1 blue wax stick A quill and ink brass mini seal 3 15ml pots of calligraphy ink - gold, green and black 12 A5 sheets of writing paper 6 C6 envelo... read more at our site

Gold End Caps for Gold Postal Tubes Pack of 20 Gold End Caps enough for 10 Gold Postal Tubes

3 Office Stamp Sets

G Smart Mini 1

Peekaboo Pole Dance Game Indulge in your saucy fantasies, spice up a hen/stag night or simply liven up a party with the world's first pole dancing game. Daryl Hannah did it in her latest movie. Kelly Brook did it on stage. Kate Moss did it in a music video, and Zoe Ball does it at home for Norman on a regular basis. We're talking pole dancing, which is saying goodbye to its old image and becoming a sexy and exciting part of indoor fun for everyone! If you fancy following in the footsteps of pole dancing celebs, but aren't too keen on the idea of popping down to the local Spearmint Rhino for a practise session, the Peekaboo Pole Dance Game is for you.

Explore Underwater Volcanoes Near the Azores, 7,875 feet (2,400m) below the ocean surface, lie the Rainbow Vents a field of tall sediment chimneys in constant eruption mode. Like smokestacks, these billowing black smokers blast minerals several feet up into the cool Atlantic waters. Beyond its geological significance, the site is a biological wonderland of alien marine life. Vast colonies of white crabs blind shrimp, mussels, clams, ribbony fish and tubeworms populate the deep-ocean Ecosystem.

Golf gift set Ideal for the golf nut this dual set includes a golf tool for repairing your pitch marks, a head cleaner, stud tightening tool, magnetic ball marker and blade. Also an electronic score counter with spare tees an ideal way to keep track of your round in style.

Shocking Pen Are you just sick and tired of people borrowing your pen at work? Well put a stop to this office bad habit with a shocking pen that bites back. As soon as they borrow this shiny silver ball point and click the button to start writing you'll hear a very satisfying scream as they get a real electric shock.

Cranium Board Game Cranium Board Game is the award-winning game dedicated to restoring the brain to its rightful status as the body’s most popular organ! Cranium is the outrageously fun No 1 smash hit board game that brings friends and family together through a variety of activities that will produce fun and lasting memories for many Christmas's to come. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, artist, trivia buff or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a chance to shine as your team hums, ... read more at our site

Relaxing Eye Mask Our Relaxing Eye Mask is fantastic for refreshing tied or puffy eyes. Wear the eye mask when relaxing to cool and refresh tired eyes. The eye mask also helps to reduce puffiness and relieve headaches. The eye mask can even help to soothe and relax away moments of stress. The relaxing eye mask contains a special vibrant pink liquid that helps maintain the temperature of the eye mask. The best way to get the eye mask to the desired temperature is to leave it in a bowl of w... read more at our site

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