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Buy A4 Name a Star Unframed for £20

Astronomers divided the sky into areas, as perceived from earth, so as to create a consistent spherical map, rather like the markings on a football. In this way, 88 areas or constellations were formed. Only a handful of stars bear names, arising from Arabic, Greek and Roman mythology. The vast majority of stars are referred to only by their astronomical co-ordinates or catalogue numbers, they are unnamed and there are millions and millions of them. So why not name one after someone special.?

An original and symbolic gift idea: naming a star! Present that someone special with a star in their name.

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Radio Controlled Battle Tanks BB firing tanks are so yesterday! Here's two player radio controlled battle tanks that really separate the men from the boys and indeed the girls from the women. For in this radio controlled battle tank battle, when you get shot, you get shocked! With a real electric shock!

VitaMan Scalp Treatment 150ml Itchy, dry scalp can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. This conditioning treatment deeply nourishes both scalp and hair leaving them healthy and supple. Relieves itching and flaking Gives back body and shine to hair Use on damp hair after shampooing. Massage in to scalp and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then condition as normal. Use once or twice a week to keep scalp and hair in optimum condition


Silver Calligraphy Ink The finest quality silver calligraphy ink. Supplied in a 50ml bottle with presentation wax-dipped lid. NOT for use with fountain pens.

Qees(Series 5B - Triple Pack) Liven up your keyring with Qees, limited edition collectable keychain figures! Each one is designed by a different artist and there are hundreds to collect. Careful though, you might find Qees the key to a collecting obsession!<!-- Old What's new text:Collectable keychain art-->

Airbrush Tattoo Kit - New Lower Price Want to try body art without the commitment? Get temporary but realistic tattoos with this airbrush set. There are two big problems with tattoos. One is the unbearable pain (anyone who says it doesn't hurt is lying.) The other is being stuck with it for life, or at the very least spending a fortune on laser surgery, if it goes wrong. Temporary tattoos are the obvious solution, but who wants to wear a tatty transfer on their arm? With the Airbrush Tattoo Kit, you don't have to.

WG-202 Wedge

Congratulations (Helium Balloon) Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air !!

ALIEN V PREDATOR FIGURE Fully articulated, full custom diorama base with light-up eggs and face huggers. With spring loaded, forearm blades and removable helmet.

Ducti classic wallet A cool wallet! This killer duct tape wallet has a classic bi-fold design (hence the name) with nickel plated grommets. It holds all your green and some cards. During a 400ft bungee jump in New Zealand, we decided to either stop jumping off bridges or own a wallet we could be proud of. The result was our first duct tape wallet... unfortunately we had to hand it over with our pants to a fish and chips vendor in Auckland (OK, so sticky side out wasn't such a good idea). But, back at our research lab (kitchen table) after many hours of work, and the loss of our fingerprints.... the classic was born. 4" wide by 4" tall

Wine Thermometer Ultimate for the wine buff, select the type of wine from the menu, dip sensor into wine and it will tell you the temperature and tell you what it should be! Wine-thermometer with backlit display. LCD shows wine name, optimal temperature, current temperature and temperature zones. It bleeps when correct temperature is reached. Black acrylic and metal batteries incl.

Geo F Trumper GFT Cologne 30% Discount. Recently voted as one of the top 50 grooming products by The Independent newspaper.GFT has been especially created to celebrate the New Millennium. Hand blended by Trumpers master perfumer, it's an invigorating, refreshing and versatile cologne with fabulous top notes of mandarin, bergamot and lemon, a heart of tarragon, lavender and cypress on a light musk-like base with notes of cedar and moss. GFT is set to become a true classic.

Get started in rallying course

Detoxifying Spa Day Package When you choose our Pamper Days we provide, for your comfort, robes, towels and slippers and you have full use of the leisure facilities during the day, which include a pool, whirlpool spa, bubble jet, steam and sauna rooms and a 42 station StairMaster gymnasium

Rush 200 Kite Learn to fly the safe and fun way with the Rush 200 – an entry level kite designed for progress and ease of control. If the last time you flew a kite was in primary school, you're in for a big surprise... For an exciting but safe introduction to the world of power kiting, the Rush 200 is perfect. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to master, it's ideal for beginners to learn with, but has enough power to keep you satisfied as your skills improve, with considerable pull and speed in higher winds.

Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt Black (Medium) Have any slogan you like across your chest, but with just one T-shirt – the Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt. The slogan on your T-shirt can say a lot about you, but obviously, having one for every occasion could prove expensive. That's why the Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt is the perfect solution. This high quality T-shirt in classic black features a chest panel, and comes with a selection of over sixty VELCRO (R) brand letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. Stick them on the panel and make the phrase of your choice! The Stick-On Sentence T-Shirt is great in any situation; particularly in a pulling situation, as it's sure to catch the eye of the opposite sex.

The Ferrari Supercar Encounter High powered sports cars always hit the spot when it comes to sheer exhilaration & here's a mouth-watering line up for you with the Supercar Encounter. You're sitting in the cockpit of a Ferrari 360 Modena.You drop the clutch, releasing 400 bhp of howling Ferrari V8 power. Then get behind the wheel of another gem, a Porsche or Maserati or a further Ferrari. Different, but just as exciting, the latest Caterham Sevens are a joy to handle around the challenging slalom course on the grippy tarmac.

Mercerised Polo

Wristwatch Walkie Talkie Two-way radio's are not only cool, they can also save you a packet. Let's say you go off somewhere with your mates and split up to check out different things. To find each other again it's a mobile phone call or multiple txt's. Well not anymore with these Wrist Watch Walkie Talkie you have the latest radio technology on your wrist.

Neo Max Cross Trainer

THE MATRIX NEO FIGURE NEO, with moveable parts. With shoulder holster and M15. Shell littered three piece base which assembles to re-create lobby scene from the Matrix.

Kama Sutra Playing Cards The Kama Sutra Playing Cards are just the thing to spice up your love life. Each card has a unique full size sexual position. Kama Sutra Playing Cards can be used to explore such positions as: The cow Splitting the bamboo Fixing a nail The elephant The sheep and many more! The Kam Sutra Playing Cards Pack includes 54 colour playing cards. Due to the explicit nature of the Kama Sutra Playing Cards pack, it is only suitable for persons over 18 years of age... read more at our site

Scratch Sack

White Egg Mobile Phone Sensor Clock The Egg Mobile Phone Sensoring clock is an absolute hoot and equally as cute. Using the cute aerial hanging out of his head, it detects incoming mobile phone ring signals. Finding these ring signals gets it so excited its little legs will jump up and down on your desk to announce an incoming mobile phone call. So simply switch off your mobile telephones ringer and let the Mobile Phone Sensor Egg notify you of incoming calls... read more at our site

Colour Flame Birthday Cake Candles Angel Flame colour flame birthday cake and party candles are brand new. Angel Flames colour flame candles are no ordinary birthday cake candles! Although they do look like any other cake candles when you light them and turn out the lights you're in for a big surprise. They burn with coloured flames. Instead of conventional yellow, they burn in magical shades of red, blue, green, purple and gold. Each pack contains 12 candles and 12 candle holders.

Spirit of the 70's T-shirts(Sensible Soccer (M)) <img src="/i/SummerSalePrice_upto7off.gif" width="42" height="42" border="0" align="left" alt="Summer Sale Up to £7 off!" vspace="5">Why reminisce about Space Invaders when you can swathe your entire upper torso in the creepy little cosmic crustaceans? Fusing modern day fashion with classic gaming icons, these T-shirts are sure to attract as much attention as a genuine alien invasion. Well, nearly. <font class="highlight">Includes "Sensible Soccer" design for Euro 2004!</font>

Diamond Girl Housework Set - New Lower Price (RRP £14.95) Look fantastic even while you're doing the housework with this gloriously glamorous gift set. The words ‘housework' and ‘glamour' just don't go together somehow. After all, where's the glamour in scrubbing the floor or washing up? But all that's about to change thanks to the Diamond Girl Housework Set. With an apron and washing up gloves that are more catwalk than kitchen, you'll look like a million dollars even when you're serving up dinner.

WWF adopt a dolphin Few animals hold such a firm place in the public's affections than these extremely intelligent mammals. Their playful inquisitive and social behaviour makes them an ideal adoption gift for anyone. With your support WWF can continue researching and protecting many marine species around the world and the oceans in which they live.

MP3 Player - 128Mb Waterproof

The Yoga Deck The Yoga deck is a fantastic guide to yoga. Everybody is aware of how beneficial Yoga can be - Yoga is a 5000 year old practice which promotes relaxation, stress relief, youthfulness, increased flexibility, increased energy and the unification of body, mind and soul. The Yoga Deck contains 50 cards illustrating a wide array of poses, warm ups, breathing exercises, meditations and an Om card. If you're short on time you could pick just a single card - perfect for relaxing... read more at our site

Mini Zen Gardening Kit Popularised by hit sitcom Ally McBeal (John Cage has one on his desk) and cult show Angel (Lilah has one on her desk) they are the new, must have executive desk accessory! There is something calming about creating a Zen garden...for the few moments you rake the sand and decide how the waves will crash against the rocks, the world and its troubles melt into the background. This MINI Zen Kit contains an illustrated book, a wooden trayapproximately 6.5 cm x 2... read more at our site

X-UFO This strange, unidentified flying object is one of the most unusual R/C vehicles we've ever seen - and we've seen a lot! The extraordinary X-UFO is an incredibly graceful flying machine that's so revolutionary even the boffins at Area 51 would be agog!

Go:Ped GSR40i The super-fast, super-powerful Go:Ped GSR40 just got more powerful than ever! Introducing the new GSR40i. If you're lusting after a great looking, high performance motorised scooter to satisy your need for speed, the GSR40i is the unquestionable first choice. This expertly engineered machine, the very latest addition to the legendary Go:Ped range, bombs along at a ball-busting, buttock-clenching 30mph, and its Komatsu Zenoah 41.5cc engine is one of the most powerful you'll find in any motorised scooter.

Ferrari Vs Porsche Blistering performance, pin point handling and sumptuous interiors, its almost impossible to tell these two titans of the supercar world apart. Now it's your chance to make your mind up with a fantastic driving experience in both of these beauties. Whether it's the glamour of the Italian stallion or the understated performabce of the Porsche, you will be one of the few people in the World able to say you have driven both at high speed and in your opionion the better car is the.

eComfort Ladies

Diamonds Ring

Reflexology Socks & Gloves The ancient art of reflexology states that certain parts of your hands and feet correspond to other areas of your body. If you apply pressure in the right area, you can relieve stress and tension in the corresponding area of your body.Now, unless you have studied the ancient art form in depth, it's unlikely you will know exactly which part of your hand or foot to massage!This is where the Reflexology socks and gloves come in... Each pressure point is clearly labelled... So all you have to do is sit back and let someone else massage your tensions away.The trouble is, once you've got them on, you won't want to take them off!This Reflexology pack contains two cotton gloves and two socks.GIFT STATS: Reflexology Socks & GlovesMeasures: One Size Fits AllMaterial: 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra

Racing minis Brum, Brum, 2 battery operated mini racers with track and handheld controllers. working headlights, 7’ 7” of track.

Riley President 9 Ft Pool Table 9Ft Riley President Pool Table - Scratch and Burn Resistent- SAVE 30%, FREE DELIVERY UK mainland

Anthony Eye Cream 21gm Light and easily absorbed, this excellent eye cream will help reduce fine lines and the signs of ageing. It also contains ingredients designed to strengthen the delicate tissue under the eyes to help reduce dark shadows and puffiness. Helps reduce dark circles and eye bags Smoothes fine lines Vital protection for the vulnerable eye area To use: pat a small amount around the eye contour morning and/or night.

England Lighter

All Weather

Lightning Reaction Lightning Reaction …conduct yourself with care! Lightning Reaction is a fabulous game that has become a the game of the moment in the media and celebrity world. Lightning Reaction has had rave reviews on the television, radio and in the papers, you absolutely have to get your hands on the latest invention. We've worked out how to get a lot of pleasure out of a little bit of pain that the Lightning Reaction can give you... read more at our site

Freshly Cut Grass Scented Candle Freshly Cut Grass Candle is one from Lily Flame's range, which really are the nicest scented candles we have ever seen or smelt. We just wish smellovision computers have been invented so you can enjoy all the beautiful smells in the range. The Freshly Cut Grass Candle smells just like freshly cut grass and will remind you of summer. The other great thing about these candles are you don't need to light them to enjoy the beautiful smell, we guarantee you will not be disapp... read more at our site

Nerf Vortex Howler Chuck the Nerf Vortex into the air and prepare to be flabbergasted, because this incredible tail finned football flies for miles! Well, almost. It's a modern miracle of aerodynamics.

Sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy At just six weeks old the puppies of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association are just like any others - playful, mischievous and full of life. But within just 18 months they will become some of the most responsible dogs in the country, fully qualified working guide dogs –the eyes of a visually impaired person. Your gift will support a puppy through the ups and downs of its early training and will also help someone have a more independent life forever.

Sweet Making Factory Ever wanted to create your own everlasting gobstopper? Toot sweet perhaps? Now’s your chance! Learn how to make colourful lollies, delicious chocolate buttons, and other yummy treats! Make as many sweets as you’d like on the day then take home whatever sweets you haven't already eaten to share with your friends or family. The price of your experience also includes a certificate, an apron and all the sweets you haven’t eaten. An ideal gift for all those budding Willy Wonka's out there.

Home Massage Massage rollers for an easy home assage that really work! You can use it on yourself or get your partner to give you a rub down. Is perfect to massage the knots out of your neck and shoulders that practically all computer users get, especially if you also try holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder.

Complete Gourmet Coffee Makes perfect gourmet coffee! Two stainless steel coffee stencils, one swirls, the other a heart, complete with gift card.

Jeff Banks - Black / Purple -

Weave Gold Pen

POP IDOL Talent Box POP IDOL TALENT BOX REDUCED FROM £29.99 to 23.99. The Pop Idol Talentbox gives you the chance to reach the nation from your own bedroom! Submit your own songs to the Pop Idol Talent Box website, hear the newest Pop Idol Talentbox releases and rate the Pop Idol Talent Box competition - your vote will sort the wannabes from the Pop Idols! Become part of the Pop Idol community... you could be the pop world's best kept secret..... read more at our site

Oddballs(Pink) Grown-up space hoppers for those who haven't quite managed to grow up. Exactly like the ones you had as a nipper, only bigger.

SwissCard(Jelly Red) All the usual Swiss army things to pull out into a fan, but from a credit card sized case that's only 4mm thick.

Oregon Scientific DS6628 FlashCam A credit card sized camera with 1.3 megapixel resolution and a detachable flash - for less than 30 quid? It's not a joke; it's the Oregon FlashCam... Some ‘small ‘n' slim' digital cameras are all about the size, with the quality and innovation neglected as a result. The DS6628 FlashCam is different. Created by Oregon Scientific, recognised as one of the world's most respected and innovative developers of new technology, the FlashCam combines simple to grasp operation with unique features and impressive image quality.

Powered Trolley


Tour of Old Trafford with Lunch for Two Manchester United, the World's biggest team, famous for individual brilliance and team acheivement. Now you and a guest can be part of the few, the lucky few, who get a unique insight into this magnificent football stadium. Steeped in history, you can now stand in Fergie's spot in the dugout, sit in the home changing room at your favourite player's peg and marvel at the trophy room glories. Combine a guided tour with a sensational silver service meal in a box overlooking the pitch.

Fine Wine Tasting for Two An inspirational evening for those looking to further their passion for finer wines. Enjoy lively and informative discussion with the team of wine specialists whilst learning how to develop your pallet. With a variety of different fine and some rare wines for you to taste on the night, you are sure to be able to distinguish between Bordeaux and Burgundy in no time.

London Underground Pocket Map Made from Stainless Steel, this credit card sized underground map from Suck UK fits neatly into your wallet and looks stylish along with it. No more crumpled paper maps and confusion on the tube, the pocket map is all you need to battle the underground with ease!

RS 2 Piece Snooker Cues Ronnie O'Sullivan 2 Piece Snooker Cues - FREE DELIVERY UK mainland

American Crew Revitalize Intensive Serum 30ml Revitalize Intensive Serum delivers spot treatment to those areas that require extra attention. Revitalize Serum contains a high concentration of the exclusive Nutri-Rich Copper Complex. This provides unsurpassed restorative benefits to optimise a healthy scalp environment and expand the life cycle of every individual hair. Copper Peptide to nourish and restore an optimal scalp environment, while minimising hair loss. Saw Palmetto to help fight the production of hormones that contribute to hair loss. Green Tea to soothe and tone the hair and scalp environment. To use: Massage into problem areas daily after using Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner. Can be used in conjunction with Revitalize Spray Solution.

Top Dad Cufflinks

Battlefield Tank Driving Experience Our driver will first take you around the course driving the tank and showing you what it can do, awesome fun. Then its over to you, you will be instructed in the basic operation of the Tank and its off around the course.

Low Rider Bike This year's retro-cool must have – an iconic 60s style bike built to 21st Century standards. The Low Rider is the ultimate in eye-catching retro style. We may be grown men, but we're not afraid to call this bike a thing of beauty. The Low Rider marks the rebirth of a phenomenon that swept the globe during the 60s, and this time it's set to be bigger than ever. This gob-smackingly brilliant bike takes the groundbreaking style of the original modification movement and brings it together with top quality components and modern, high end design.

Mesh Target - HALF PRICE Perfect your shooting skills by blasting your BBs at the Mesh Target The unique design of the target traps the fired BBs so that you can use them again! Why not challenge your mates to a shooting competition and really see who's the sharp shooter?! It's fully collapsible too, so it'll fit neatly in your desk drawer if your boss suddenly enters the office! The target comes complete with 10 paper targets but once you run out you can get as many free ones as you want from :

Attempt the UK's fastest Single Seater experience This is racing at its most raw and exhilarating. You'll experience lateral, inline and negative G forces on the awesomely fast banks of Britain's only Oval circuit, at speeds that will make your eyes water. In the right hands, these cars are easily capable of lapping at an average speed of over 130 mph, and your body will discover sensations usually reserved for fighter pilots. This is the UK's fastest single seater driving experience - you won't go faster anywhere else.

Double Mercerized Interlock Stripe Shirt

Cigarette Counter Helps You Stop Smoking Taking control is the best way to stop smoking! The Cigarette Counter is here to help with a simple two step process.

Nickel Contre-Feu (Shaving Balm) 75ml Razor burn demands fast action! This has to be the fastest and most stylish way to rescue your skin. Exclusive from Nickel an ultra-light gel to instantly calm and soothe. Helps to heal tiny nicks and cuts Microspheres moisturise the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable Apply to the sensitive just-shaved areas for instant relief

Rivet Trifold Wallet

Wine Stopper

Storm Trooper Figural Mug Storm Troopers have become the coolest movie henchmen around. Star Wars figural mugs feature your favourite Star Wars characters, hand sculpted and painted in loving detail in pleasing ceramic. These are a must for Star Wars fans and Star Wars collectors. Ideal for home or work, this is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. Star Wars Figural Mugs are approximately 12cm high and 15cm wide.

Gold Wedding Photo Album This gorgeous wedding photo album has a really rich light gold lustre, due to the shot satin material cover, which changes shades of gold as you move the wedding photo album in the light. The wedding photo albums are bound with expanding screw binders to allow for your wedding photos, extra pages, news clippings, or other extras which remind you of your wedding day. This fantastic gold wedding photo album has 40 plain pages to fill with your wedding photos... read more at our site

XTI Irons

Marriott Hotel Escape Vouchers Whether you're looking for pure relaxation, a romantic retreat, a refreshing change of scenery or just want to spend time with someone you care about, Marriott Hotel Escape Vouchers make a great gift.

Inflatable Vibrating Fitness Instructor The Inflatable Vibrating Fitness Instructor - is a inflatable hunk with a vibrating body part! This blow up man is very funny and is also very rude and risque. The Inflatable Vibrating Fitness Instructor comes with a mini 4 inch vibrator which can be removed from his willy. This blow up hunk is great for a hen night party gift or a girls' night. Enjoy a fitness fantasy with a big, bad boy or a complete work-out with a dedicated professional! This male blow up doll inflat... read more at our site

Bop It Extreme 2 From the people who brought you the legendary Bop-It Extreme, Bop-It Extreme 2 takes it to the next level. Now you can BOP IT! TWIST IT! PULL IT! SPIN IT! to a mix of four different music styles. Plus, the longer you play, the more the beats evolve and change. Can you keep up and Bop It to the Pop, Rock, Latin and R&B beats?Huh? Can you?

Rally Driving Taster Experience See what all the fuss is about and face the sheer thrill of rallying in this compact taster session. Your experience will include a short induction course to help you make the most of your experience, followed by two action-packed ten minute driving sessions. An exhilarating, if terrifying, high speed passenger ride will bring your experience to a thrilling end.

Practical Filmmaking Experience Learn to perfect your own home movies in this practical introduction to film making. Covering all aspects from sound recording and lighting to scene setting and camera controls this is ideal for budding film makers or people wanting to understand the fundamentals of cinematography and editing. You will apply your knowledge by making a short film.

Baxter of California Shave Kit Collection of Baxter's unique shaving items plus a complimentary Baxter of California wash bag. Contains: Super Close Shave Formula 150ml After-Shave Balm 200ml Skin Toner Facial Scrub 120ml Save £4.00 on total cost of products and get complimentary wash bag.

Watch S301

6Ft Honey Maple Pool Table 6Ft Honey Maple Pool Table - Fantastic Value - FREE DELIVERY UK mainland

Mustek BearPaw 2448CU Pro Excellent value, high quality scanner from Mustek.

Silver Happiness Token A sterling silver token inscribed: ‘to a full life of happiness and love’. Write your own message on the accompanying card and give this keepsake to a bride and groom starting a new life together or a baby simply starting a new life. The Silver Happines Token is presented in a satin pouch, with a poem card. Dimension of the Silver Happiness Token is 3cm diameter.

Music Stick(v2.0 - 128MB) Forget fiddly firewire and cumbersome cable. This sleek little entry level MP3 player plugs directly into the nearest USB port. Better still, it fits in the palm of your hand and is virtually idiot-proof. Now that's what we call music! <span class="highlight">Firebox UK Exclusive!</span>

Shot Glass Chess Set Whenever you capture an opponent's piece you have to drink it. The most valuable pieces have greater capacity so the advantage of being ahead in the game is offset by increased inebriation and a rapid deterioration in performance.

ProBell Pro18 Dumbbell System (Black) Work out effectively at home with the innovative 'dial weight change' Pro18 Dumbbell System. ProBell free weight exercise equipment brings the best in gym quality equipment into your home, with refreshingly simple yet effect design. The Pro18 is a compact, uncluttered system, built to satisfy your workout needs and save you time and space in the process. And because the Pro18 is a streamlined system, its price is guaranteed to impress.

MGTF Experience With exceptional handling and road holding, the top of the range MGTF is dynamite. This is your chance to drive this icon of British sportscar design and see what you, and this awesome car, are capable of. One on one tuition will ensure that you make the most of your driving time and, once you have tested the chicanes, hairpins and corners of Scotland's premier racing circuit, you're sure to feel exhausted but exhilarated.

SSE Comfort 75 3-Stripe

I Love You

Battery regenerator Bring your dead batteries back to life! The brand new alkaline "Battery regenerator" exclusive from Viatek Our tests have shown that a single disposable battery can be regenerated up to 100 hundred times and with each process the battery is returned to up to 100% of its original state and most of all IT'S SAFE. Let us breakdown the benifits of the Viatek battery regenerator. 1- makes batteries perform better and use thier full potential. 2- saves you money 3- helps the enviroment Do we need to say more?.

Punch ball Large punch ball kit with gloves and pump.

New Space Antquarium

LoCo Bite Golf Balls (Dozen)

One hour Flying Lesson The freedom of flying a light aircraft is something you have to experience for yourself. Whether it's just for fun or you are interested in going for your pilots licence this intro flight is a must.

Intimate Love Game With The Intimate Love Game you will learn more about making love, more about your partner, and more about yourself than you ever thought possible. If you are not lovers already, you will be after playing The Intimate Love Game! The object of The Intimate Love Game is for players to move forward and towards the centre of the board, to enter the 'Erogenous Zone', and ultimately to enter the 'Hot Zone'... read more at our site

Amazing Science Experiments 52 Amazing Science Experiments that will entertain budding Einsteins for hours - perfect for rainy days! The Amazing Science Experiments are simple but exciting and any equipment necessary can be found around the home or is readily available from a supermarket. The Amazing Science Experiments will help you discover how to make an egg bounce, how to crush a plastic bottle without squeezing it, how to lift a glass of water upside down without spilling it, how to make a gra... read more at our site

Jewelled Toilet Brush and Toilet Roll Cover - New Lower Price If even your loo has to look lovely, this fantastically funky cleaning and loo roll cover set is a must buy. Many words come to mind when it's time to clean the toilet, and most of them can't be repeated on a family website. You can also be pretty sure that ‘glamorous' isn't among those words. But thanks to the fantabulous slice of kitsch we've discovered, that's all about to change. With this Jewelled Toilet Brush and matching Toilet Roll Cover, even the smallest room can have a touch of sparkle.

London Eye and Thames River Cruise Lunch Marvel at the stunning view from the top of the world's largest observation wheel - the London Eye and see the slow moving panorama of London's top sights from the comfort of your architect designed glass capsule. Then enjoy a three course gourmet lunch with drink and coffee as you slip down the Thames in a glass topped boat with expert commentary explaining the landmarks of London's riverside.

Two for One Ultimate Recording Experience Whether you prefer Chris from Coldplay, tuneful Timberlake or bootylicious Beyonce you're sure to find the right song for you! A fantastic offer for all you budding Pop Idols out there, you and a friend can sing a song each and take home a personalised CD of your performances at the end of the session. Equipped with the very latest studio technology and under the guidence of a top producer/engineer your ultimate recording experience will truly be unforgettable.

Powerful Binoculars 8 x 42 A new generation of powerful binoculars with built-in digital camera. Perfect for capturing that rare moment as a picture or a video clip. Has 8X magnification through a 42mm quality objective. With focus from 5 metres to infinity everything you scope out with your binoculars will look crisp and sharp.

Wallet (Notecase)

Summer Pudding Scented Candle Summer Pudding Scented Candle is one from Lily Flame's range, which really are the nicest scented candles we have ever seen or smelt. We just wish smellovision computers have been invented so you can enjoy all the beautiful smells in the range. The Summer Pudding Scented Candle smells just like a succulent blend of apples, berries and plums, so good that you can almost taste them. And the great thing about these candles are that you don't need to light them to enjoy the ... read more at our site

Lounge Light Colour Changing Candle - Medium BRAND NEW LOUNGE LIGHT COLOUR CHANGING CANDLES WITH NEW IMPROVED BENEFITS WHICH INCLUDE A LONGER LIFE BATTERY AND COLOUR HOLDING FUNCTION. Lounge Light Colour Changing Candles are a brand new revolution in ambient lighting and are the first major development in candles for 4000 years. The Lounge Light Colour Changing Candle is a beautiful work of wax. Light the candle, sit back and relax as the whole candle morphs through the colours of the spectrum, red, orange yellow, ... read more at our site

Vivicam OptiZoom - V3746 The incredibly compact Vivicam is loaded with a deluxe digi-fest of new features including optical zoom AND boasts a video clip function with sound. In fact, if this little baby doesn't persuade you to bin that film-munching antique in the drawer and convert to the wonders of digital photography, we give up.

Blow Dart Huff, puff and go native with this amazingly powerful blowpipe. Due to the length of the pipe and some other unfathomable scientific reasons, a sharp blow will fire the suction dart jaw-dropping distances. All you need now is someone…sorry, something, to aim for!

Skip Doctor CD Restorer (Electronic) Don't throw away a CD just because of a scratch. The Skip Doctor can make it sound as good as new! Even a minor scratch on a CD is enough to create more skips than you'd find in the average builder's yard. So if you're not keen on the ‘jumping remix' of your favourite tune, what do you do? Replace the CD? Of course not. Not when you can repair it easily with the Skip Doctor. The Skip Doctor CD Restorer repairs abrasions and light, medium and even deeper scratches, and is incredibly easy to use.

Ferraris and Saloons After your instructor shows you the racing lines, you too can drive the awesome saloon car to learn the ins and outs of the classic Goodwood track. Once you get the hang of things, you can slip behind the wheel of the Ferrari 308, 348 or 355 (subject to availability) to take the Italian stallion through its paces. Finally, jump into the MINI Cooper to see how your cope with the G's as your instructor throws the car round the track for two heart stopping laps.

Simian Polo

Flowers: Just Carnations (PF02) Mixed grade, long life Carnations complimented with a variety of foliages, stunning array of colours to compliment any d?cor. Delivered in long box.

Twin Socket Adaptor This twin socket adaptor plugs into the car cigarette lighter thus converting to a twin socket for 12 volt DC accessories. It is fitted with a 1m (approx) colied extension lead and incorporates slotted screw holes for permenant fixing if required. Gives more flexiblity when using accessories such as vacuum cleaners, compressors etc. For 12v DC use only.


The Solent Experience Try your hand sailing and take the helm of France 2 or France 3 - two magnificent 76ft yachts that competed in the America's Cup

Kheo Air-S Mountain Board Show off your mountain boarding skills with the Kheo Air-S – the 100% freestyle, ultra-lightweight board that's perfect for tricks. Best described as a cross between snowboarding and surfing on dry land, mountain/all-terrain boarding was developed by extreme sports lovers without access to snow or sea. But while the surface is different, one thing is very much the same – the intense adrenalin rush.

Photon III Blue The New Photon 111 Micro-light utilizes a state of the art micro processor to make the already brightest - for - its - size Photon Micro-light even more fun. Trials of a variety of leading Micro-Lights were conducted in the New Forest of Hampshire, Southern England and on Dartmoor military training areas in Southwest England by Lieutenant Commander Alan Cronin MBE and Mr Colin Towell (an ex SERE instructor and Royal Navy survival expert). The objective was to find the best Micro-Light for covert and military use.

The Lotus Elise Experience If you wish to experience the power and refined road handling of the Lotus Elise, then the Lotus Experience is for you. You can learn driving skills and techniques from your instructor in a car that not only has thrilling handling characteristics but also is a British manufacturing legend with true motor sport heritage.


MP3 Player Headphones 512MB We've got our hands on the most amazing MP3 player that is built into a stylish set of MP3 player headphones that doesn't go for the audio nerd look by having the strap go over your head, they have a sleek headband that fits at the back-of-the-head for instant cool.

Nickel Lendemain De Fete (Morning After Rescue Gel)75ml After a hard night of partying your face says it all! Shock it back into action with this incredibly revitalising formula. If you live life to the full you should never be without a tube of this! You’ve got to feel it to believe it! Decongesting to reduce puffiness Stimulates skin’s natural processes Rehydrates, cools and invigorates Use whenever you are facing the day after and keep a tube at work for a quick pep up

Thermos Lifestyle Steel 0.35l

Record Breaking Flying Ring Forget boring old frisbees... buy them a world record breaking flying ring instead.This one holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw (an incredible 1,257 feet) making it the most exhilarating game of catch you'll ever have! It has a soft rubber edge, making the catch much more comfortable. Warning: You could get highly addicted! You will be sent one in orange, yellow or magenta. Suitable for ages 12 and over. GIFT STATS: Record Breaking FrisbeeFrisbee Measures: 13 inches diameterFrisbee Colour: VariousFrisbee Weight inc packaging: 142g

The Whisky Game The Whisky Game lets you follow the trail on a fascinating journey to distilleries, whisky tasting, the occasional bar, a Burns night party; and of course, enjoying the odd ’wee dram’ along the way. The Whisky Game is intended for those who enjoy the fine simple pleasures that can be gained from a good glass of whisky. It will enhance your appreciation of whisky and provide a very enjoyable evening for 2-8 players... read more at our site

Miracle Anti-Ageing Rejuvenator Dr Samual Carter's amazing Miracle Anti-Ageing Rejuvenator is The elixir of youth!! The Rejuvenator claims to banish wrinkles, revive saggng muscles, restore hair colouring, recover lost youth, renew flagging libido, relace lost firmness, relieve tired limbs, regenerate drying skin, revitalise aching bones And rectify fading memory!! Now, where was I ...? Bath bags are the ideal way to release refreshing oils of herbs into your bath... read more at our site

Straw Hat

Large Christening Beanie Bear Who could resist this charming chap - he looks remarkably good considering he's just got out of bed and his bottom is full of beans! He's dressed in traditional Christening wear complete with a Wee Willie Winkie hat and has a little sleepy, star shaped friend stowed away in his front pocket. He is CE marked and comes in a presentation hat box with an embroidered label inset into the lid. He's approximately 35cm in height and his little friend is approximately 8cm tall... read more at our site

Quantum 3.2 Forget printing out thumbnail size images from mere camera mortals. The Quantum 3.2 delivers 6.6-megapixel shots from a 3.2-megapixel CCD. It really is a Digital Dream. That's nice. <span class="highlight">Save £30 - was £129.95!</span>

Tour of Old Trafford with Lunch For One Manchester United, the World's biggest team, famous for individual brilliance and team achievement. Now you can be part of the few, the lucky few, who get a unique insight into this magnificent football stadium. Steeped in history, you can now stand in Fergie's spot in the dugout, sit in the home changing room at your favourite player's peg and marvel at the trophy room glories. Combine a guided tour with a sensational silver service meal in a box overlooking the pitch.

Pamper Party for Four Introduce an element of luxury to your girlie nights in! Indulge in a manicure whilst sipping a glass of wine and catching up with friends, all without having to step out of your front door. Opt for some express pampering before a night on the town or revel in a whole evening of facials, massages and pedicures from the extensive treatments list. Your Fairy Godmother will arrive at your door armed with everything to ensure your evening is as fabulous as you will feel.

Geo F Trumper Shave Cream - Extract of Lime 200gm Tub This carefully formulated, glycerine-based shaving cream is economical to use and gives an excellent lather for a comfortable shave that leaves the skin exceptionally soft. Extract of West Indian Limes for normal skin types. To use: Lather up with a damp shaving brush and apply to beard. Shave as normal.

R/C Ferrari F1

Cheap Portable DVD Players Multiregion from the start the Next Base tablet DVD player gives you a high quality cheap portable dvd player that can tackle DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3's, Music CD's, JPEG Picture Discs, CD-R/RW, DVD +/- R and DVD +/- RW! Choose LoadsMoreStuff for truly feature packed cheap portable dvd players.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Force FX Collectable This Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber is an official limited edition replica from Master Replicas Force FX range, so it's a perfect reproduction in every way. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is every boys dream and because most men have grown up with Star Wars and because they are just big boys it's every mans dream as well. The Luke Skywalker Lightsaber has an enhanced glowing blue blade with realistic power-up and power-down light and sound effects... read more at our site

H2gO Bath Care Gift Set The H2gO Bath Care Gift Set is a suave, black and silver-packaged collection of shower products for the cool dude in your life! The H2gO Bath Care Gift Set contains 300ml shower gel, 60ml body balm, a 200gm cleansing bar and a black face cloth. The Gift Set comes in a smart black box with the silver H2gO logo on the top. DIMENSIONS of the H2gO Bath Care Gift Set: 17.5cm (7") by 17.5cm (7") by 9cm(3 1/2")

Popshotz Dart Gun(Battle Pack: 4 guns) The Smith and Wesson of indoor weaponry is powerful enough to ping a suckered dart across a crowded office with a tiny squeeze of your fingers.

Bug DAB Digital Radio(White) It doesn't look like a normal radio, because it isn't. This spectacularly stylish, ground-breaking DAB digital radio allows you to pause, rewind and even record broadcasts! What would Tony Blackburn say? ('Sen-digi-sational!' we reckon).

Personality Gym Perform a massive range of exercises at home with this expertly built pro standard gym – perfect for rational training of the whole body. A home gym doesn't have to be a second-rate substitute for a traditional gym. The Personality Gym is a premium quality piece of equipment, built to exacting professional standards, and incorporating advanced technology for maximum results. Containing all the equipment needed for rational training of the entire body, its robust construction with steel fittings is more than a match for the toughest training sessions.

Open Road Sports Car Experience A brilliant treasure hunt around beautiful Hertfordshire countryside searching for sports cars en route by following clues!! Share the driving time with someone else as you take turns with your navigator in a selection of the following: Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Morgan, Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Range Rover and TVR.

Rossa Sport Putter

Things Man Should Know - Style

Bathrobics Beauty Spa Now you can enjoy the benefits of a top health spa in your own bath.This Bathrobics beauty spa routine contains everything you need to tone your body and soothe your mind.It contains:4 spa treatments including: A purifying seaweed body mask, Clay and Seaweed facemask, Exfoliating body polish and Detoxifying bath soak.A soothing instructional CD and waterproof book, to guide you through the fun bath time exercises and relaxation techniques.A special 'bum-shaped' Toning Sponge.A perfect 30 minute pick-me-up to firm you up, boost your confidence, and make you feel fabulous again!GIFT STATS: Bath Beauty SpaSize: 4 x 30ml tubesPackaging: Gift Bag

Flexible body massager Use our Flexible all over body massager to deal with tired and aching muscles and even to help reduce trouble-some cellulite. Dimentions:9.5x9.5x14.5cm

Clam Packed Balls - Pool Clam Packed Pool Balls FREE DELIVERY UK mainland

Hair No More Natural Hair Inhibitor Gel 50ml The unique blend of bioactive plant extracts found in the hair inhibitor gel seeps into the hair-free follicle reducing the hair shaft naturally at the follicle growth site. The hair becomes thinner and finer over a one to four month period. Most people report hair stops growing with ongoing maintenance. The gel is more suited to the face or smaller areas. To use: On clean skin massage over the the desired area every day until hair growth is reduced. Best used after the Hair No More Hair Removal Cream or after shaving.

Wallet in a box

Mini Cooper S Experience A supercharged MINI adventure around Rockingham’s challenging infield circuit. The 1½ hr experience includes full briefings before taking to the wheel of the sporty 6 geared MINI Cooper S.

Light String with Red Hearts The light string has 50 heat resistant red hearts and is over 6 metres long. It is fitted with a UK plug.

SD (Secure Digital) Card(128MB) To hold more photos at higher resolution you can buy additional SD (Secure Digital) cards for your digital camera - either on their own or save money when you buy them with the camera itself!

A4 Name a Star Unframed Astronomers divided the sky into areas, as perceived from earth, so as to create a consistent spherical map, rather like the markings on a football. In this way, 88 areas or constellations were formed. Only a handful of stars bear names, arising from Arabic, Greek and Roman mythology. The vast majority of stars are referred to only by their astronomical co-ordinates or catalogue numbers, they are unnamed and there are millions and millions of them. So why not name one after someone special.?

Train Your Dog Train your dog with this excellent dog training aid. Now you can train your dog into the next level of human integration with a doggy doorbell.

Cigar Ashtray

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Force FX Collectable This Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber is an official limited edition replica from Master Replicas Force FX range, so it's a perfect reproduction in every way. Darth Vader's Lightsaber is every boys dream and because most men have grown up with Star Wars and because they are just big boys it's every mans dream as well. The Darth Vader Lightsaber has an enhanced glowing red blade with realistic power-up and power-down light and sound effects... read more at our site

Hand Cooking Odour Remover The Hand Cooking Odour Remover is a simple wonder of modern technology. The Hand Odour Remover is made of stainless steel which has amazing properties that lift cooking odours like onions and garlic from your hands. Simply run your hands underwater and rub them with the Hand Odour Remover, its as simple as washing them. Our Hand Cooking Odour Remover comes with black plastic stand. Dimensions of the Hand Cooking Odour Remover width 9cm, height 2cm.

Mr T In Your Pocket Now you can carry Mr T around in your pocket without having to call the A-Team, thanks to this hilarious electronic gizmo. Simply press a button and you'll hear one of his legendary one-liners! We're on the jazz, man!

Qees(Silver - KitCatQ) Liven up your keyring with Qees, limited edition collectable keychain figures! Each one is designed by a different artist and there are hundreds to collect. Careful though, you might find Qees the key to a collecting obsession!<!-- Old What's new text:Collectable keychain art-->

Apex Personal Trainer Expertly crafted with a range of accessories for eight key exercises, the Apex is one of the most complete home multi-gyms around. If the idea of a human personal trainer seems a bit daunting, try the Apex Personal Trainer instead. It features everything you need for a comprehensive top to toe workout, yet its space-saving, small footprint design means it won't take up half your house. The Apex is designed to work your whole body, and boasts the components and accessories needed to perform exercises including ab crunches, bench and butterfly presses, LAT pulldowns, leg extensions and standing leg curls.

Luxury Car & Hotel Weekend Break Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of sitting behind the wheel of a superb classic car, cruising the highways, driving the byways, then relax and enjoy being pampered at your luxury hotel.

Monster Truck Driving! A chance to drive the only purpose built dual control monster truck in the world!!. Built as a 'Rock Crawler' allowing for greater precision then it's American counter-part, this 'Big-boys toy' has 6'6' suspension and can negotiate even the most extreme terrain with real ease. You'd be mad not to.

Allery 11

Breakfast in Bed Hamper Bursting with delicious treats, this breakfast in bed hamper is everything you need to provide a luxurious and unforgettable start to that special day.

Murder on the Orient-Express Experience this all new plot together with continental breakfast and glass of Bellini on outward journey, guided tour of Brighton Royal Pavilion and three course lunch with champagne and wine on your return. At the same time try to unravel the mystery of 'The quest for the Purple Cockatoo'

Krusell Ipod mini leather wallet Made in carefully selected buffalo leather and designed to fit 100% to the mini IPOD. You can be sure that this protective case will keep your mini IPOD safe from bumps and scratches and it is completely compatible with all the other Krusell accessories including belt clips, bike holders etc.

RC Stealth Fighter Modeled after America's high-tech Stealth aircraft, the easy to fly Air-Tech Stealth, comes fully assembled and includes everything needed to get you in the air quickly and at a very affordable price. The Stealth is constructed of lightweight, durable foam and features dual electric motors driving safe, plastic propellers for full control and excellent maneuverability. An included NiMH battery gives long flight times and recharges in minutes using the portable charger. The 2-channel radio transmitter allows precise control with a range of well over 100 feet. Climb, glide, turn left, turn right, buzz the tower - it's all up to you. CD included with flight instructions. Dual motors for better control. Fun to Fly!! Portable quick charger included. Wingspan: 680mm Length: 240mm NB to heavy to by delivered outside of the UK

American Crew Thickening Conditioner 250ml Used after American Crew Thickening Shampoo it will give added body and strength to fine hair. Also deeply conditions the scalp to keep hair healthy and encourage growth. Gives hair body and strength Gives a fuller healthy appearance To use: Massage in to hair and scalp after shampooing, then rinse out as normal

A half day intro to falconry


Space Duck - The Astronaut Duckie Space Duck adds courage and cool to your bathtime. With a classic NASA space outfit on (including helmet!), he's the only duck in the galaxy ready for hyperspace! Space Duck comes in a silver space box with the words "One small waddle for duck, one giant waddle for duckind" on the side, his favourite saying. As well as floating around your bath or pond, Space Duck loves to sit on computer desks, dashboards, computer monitors, shelves, window sills and anywhere else you c... read more at our site

Tunturi C4 Cross Trainer Experience the benefits of a cross trainer with this versatile, effort-measuring machine. Cross trainers are the perfect fitness tool for those seeking a low impact indoor exercise, and, with the right model, suitable for all fitness levels. The Tunturi C4 is a versatile, high quality option, ergonomically designed with adjustable moving arms and foot plates, guaranteeing your exercising position is correct and comfortable.

Full Monty Tank Day Your day will include driving at least 4 Military Vehicles, plus a selection of other military related exercises. You will learn to fire a Flintlock Musket and a 17th century Mortar - then pit your new found skills against the other contestants. Attend a briefing about modern terrorism and then compete at SAS skills in the woods. The Full Monty Day's winner gets the chance to balance a 56ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank on top of 2 family saloon cars! Life will never be the same again!

Pencil Striped Waffle

Executive Toy Every now and again an executive toy comes along that just makes people stop and stare. The Levitron IFO3000 is an electromagnetic marvel is the latest gadget that transfixed our gaze for so long that our eyeballs dried up!

Pulsar Keylight (Blue)

Big Babs A perfect gift for boys who like their boobs...This cheeky gift contains:One box of naughty “After Dinner Nipples” - Contains ten nipple-shaped plain chocolates, filled with mint fondant.One Big Babs - she's holding a scroll which reads:'Alakazam, Alakazear, Make my flat chest disappear...In it's place put a large bust, with the help of this magic dust...Forget double D, forget double E, Make them a whopping double G'A present he’ll be bursting to tell everyone about!GIFT STATS: Busty Beryl Doll Size: 34cm tallChocolates: 120gPackaging: Gift box

Wine Appreciation Kit For Red Wine A Step by Step INTRODUCTION TO WINE APPRECIATION. This WINE APPRECIATION KIT provides the passionate wine lover with an accessible guide to evaluate wine professionally. The kit has been created under the direction of Philip Rich, a professional Australian wine taster and judge. It contains everything you need to evaluate the quality and character of the wines you have purchased and provides a fun way of learning the secrets of sophisticated wine appreciation... read more at our site

Oval Pencil Sharpener This divinely cool stainless steel Oval Pencil Sharpener is The thing to have on your desk!! The cool curvy pebble shape belies its heavy weight and it makes an effective stress reliever or worry stone as well!! The stylish Oval Pencil Sharpener comes in a plain dark grey box. DIMENSIONS of the Oval Pencil Sharpener: 7.5cm (3") by 5cm (2")by 2cm (3/4")

Outward 9 Graphite

Blue Big Head Drinks Coasters Blue Big Head Drinks Coasters are the latest novelty to come out of J-Me's innovative design studio. Big Head Cup Coasters proves once and for all that there’s nothing wrong with having a big head! The Big Head Drinks Coasters are manufactured using heat resistant rubber moulded in the form of either a boy or girl figure with an enlarged ‘head’, which provides space for your drink. The Big Head Coaster have ‘feet’ so they can be stacked together and stood up to attention... read more at our site

Inflatable Pummel Sticks - Pugel Sticks Inflatable Pummel Sticks are a great way to battle your friends and family! Bash your pesky mates or defeat your know-it-all Dad safely in the comfort of your own home. A fun way to let off some steam at any time of the year, let alone absolutely essential for summer parties. Now you can re-enact the pugel sticks from Gladiators for real! Why not have tournaments with your friends or add paddling pools or mud pits for extra fun! Includes Pump to inflate Pummel Sticks eas... read more at our site

Aagramn T-shirt(Medium (Light Blue)) A great t-shirt for the classic 'double take', be it on the tube, in the pub or down the park. What does it mean? Is that spelt correctly? In a strange way it could even help you get close to thinking man's crumpet Carol Vordeman. For you see, it is a clever word mess. It's an anagram of anagram!<span class="highlight">Firebox UK Exclusive!</span>

After Dinner Delights Hamper A delightful selection of fine cheeses, wine and pate that would make the ideal end to any dinner party with friends - just make sure you are invited!

NBA MICHAEL JORDAN FIGURE This Michael Jordan figure is unique and exclusive. This cold cast resin statue captures the amazing MJ in full action. This is a Limited Edition Figure and only 500 will be produced.

Geo F Trumper Original Cologne - 100ml Splash 30% Discount. An invigorating and refreshingly versatile cologne. Zesty and fresh with lemon, bergamot, neroli, rosemary and bitter orange; a classic cologne presented in a renowned Trumper glass bottle with crown stopper.

White water rapids

Executive Gift Every now and again an executive gift comes along that just makes people stop and stare. The Levitron IFO3000 is an electromagnetic marvel is the latest gadget that transfixed our gaze for so long that our eyeballs dried up!

See Through Crazy Cards See Through Crazy Cards are great fun, as you move them over each other they produce wierd and amazing effects. Also because the Crazy Cards are made of plastic they are water proof so if you ever fancied playing Blackjack in the bath now you have the perfect deck. Crazy See Through Playing Cards are the same size as normal playing cards.

Sony PSP Import Version(Value Pack inc Ridge Racer Game) We guarantee the letters 'PSP' will soon be tumbling from gamer's gobs with frenzied frequency, as the PlayStation Portable is set to become the most talked about handheld gaming system since the dawn of digitisation. The reason? It's completely and utterly mind-blowing!

Weekend at Dave's @ Excel London (Two Day Pass) Put down your beers/console control pads/girlfriends – it's time for the first ever event designed especially for men! Hosted by Fosters, Nuts... and of course Dave. From 23-25 September 2005, acres of London's Docklands will be devoted to pure partying. Ogle girls, gawp at super-cars, visit's casino - then play football with the game's legends! You even get to meet the Boys Stuff team and play with some of our latest and greatest toys and gadgets! Oh, and some woman called Abi Titmuss is one of the hostesses.

Luxury Steam Train Journey The Cathedral Express is pulled by a fabulous 1940s steam engine, offering customers a refined and civilised journey reminiscent of the bygone steam age. You will be served a luxurious lunch and evening meal complete with champagne. The gentle rhythm of the piston-driven wheels will restore your sense of well-being while courteous staff, who are on board, make your day a memorable one. Thus making it the ideal way to visit England's beautiful medieval Cathedral cities.

Lightweight Stand Bag

Squirt P4 (Grey)

Grow a Sherwood Forest Tree This clever kit contains everything you need to grow your own tree from Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest.The silver birch seeds in the pack have been harvested from Sherwood Forest itself.The silver birch has beautiful silver-white bark and delicate green leaves. It will grow to 10ft (3m) in three years and 20ft (6m) in five years. In its life it will convert up to 4 tons of greenhouse gases to pure oxygen.Inside the pack you will find:One life capsule containing silver birch seeds harvested from Sherwood ForestCompressed soil pelletsWatering pipetteDrainage aidEssential nutrientsOrganic plant potInstructionsCertificate confirming seeds have been harvested from Sherwood ForestFree seed replacement guaranteeSimply follow the easy instructions and you’re on your way to growing your very own piece of this world famous forest.GIFT STATS: Grow a Sherwood Forest TreeBox Size: 19 x 20cmPackaging: Wooden Gift box

G spot vibrator Here it is! The UK’s first and only G-Spot Rabbit vibrator! They said the Rabbit could not be bettered, well now it has. This fantastic Rabbit vibrator has a curved tip that rotates and gently bores deeper inside while massaging the g-spot. The shaft is filled with a new design of ‘free riding beads’ that squirm around inside of you giving unbeatable vaginal stimulation. The side mounted clitoral stimulator is in the favourite rabbit style with tingling ears and all functions are controlled by easy to operate slides on the base. Made from soft jelly rubber and includes lights inside to brighten up your fun. Size - 9.5" x 1.5" 250mm x 35mm

Remote control dimmer Convert any lamp or fan to remote controlled dimmer operation • RF Remote works through walls and ceilings • Dims up to 120W • Battery lasts up to 3 years • Factory preset code means no interference between sets • Suitable for lamps and fans • Not suitable for low voltage lighting Summary The RD001 provides aneasy means of converting any incandescant light to dimmer operation. The convenient adaptor units simply plug into any three pin mains socket without the need for any setting up. Each set incorporates a handy battery powered remote control with a pre-fitted battery Specs Max Switching Power 120 Watts Handset Battery Alkaline A23 (Supplied) Frequency 433.92MHz Range 25m Free Air (12-18m Average) Supply Voltage 230VAC

American Crew Thickening Lotion 125ml Ideal for creating contemporary styles and enhancing any hair type to look its thickest. Great hold, control and support for fine, flyaway hair. Gives great fullness and control Ensures a healthy scalp Adds a natural healthy shine and continues to protect hair To use: Apply a small amount evenly to the hair and style.

Clay shooting tuition

Ashley 2 layer Gore-Tex® Hat

Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game is a fantastic garden game for all the family, the kids will absolutely love it, it's much more fun the normal snakes and ladders game and it gets them out of the house and away from the TV. The Garden Snakes and Ladders Game takes fun to a totally new dimension because you and the kids are actually in the game, you all act as counters and you move up the ladders and down the snakes and around the Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game ... read more at our site

Ugly Dolls(Icebat) "I am not an animal! I am an Uglydoll!" And what are Uglydolls, you ask. Well, let's just say they're hip, huggable and highly collectable. Oh yes, they're also spectacularly ugly...

Low Blow Purse (Purple) - New Lower Price Get a look that's striking, in more ways than one, with this cool and kitsch boxing inspired purse. Your mom would probably take one look at this purse and say ‘it's a bit bright isn't it? What about a nice black one?' But then again, she'd probably want you to wear a cardie on New Year's Eve in case it's chilly out. The Low Blow Purse is about pure frivolity – putting the fun back into fashion. Inspired by the larger than life world of boxing, this range is named ‘Sugar Ray' in tribute to one of the sport's greats.

Wine: Six Bottle Classics Case X1106801 From fine claret and Rioja to oak-aged Australian Chardonnay, these world renowned wines need no introduction! Their premium quality is revealed in both smoothness and intensity of flavour and is guaranteed to bring enormous pleasure to dinner parties and special occasions. Includes:. * Chateaux Manoir du Gravoux 2001. * Forteleza de Imas Rioja 2001. * Chateau Jalousie Beaulieu 2002. * Domaine de Trotignon Sauvignon Blanc 2002. * De Bortoli First Block Barrel Aged Chardonnay 2000. * Domaine de la Vinconniere sur lie 2001

Madame Tussauds London Child Tickets Madame Tussauds invites you to experience what it is like to be famous as you join a host of the worlds hottest celebrities. Join our Bollywood dancers on stage and learn moves from the movie Bride and Prejudice. Step back in time for our Warriors Show as Alexander the Great and Achilles army fight the ultimate of battles. Sing, dance and perform with the stunning Beyonce, Britney and Kylie, 'are you a Diva in the making'?

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