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Buy The Cooking Experience Full Day for £165

This is a hands-on course and is designed to be inspirational, great fun, satisfying, relaxing and informative. One will leave more confident, having been shown new techniques and tips for making impressive entertaining easy.

Perfect for those who can't, right up to those who just want to be better!! (South East, East Anglia)

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Torch & Knife Set

Cuddly Teddy Bear Simply press the On button on one foot and a star on the cuddy teddy bears foot lights up to say that the radio is on. You can then change stations using the control on the other foot, as well as FM scanning and volume control.

Gimp Bag

DV5500 Digital camcorder

Master Gym Turn your bedroom door into a multi-gym with the Master Gym, for a great workout at home. Bored with paying through the nose for a fancy gym you hardly ever use? A home gym is an obvious solution, but that can mean losing half your spare bedroom to bulky equipment. That isn't a problem with the Master Gym. This uniquely engineered training tool attaches easily to any doorframe, for all the benefits of a home gym with none of the drawbacks. The Master Gym is no one-trick pony – it's designed to help sculpt your arms, abdominals, chest, legs, thighs and buttocks.

Thorpe Park Adult Entry Thorpe Park promises its most adrenaline-pumping season with two new rides to take thrills to a new level. The Slammer, Europe’s first sky-swat, takes riders on a full throttle free fall experience and, opening in Summer 2005, Rush is the world’s biggest giant speed swing! Disorientate your senses on Colossus, feel the heat of Nemesis Inferno and the gravity defying Detonator!

Tasco Starguide 80 Astronomical Telescope What Does It Have Then? The Tasco Starguide 80 is by far the best telescope available in its price range especially as its normal retail price is £295. It is especially good for intermediate users or competent beginners. The Tasco Starguide 80 is light weight and easy to assemble and use. Best of all it comes with tons of excellent additional goodies. First you have to find the object you want to observe... read more at our site

Mini Fondue Kit Great to share but we think it's way better to have one each. The mini fondue kit comes with a small pot , metal stand, tealight and 2 metal skewers (if your forced to share). It works equally well as a sweet or savoury fondue and comes with a 32 page book full of recipes and serving suggestions in case you're short of ideas. Please note this is a MINI fondue kit - the dish is approximately 7cm diameter x 2.5cm deep... read more at our site

Perfect Badge Amorous academic-types and lovers of childish wordplay will love this smart enamel badge as it perfectly parodies a traditional prefect's badge. Top marks!

VitaMan Facial Moisturiser 150ml Give your skin a drink! Dry skin ages quickly, so try this moisturising lotion packed with penetrating Australian plant extracts to instantly nourish and revive. Lightweight and quick to absorb Helps reduce signs of sun damage and ageing Leaves skin supple and hydrated all day Great for all skin types Massage into skin after shaving or shower morning and night

Ships Bell

J-me Key Holder - Hers Hers Key Holder is the key to a peaceful home! This fantastic, handy, Key Holder is from leading design studio J-me and there is a ‘his & hers’ key holder for you and house mates, to see His Key Holder please click here! This chrome plated key holder adds a fun element to the home whilst providing a convenient place to store your keys – ensuring they don't clutter your table and you’ll never have to spend hours frantically looking for them again! The contemporary design ... read more at our site

F1 Mini Racers(Red) <img src="/i/SummerSalePrice_upto20off.gif" width="42" height="42" border="0" align="left" alt="Summer Sale Up to £20 off!" vspace="5">Get your F1 kicks without risking life and limb thanks to this sub-Eccleston-sized RC racer. So tiny you can conduct high-speed races around the office and still hide all the evidence in your lunchbox. Faaaaantastic!

London Underground Pocket Map Made from Stainless Steel, this credit card sized underground map from Suck UK fits neatly into your wallet and looks stylish along with it. No more crumpled paper maps and confusion on the tube, the pocket map is all you need to battle the underground with ease!

ProBell Pro30 Dumbbell System (Black) Work out effectively at home with the innovative 'dial weight change' Pro30 Dumbbell System. ProBell free weight exercise equipment brings the best in gym quality equipment into your home, with refreshingly simple yet effective design. The Pro30 is a compact, uncluttered system, built to satisfy your workout needs and save you time and space in the process. And because the Pro30 is a streamlined system, its price is guaranteed to impress.

Ferrari V Porsche Challenge The Ferrari and Porsche are both capable of top speeds in excess of 165mph and both boast 300bhp, now you can judge for yourself, which is the best.

Sexy Compact Mirror This has got to be the coolest compact mirror around! The covers are brushed aluminium and finished in a funky red colour with the words 'Sexy' embossed into the front. The lid of the mirror snaps shut keeping the mirror clean and safe in your pocket or handbag. The 'Sexy' compact mirror is 8cm x 5cm in size.

Ferrari and Mini Experience You will not believe the unbelievable power & road holding of the New Mini Cooper S as you thrash it around our fast, but challenging circuit. This little pocket rocket will leave you breathless wanting more. And there is more, as the fun doesn’t stop there, for you now get to drool over & drive the Ferrari. The sound of the V8 growl as you put this Supercar through its paces. You will start to understand why most of us have grown up dreaming of an opportunity like this.

Tribotz Build Your Own Robot Using only basic hand tools you can now assemble your own intelligent robot. It's the most fun we've ever had with a pair of pliers!

Four Grey Centre Crystal Cufflinks

Jimmy Keyring

Executive Sea Monkeys Watch new life develop on your desk – and we don't mean on that manky sandwich you keep meaning to throw away. Sea Monkeys are amazing creatures that come to life and grow and develop before your very eyes. Now with this swish Executive Set you can play God with your very own colony. Well, given that most executives think they ARE Gods, it was only a matter of time before someone took the next step. This unique species of brine shrimp is a miracle of nature. Preserved in ‘instant-life' crystals, Sea Monkeys exist in a kind of suspended animation for many years, but once added to purified water, the Sea Monkey eggs within these crystals will instantly hatch and begin to grow.

Chessington Adult plus Child Entry Chessington World of Adventures is full of great rides and attractions for under 12s including Land of the Dragons a whole themed land especially for mini sized adventurers, with rides, an indoor adventure play house and puppet theatre plus lots more. Throughout 2005 there is an exciting calendar of events featuring favourite children’s characters

Kitty Go Crazy Even the laziest, most aloof cat will be unable to resist this brilliant three-in-one plaything, as it features three moggymesmerizing contraptions. As a flailing arm simulates mouse-like movements and various wand attachments wave furiously, a talking ball rolls around a track. Guaranteed to keep Tiddles transfixed for hours. Meow!

Batteries(2 x D) To make sure you're able to play with your Firebox purchases straight out of the box we're now selling batteries in all the major sizes required.

Golf Club Pens Golf Club Pens are designed for desk bound golfers. You can practice your swing while you write. The golf club pen set has a wood, an iron and a putter. Dimensions of each club is approx. 17 cms long.

Cushtie Cushion Pillow - Pink Cushtie Cushion is the most amazing squashable, squishable, cuddleable, hugable pillow you will ever feel. Cushtie Cushion has a gorgeously soft, smooth, stretchy covering and is filled with thousands of tiny super-soft polystyrene micro-granules. Words cannot describe how lovely and smooshable it is. Everyone who gets hold of the Cushtie Cushion is amazed by its squishability and squeezability and they think its the nicest, playful pillow they have ever touched... read more at our site

Rio Carbon 5GB Digital Audio Player (Silver) Get 5GB of memory – enough to store 2,500 songs – from the most compact and lightweight hard drive player around! Thankfully the days of hard drive digital audio players being heavy, bulky and unattractive seem to be over. But we have to say the Rio Carbon is a particularly impressive example of the new breed of hard drive player. Only three inches long and weighing just over three ounces, it holds an impressive 1,250 MP3 files – up to 80 hours of music – or 2,500 songs in WMA format.

Air Flow Practice Balls

Single Seater Intro This is an amazing opportunity to drive a single seater racing car around a challenging race track. You will be shown how the professionals are able to take bends at incredible speeds and still stay on the track.

Wireless Colour Spy Camera with Audio Here's a complete spy camera kit! Featuring the star of the show a 20x20x20mm mini colour wireless camera with audio! You can put this anywhere! No please, this is a family website. Your imagination is all that limits you with this camera because not only does it run off the mains with the supplied DC adaptor, it also uses a 9V battery for power, which we throw in because we're nice.

Ferrari Enzo Radio Control

Dedicate a Tree A Exclusive!Surprise someone by dedicating a tree to them, and you will help to create green open spaces and reabsorb harmful carbon dioxide emissions.You will receive a funky Tree Tube containing:An A4 certificate which you can personalise with the recipients name.An Information sheet about your forest in Leicestershire - and how to get there.A pack of Organic Wild Flower seeds for the garden - exclusively to customers only ! is offering this pack in conjunction with 'Future Forests' - an organisation which has helped to plant over 90 forests throughout the UK and over 9 worldwide. All the trees planted within the forests are native to the region and each forest has public access. All forests will remain as forests for at least 99 years - allowing all those who have dedicated trees to enjoy them for generations to come! GIFT STATS: Dedicate a TreePack Measures: 24cm long

Ibod airbrush tanning Fantastic safe tanning solutionGet a gorgeous tan in the comfort of your own home with the I-Bod Airbrush Instant Tanning System. It's the easiest way to apply sunless tanning solutions to your body. The I-Bod sprays out a fine mist like professional models drying completely in 5-10 minutes. Rechargable battery (lasts several applications between charge) for cord free convenience allows I-Bod to be used anywhere. Includes charging plug for British Plug and fill cleaning bottle. Get an even tan, every time, all year round. This is not like the pressure can systems sold on TV and this is not the pressure can system sold under R...O. That system uses a pressure can that has to be bought from them. It lasts only one body spray per can. This is a professional grade device that uses a small compressure to distribute self tanner evenly and professionally. We offer the best grade solutions from top supplier manufactured in Daytona Beach Florida. Good news, you can also use your solution in our tool (if you wish, but I think you will love ours). I-Bod Features # Rechargeable Tanning Unit with charging plug (british) # 8 oz bottle of DHA Tanning solution, Salon Grade. # 2oz bottle of tan extender, Salon Grade. # 2oz bottle of exfoliator, Salon Grade. All tanning solution is manufactured in Daytona Beach Florida at a world famous lotion manufacturer. You will love the quality, color and effect. Refill kits are available direct from UK supplier.

Neon bar light The perfect item for your home bar or games room. This neon 'bar' light has a sturdy base and is approx 35 cm by 25 cm and in neon blue.

Luxury Steam Train Journey The Cathedral Express is pulled by a fabulous 1940s steam engine, offering customers a refined and civilised journey reminiscent of the bygone steam age. You will be served a luxurious lunch and evening meal complete with champagne. The gentle rhythm of the piston-driven wheels will restore your sense of well-being while courteous staff, who are on board, make your day a memorable one. Thus making it the ideal way to visit England's beautiful medieval Cathedral cities.

Rib Blast in the Solent Weighing about the same as a packet of crisps but with the same horse power as a Porsche Boxster, this sleek black and yellow baby is certain to give you the ultimate wet and wild experience as you blast round the UK's premier sailing ground, the Solent. Including loads of hands on driving, man overboard drills, high speed driving through choppier waters and nerve jangling instructor driven high speed blasts, you will be glad of the sight of land on your return journey!

Silver Calligraphy Ink The finest quality silver calligraphy ink. Supplied in a 50ml bottle with presentation wax-dipped lid. NOT for use with fountain pens.

Mathmos Softlight(Ghost) The latest offering from those clever Mathmos people - an ingenious, ergonomic pebble of light, or stylish minilamp that gently and hypnotically cycles through a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colours. Operated via a touch sensitive switch, you'll wonder what you ever saw in boring old light bulbs.

Gliding Full Day Course These exhilarating Winch Launch Glider Flight lessons will launch you to between 1000 and 1500 feet above the ground. You will be able to see far across the rolling English countryside on this course to remember. The lessons will last between 5 and 20 minutes (depending on weather conditions) in which time you will learn to turn and manoeuvre the glider. (8 Winch launch lessons)

Fli-Hi Irons (Steel)

Hilarious Desktop Signs

Pulsar Keylight (Blue)

Disposable Wedding Camera White Wedding cameras are essential for capturing the fun and enjoyment of the most important day of your lives. You will never have those precious moments again and you cannot be everywhere at once so why not get the best memories you can from your special day. Treat yourself with these lovely wedding cameras, one for each table. Our Disposable Wedding and Party Camera 9 Pack comes with FREE film processing... read more at our site

Heart cushtie cushion Give someone your squashy heart this valentines day. This cushion is so squashy and tactile you won't be able to put it down. Whether you're snuggling up in front of the TV, snuggling up in bed, turning a car journey into a sleepy heaven, or you just want a damn good cuddle. Filled with tiny polystyrene foam beads, the cover is like a silken elastic skin that bends, stretches and moulds itself to your head so you feel like it's floating on air. Snuggle up to one of these and you may never move again.

Foster's CoolaCan Fridge Grab a cool can from a cool can. The brilliant Foster's CoolaCan Fridge stays cold even when unplugged! This giant Foster's can looks like a beer monster's dream, and while it's not literally full of beer, it can be; up to 60 cans of the stuff to be precise. The Foster's Fridge is the perfect summer party fridge. In just 20 minutes, it cools to 0°c, and because it stays cold for several hours after unplugging, it's perfect for outdoor use.

Ping G2 Fairway Stainless Steel Woods

SportsMan penknife Quality 8 function stainless steel penknife with canvas case.

NextBase Portable DVD Player SDV77-B Multiregion from the start the NextBase SDV77B can tackle DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3's, Music CD's, JPEG Picture Discs, CD-R/RW, DVD +/- R and DVD +/- RW!

Balls - Football (Chunky)

Watch - Bold (White)

Feeling Fruity If you feel fruity at the most inopportune moments then these treats could be just the remedy. Satiate your sweet tooth by tucking into these fruity-tooty favourites. We’ve got strawberry bon bons, lemon sherbets, rosey apples, rhubarb & custards to name a few. So if you’re partial to a pear drop then we highly recommend this hamper. And remember, you need at least five portions a day!

The Wrist Exerciser The Wrist Exerciser is a stylish silver chrome spring set for anyone who wants to releive stress, benefit circulation, develop movement and promote strength in hands and wrists. Perfect for the office or for use in your favourite comfy chair at home. When the day begins to get on top of you simply take a break and gently exercise the pressue away with these proven Wrist Exercisers, guaranteed to bring down stress levels... read more at our site

Mini Sushi Box Wow your friends with your knowlege of how to roll the perfect tuna roll. Inside this kit is everything you need for a bite sized sushi experience: A maki-su mat Mini chopsticks Soy sauce bowl Plastic grass! 32 page book full of how to and what to. Yum, the best things really do come in small packages!

Fire Racer(BMW) They're smaller than a VHS tape but have all the hallmarks of top quality radio controlled cars. Set up office obstacle races or do laps of the lounge in style.

Cranium Conga The hilarious 'guess what I'm thinking game' is now even more amusing thanks to an electronic musical timer which is passed between 'guessers'. Just like original Cranium, players must act, sculpt, guesstimate and perform - only this time every second counts. Just like the song, this is a party classic!

PureTSkin Hidra-Mat Moisturiser 50ml For oily skin or an oily T-zone, this non-greasy emulsion gives the skin the ideal amount of moisturisation but leaves it matt and without shine. The symbiotic effects of the active ingredients allow it to actively reduce sebum (oil) levels and give a long-lasting matt appearance. Moisturises without making the skin greasy Reduces natural sebum levels without being over-aggressive Leaves skin matt and shine free To use: once or twice daily as a moisturiser on clean skin.

FORMULA 1 SCHUMI-VICTORY FIGURE Die-Cast Resin statue of the 6 times World Champion, punching the air after another Grand Prix win.

Life Charms The Life Charms are a lovely thoughtful gift. Including a good luck charm, this collection of sterling silver life charms will accompany and inspire you on life's journey, and remind you that you are never alone whichever path you choose. The 5 sterling silver Life Charms are: Flower: inspiration charm Key: empowerment charm Shamrock: luck charm Heart: love and friendship charm Angel: protection charm These lovely charms come in a luxurious pouch with its own story or po... read more at our site

Mathmos Tuba(Silver) We hate to blow our own Tubas, but the latest innovation from those fabulously funky light-meisters Mathmos might just be their greatest ever, as it changes colour to sound or music.

G spot vibrator Here it is! The UK’s first and only G-Spot Rabbit vibrator! They said the Rabbit could not be bettered, well now it has. This fantastic Rabbit vibrator has a curved tip that rotates and gently bores deeper inside while massaging the g-spot. The shaft is filled with a new design of ‘free riding beads’ that squirm around inside of you giving unbeatable vaginal stimulation. The side mounted clitoral stimulator is in the favourite rabbit style with tingling ears and all functions are controlled by easy to operate slides on the base. Made from soft jelly rubber and includes lights inside to brighten up your fun. Size - 9.5" x 1.5" 250mm x 35mm

End Poverty Charity Wristband (White) Wear your heart on your sleeve and your support on your wrist. 75p from each wristband sold goes direct to charity! They're impossible not to notice. Everywhere you go, people are sporting rubber wristbands of every colour of the rainbow (and more). But these are more than an unusual fashion accessory – each band shows support for a different charity or cause. The white END POVERTY band is in support of WORKAID, a UK-based charity dedicated to tackling poverty in developing countries.

Stainless Steel Silver Ultimate Zap Cap Stainless Steel Silver Ultimate Zap Cap It's Fast!! It's Easy!! It's Fun!! - It's the Ultimate ZapCap Bottle Opener, the World's greatest bottle opener!! Instructions for the Stainless Steel Silver Ultimate ZapCap Bottle Opener: 1. Set ZapCap on the top of the bottle 2. Punch it down 3. Remove - the magnet holds onto the cap for easy disposal Try it and be amazed!! DIMENSIONS of the ZapCap Bottle Opener: ZapCap: 8.5cm x 5.2cm diameter In box: 17cm x 7.7cm x 5cm

Scuba Diving for Two This two hour pool based lesson under the watchful eye of trained PADI instructors is a great way to learn the basics of this popular sport - and potentially save valuable time on holiday. Covering the basic safety and mobility techniques, the lesson will also teach breathing skills and familiarise you with the equipment. The lesson will serve as an ideal introduction for those wanting to take further PADI qualifications and additional lessons maybe booked directly with the dive centre.


Space Hopper Memories Racing Odd Balls Set Remember the Space Hopper? Hours of fun just bouncing around the garden as a kid on your space hopper. Well imaging taking this fun, multiplying it by three and then add the element of competition to create more fun than a grinning face can handle

Radio Controlled R/C F1 Car Be a Formula One hero right in your living room with this 23cm (9 inch) long F1 racing car.

Worst Case - Dating and Sex


Duracell C Battery 2 Pack Duracell C Battery 2 pack - from as low as 97p each!

Flowers: Blush (TB04) Shades of pinks and lilacs create a lovely feeling of summer times, a collection of blooms including Gerbera, Lisianthus and Roses with a variety of green foliage such as palm grasses and dressed in a stylish wrap and bow.

Cathedral Classic In this award-winning medieval game of competition and rivalry, thou must block and out-manoeuvre thine opponent. Sounds simple but 'tis more addictive than the finest honey mead.

Ducti Wallet(Barhopper) Urban chic just doesn't get any, er, urbaner, than the ultra stylish Ducti Wallet. Handmade from Super Duct Tape, this quality cash container is the only wallet you'll ever need.

Ice Cube Light The Ice Cube Light is a portable battery powered colour fazing party light. The Portable Party Ice Light has two custom illumination modes. Simply press down on the top of the light to turn it on or off and it lights up in the normal white light mode or you can make it faze through red to blue to green. Dimensions of the Ice Light are 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 cms. The Ice Light requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Bondage Set - Adult Fun Indulge your naughty side with this fun and safe bondage set, guaranteed to get you and your partner's blood racing! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Included are four soft padded wrist/ankle cuffs with adjustable fasteners and strap webbings (length 1.2 metres), all made from non-tear fabric. Why not give in to an exciting new experience with your partner today? Also a great gift for an open minded couple... read more at our site

BOB Body Opponent Bag Tone up and improve your fitness and reflexes by doing battle with BOB – the ultra-realistic sparring partner. Boxing is well known for its immense fitness benefits, and can speed up and sharpen your reflexes and increase your agility. But if you're looking for a more realistic practise method than a conventional punchbag, you need to go into battle with BOB. BOB might not be a human opponent, but he's about closest thing there is to one.

Own a share in a football club This is truly a unique gift idea you can now give the gift of share ownership to a football fan. They will receive an exclusive shareholder gift-pack, a genuine share certificate displaying their name

Steel Twist Duet Gold Ball Bracelet

Folding Bike Precision built folding bike that is easy and fun to ride. Complete with a special dual purpose bag that you can use as a rucksack and to carry the folding bike in, without getting oil on everything from your folding bike.

Chess Set

Football trivia games 2400 questions about the beautiful game, includes 2004 Euro championships. Football trivia is the perfect game for any footy fan, questions cover all areas including history, clubs, players, grounds. Contents : 400 cards- 2400 questions, 1 die, 1 pencil, 1 scorepad, 1 rules leaflet.

Glowring Neon Blue Find your keys even in pitch black with the new Neon Glowring. It keeps on glowing for ten years with no batteries! When you've been out on the lash, finding your keys suddenly takes on a difficulty of Krypton Factor challenge proportions. Even worse, you could have made the mistake of giving them to the missus to look after, and they've disappeared into the black hole that is a woman's handbag. Either way, think how much easier a glowing keyring would make things. Each Neon Glowring contains a pressurised laser sealed glass tube – a Gaseous Tritium Light Source.

Wine: Round The World Reds (Ref 99993B) 2 x 1998 Malbec Reserva, Las Mercedes, Julio Bouchon, Maule Valley, Chile Luscious wine with intense berry flavours2 x 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon No 1, Vinedos Parador, Colchagua Valley, Chile - Very refined, an outstanding example of good Chilean Wine!2 x 1996 Ch Dillon Haut Medoc Rouge, Bordeaux - Mature Claret from one of the best recent Vintages2 x 1998 Chianti Classico, Fattoria Le Filigare - Top flight Tuscan, very special, complex with the typical dry Italian finish2 x 1999 Domaine Mas Morties, Pic St Loup - Spicy red from Languedoc?s hot-spot2 x 2001 Terra Felix Shiraz, Benigo, Victoria - Juicy and soft, rich in flavour.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Force FX Collectable This Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber is an official limited edition replica from Master Replicas Force FX range, so it's a perfect reproduction in every way. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is every boys dream and because most men have grown up with Star Wars and because they are just big boys it's every mans dream as well. The Luke Skywalker Lightsaber has an enhanced glowing blue blade with realistic power-up and power-down light and sound effects... read more at our site

Insectilix Lolly(Snake Venom) These exceedingly slurpable lollies have genuine edible creepy crawlies embedded within their candy confines. Choose from vodka flavour with a scorpion, tequila flavour with a worm or Peppermint flavour with ants. Yummy!

Ceroc Dancing Experience - 5 Classes! Ceroc is a modern jive, similar to Salsa but without the complicated footwork. It's therefor easy to pick up - so no excuses!!. There is no need to take a partner with you because during the classes everyone is moved around. The evenings start with a Beginners class, designed for people with no Ceroc experience. Then you'll move to an Intermediate lesson once you've grasped the basic moves, & round off with a freestyle section to dance with who you like, practice moves & develop your style.


Card Holder

Classic Swiss Army Knife

Glider with Aerotow After your first flight you'll be hooked on this superb sport. Why? It's much more challenging than powered flight - you need a lot of skill to keep a glider airborne - knowing how to recognise lift (rising air), where to find it and how to use it. But it's also great fun - effectively you become just like a bird - you often rise up in thermals alongside birds! After a pre-flight briefing, you will be strapped into the glider with your instructor... read more at our site

Ugly Dolls(Wage) "I am not an animal! I am an Uglydoll!" And what are Uglydolls, you ask. Well, let's just say they're hip, huggable and highly collectable. Oh yes, they're also spectacularly ugly...

RC tornado acrobatic machine Radio control stunt machine with 6 wheels this fast rc machine will do 360 degree turns, super wheelies and flip. 25cm by 15cm 6yrs upwards

Apex Personal Trainer Expertly crafted with a range of accessories for eight key exercises, the Apex is one of the most complete home multi-gyms around. If the idea of a human personal trainer seems a bit daunting, try the Apex Personal Trainer instead. It features everything you need for a comprehensive top to toe workout, yet its space-saving, small footprint design means it won't take up half your house. The Apex is designed to work your whole body, and boasts the components and accessories needed to perform exercises including ab crunches, bench and butterfly presses, LAT pulldowns, leg extensions and standing leg curls.


An Acre of Mars The most unique gift idea money can buy!In 1980 Dennis Hope laid claim to the moon and its surrounding planets. This has been filed with the US and Russian governments and has never been contested by either government.You to can now own your own 1 acre plot of any of these planets.

Become a Lord or Lady Are you bored with being Mr or Mrs average? Would you like people to show you a little more respect? Now you can demand the best treatment wherever you go.By purchasing this pack, you are actually buying one square foot of land forming part of the Glencairn estate in Scotland. Once you are the owner of the land, you can then use your new title of 'Laird' (meaning landowner, and widely accepted equivalent of Lord or Lady) The Laird title documents have been drawn up by a Scottish lawyer to ensure that it is a legal and valid document. You will receive in a translucent silver wallet:A4 Gift CertificateA4 Map of the areaInformation on the history of GlencairnA freepost registration card to complete the transfer of ownership of your landEvery Laird can visit the area where the plots are located - information about visiting your plot will be provided with your gift pack. Every plot of land purchased is helping to preserve areas of land in the Scottish Highlands.Please Note: You do not need to specify a name for the certificate at this stage. It is the recipient of the gift who needs to fill out the enclosed registration card with their name. 'Scottish Highland Titles' will then forward a personalized legal title deed inscribed with their new title of Laird or Lady, and plot number.Your life will never be the same again, Laird / Lady of Glencairn!

Electronic Name Badge It's a badge with a built-in LED display. Now LED's aren't anything new, but this badge is! Just hook up to your PC and enter the text you want to scroll on the badge. You can have up to 120 characters that can scroll at 8 different speeds, and 8 different flash frequencies to create a truly custom badge.


Enzo Ferrari 1:24 Model Kit

Nuts about Nuts Do you like gnawing nuts? Are you a nut-case? Well, stop monkeying around and place your order for a Nuts About Nuts hamper. Go bonkers for brazils, go potty for peanuts, go ape for almonds. (Oh and be warned – this hamper may contain nuts!).

Silver Traveller Keepsafe Charm This was designed as a St. Christopher's for the new millenium! It fits onto a rucksack toggle (actually just behind otherwise it would fall off)and stays there as a constant reminder. It's made from silver and features 5 icons engraved into the sides: A Heart - representing the love of the person giving the charm. A Letter - to remind them to stay in touch. A Sun - representing the life giving warmth of the sun and the peaceful feeling of warm light on closed eyes... read more at our site

Waterbomb Catapult By combining two of the most infantile pursuits known to man – lobbing soggy balloons and messing with catapults - boffins have created this spectacularly powerful waterbomb-firing catapult. So powerful it takes three people to operate it. Boing, whizz, splat! <span class="highlight">Another Firebox UK First!</span>

SwissCard(Jelly Pink) All the usual Swiss army things to pull out into a fan, but from a credit card sized case that's only 4mm thick.

VitaMan Facial Scrub 150ml Scuff away dead skin cells, reduce in-growing hairs and soften rough skin with this superb facial scrub from VitaMan Australia! Plant extracts deep cleanse the skin Exfoliating particles remove dead skin cells and ingrained dirt and grime Helps prevent skin congestion and blackheads Leaves skin healthy and fresh For all skin types even sensitive and dry Use once or twice a week before shaving or in the shower

ELVIS PRESLEY FIGURE Incredible detailed Die cast figure of The King with guitar, mic and placed on a stage style stand. Great for any Elvis fan. AVAILABLE MAY'04

Matt Gold C6 Envelopes 25 matt gold C6 envelopes with gummed flaps. C6 envelopes are 162 x 114 mm and designed to fit A6 sized cards (ie 1/4 of an A4 sheet).

Blue Sealing Wax Stick Wax sticks are approximately 10cm in length and you should manage 15-20 seals from each stick (depending on how generous you are). The wax seals are post proof and will NOT break in the post. To create a seal on your invitation or envelope simply light the wick and allow a few drips of wax to fall where you require the seal. When you have acheived a sufficient sized blob extinguish the flame and impress the seal into the hot wax - easy... read more at our site

Seadoo SeaScooter GTI Seadoo Seascooter GTI Designed for the Diving and Ocean markets, the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ GTI gives a powerful performance in a small, lightweight package. The SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ GTI delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.5mph/4km/h, down to 100ft./30m depth. The GTI is light enough to carry in one hand, making beach diving with a DPV a reality and snorkelling a dream, and with features like waterproof circuitry, maintenance is a cinch. Features: Speeds of up to 2.5mph/4km/h * Highly manoeuvrable - weighs just 18lbs/8.4KG including battery * Tested to 115ft/35m - rated to 100ft/30M * Waterproof circuitry for protection against accidental flooding * Run time of up to 2 hours with normal use * Adjustable buoyancy Each Sea Scooter comes with its own carry bag and is supplied with an extremely comprehensive manual which should be read thoroughly before ever taking the unit into water. Cannot be shipped outside the UK

Robosapien Battery Pack Get all the batteries your Robosapien needs in one go with this specially assembled battery pack. Our Robosapien humanoid robot is taking the world by storm. He can walk, dance, kick, carry and even burp – in fact, he can perform an amazing 67 pre-programmed functions. But without a set of batteries, he's just a robot-shaped ornament. So grab yourself a Robosapien Battery Pack and bring your robotic buddy to life. The Robosapien Battery Pack contains four D batteries and four AAA batteries; all you need to get your Robosapien going.

Silver Tassels These Silver Tassels wrap around the spine of an A5 (21cm) invitation, leaving the Silver Tassels hanging. Each Silver Tassel cord has an adjustable slider which you tighten around the card. Because the Silver Tassel cords are adjustable they fit around any card between 18 and 25 cm deep. The Silver Tassels are 51cm in length from knot to knot, the tassels on each end are 4.5 cms long, which gives a total unfolded length of 60 cms... read more at our site

4x4 Off Road Course Can you imagine driving without using your feet? You will on our Town and Country sponsored 4x4 course! Take your driving into a new dimension and guide our Isuzu Troopers and your fellow pupils around the challenging course. Including sharp ascents and descents, water crossing and side slopes so steep that you will hardly believe the vehicle won't roll! Amaze yourself with what you and a 4x4 can really do!!

Worlds smallest spy camera This high quality colour wireless pinhole camera with audio can be placed anywhere! the pinhole camera allows for concealment into clock, box, video box etc. suitable for security in shops, offices, home etc. Extremely small size 2cm X 2cm, lightweight and low power consumption. * Extra wide range for 300 feet. * Focus & Angle: 6.0mm, 45¡ * Operated by a standard 9V battery or use a supplied AC adapter. * Very easy to use - just connect the receiver via Av or Scart to any TV, monitor or VCR * UK & European use only * Products included: pinhole camera, 2 power AC power adaptors, Av cable, 9v battery to camera wire, radio receiver, receiver aerial.

Tablet DVD Player Multiregion from the start the Next Base tablet DVD player can tackle DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3's, Music CD's, JPEG Picture Discs, CD-R/RW, DVD +/- R and DVD +/- RW! A truly feature packed tablet dvd player.

Jeff Banks Black Tabbed N-case

Duracell AA(4) 50 Packs Duracell AA 4 Pack - 50 packs.

A3 Name a Star Astronomers divided the sky into areas, as perceived from earth, so as to create a consistent spherical map, rather like the markings on a football. In this way, 88 areas or constellations were formed. Only a handful of stars bear names, arising from Arabic, Greek and Roman mythology. The vast majority of stars are referred to only by their astronomical co-ordinates or catalogue numbers, they are unnamed and there are millions and millions of them. So why not name one after someone special.?

Mouse Rugs(Maroon Bokhara) Give your computer mouse a superior surface on which to roam with a MouseRug<sup>®</sup>. Inspired by classic designs, these chic wafers of high quality fabric will give any workspace a touch of class.<span class="highlight">Another Firebox UK First!</span>

Mr & Mrs Smith's Hotel Guidebook("Something for the Weekend" Music CD) Amaze friends and lovers with your knowledge of the most stylish and individual hotels around, via this witty and informative guidebook. It's the Waldorf Salad of hotel guides!

Desktop Train Set The Desktop Train Set is a fantastic gift for boys of all ages, not just the executives it's meant for! Boasting a die cast steam engine, seven feet of track and a working headlight, this is much more than a toy. Turn any flat surface into a working train track with the Desktop Train Set. You'll be amazed at the simple pleasure of the assembly and the satisfaction of seeing run. A guaranteed stress reliever! The Desktop Train Set's working headlight will light up as it t... read more at our site

BottleSpy Bottle Opener Keep track of how much you really drink with the BottleSpy – the opener that counts for you! Get it first from the Stuff Group! Have you ever woken up with the hangover from hell and thought ‘how did I get so drunk, I only had...' then realised you haven't got a clue how many you had? It happens to the best of us; or at least it used to. Now the BottleSpy Bottle Opener has arrived, it need never happen again.

Forged 690 CB Irons

Mud plugging 4x4 drive day This off-road course is demanding, requires precision, skill, planning and a certain amount of nerve as you negotiate your way around our very challenging course.

Nickel Contre-Feu (Shaving Balm) 75ml Razor burn demands fast action! This has to be the fastest and most stylish way to rescue your skin. Exclusive from Nickel an ultra-light gel to instantly calm and soothe. Helps to heal tiny nicks and cuts Microspheres moisturise the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable Apply to the sensitive just-shaved areas for instant relief

HELLBOY 18" FIGURE Hellboy, now the world's greatest paranormal investigator, Now working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). Detailed and authentic black t-shirt, leather pants, and caped trenchcoat.

Revolving poker rack Ideal for storing chips and can be used while playing * 200 quality dual-toned poker chips * Two decks of poker cards * Revolving poker rack * Dealer button * Texas hold'em instructions NB to heavy to by delivered outside of the UK

Power Push Gas Cartridge Refills Overdone it on the wine? Grab yourself a gas cartridge refill. If you've had so much fun popping corks with your Power Push (not to mention drinking the contents of the bottles) that you've run out of gas, never fear. With these refill packs of two gas cartridges, you can fill your Power Push up again and pop away ‘til your heart's content.

Bird of Prey Day Falconry techniques have been refined over centuries and passed down from many falconers. This full day course gives you the opportunity to share in this knowledge also to interact these magnificent birds of prey up close before learning how to fly them to the fist. These birds are not trained to do tricks they simply mimic what comes naturally to them. All the birds on show will display their natural instincts to soar, quarter, pounce and mantle.

Limbo Garden Games The Limbo Garden Game is a classic for all the family and is a great garden game for all sorts of gargen parties and BBQ's, whether kids are involved or not. The Limbo Garden Games make it easy for the kids to beat the grown ups fairly and squarely as they are are smaller and won't have to bend half as much. So you can take on your family and friends with this Garden Limbo Game. Just loosen up and limbo down, as low as you can go... read more at our site

Rose Petals Scented Candle Rose Petal Candle is one from Lily Flame's range which really are nicest scented candles we have ever seen or smelt. We just wish smellovision computers have been invented so you can enjoy all the beautiful smells in the range. The Rose Petals Candle smells just like fresh roses and the great thing about these candles are you don't need to light them to enjoy the beautiful smell, we guarantee you will not be disappointed... read more at our site

Quick Pool <img src="/i/SummerSalePrice_30off.gif" width="42" height="42" border="0" align="left" alt="Summer Sale £30off!" vspace="5">Make a splash in the garden with this super-convenient inflatable pool. Featuring a lightning-fast rechargeable pump, the luxuriously large Quick Pool is ready to fill in two minutes. Forget poncey statues, this is the one water feature everyone will want to check out.

Creative Zen Micro(Dark Blue) Set to shake the competition to the core (geddit?), the funky Zen Micro does everything its main rival can and more. With a 5GB capacity, FM radio and removable, rechargeable battery, this ultra-stylish machine may be the new kid on the block but it's already looking like a potential giant killer.

Harley Davidson Passenger Ride Ride pillion (behind on of our experienced riders) on a two and a half hour tour around London or Kent. Visit London's most famous streets and buildings including a stop to take in that special view of Buckingham Palace or to eat in the world famous Harley favourite, the Hard Rock Cafe upon your return (Meal not included). Or if you wish, take in the wonderful scenery, quaint villages and countryside of picturesque rural Kent.

10x25 Chrome Binoculars

I Love You Toaster I Love You Toaster allows you to say those 3 little words in style everyday, not only first thing in the morning but whenever you fancy a slice of toast, fantastic!!! This clever toaster has a special metal plate inside it which produces the words I Love You on the toast itself. Breakfast in bed will never be the same again once you get this little baby toasting away. The I Love You toaster is an attractive addition to any kitchen, with a retro look and kitsch 70s feel... read more at our site

Bondage Tape Black Bondage Tape is new and amazing, it's the most exciting product to appear on the fetish scene for years. Our black Bondage Tape is nice and wide (2") it bonds, gags, blindfolds, mummifies and ties using its unique self-cling property. Easily and painlessly removed, even on hair! Bondage Tape is black, non-adhesive PVC tape for all sorts of fun and games. Bondage Tape is also great for making funky party outfits... read more at our site

Bottle Cooler Bottle cooler with stainless steel matt-silver finish. Ideal for your keeping the champagne chilled.

Pedometer jogging kit Digital pedometer measures steps taken and distance travelled. Also included is a reflector and high visibility reflective waist/ shoulder band for safe night jogging.

Playboy Bunny Cushion Give your home a touch of unique and quirky style with this officially licensed Playboy Bunny Cushion. Your house might not be the size of the Playboy mansion, but if fancy giving it a touch of Heff's flamboyancy, this Playboy Bunny Cushion is perfect. Designed in the shape of the world famous Playboy bunny logo, it's 100% officially licensed, and guaranteed to cause a stir with its funky style. Perfect as a bed cushion (we'll leave it to your imagination to figure out why), the combination of the unusual shape and the contrasting pink and black colours makes it possibly the most eye-catching cushion money can buy.

RAC LT II Irons (Steel)

BMW X5 4 x 4 Driving Off Road Experience Pure adrenaline - at just five miles an hour. We bring you an experience you will never forget - all the fun, exhilaration and sheer adventure of 4x4 driving.

Double Dog Tag

Home Aquarobics Kit Let Jane lead you through this series of fun, easy exercises to effectively tone and firm your hips and thighs. All done whilst you detox, deep cleanse, exfoliate and banish the dreaded cellulite with heavenly thalassotherapy products. An amazing multi-tasking kit, just perfect for the modern woman with no time for looking after herself.

Real Electric Shock Lighter Want to help someone give up smoking? Or just see them shriek like a girl? Just pass them this lighter. As soon as they press the button to light up they’ll get a real electric shock through their thumb. Very Funny!

Green Watch

Duracell C (2) - 50 Packs Duracell C (2) - 50 Packs

£250 Open Gift Voucher You've ummmed and arrghhed but we've made the decision easy for you - give an Open Gift Voucher - and let the lucky person make a choice for themselves.This £250 voucher can be redeemed against any of the experiences or gifts on our web site. From Ferrari Driving to Spa Breaks and Hampers to fine wine.give them the ultimate gift experience.

Tandem Skydive There is nothing that can beat this experience for sheer exhilaration. After briefing it's off to the jump aircraft. You will climb to a height of around 10,000 ft then be strapped to your British Parachute Association approved instructor.

Satin Soft Clothes Hangers Keep your favourite outfit, party dress, best-loved jacket and couldn't-live-without-it skirt on these sumptuous satin soft hangers. Treat your favourite clothes with the love and tenderness they deserve with these pleasing hangers. There's no need to worry about your favourite dress being teased out of shape ever again! There are four hangers in a pack, each one with a different label: "Cost a Bomb" "Sale Bargain" "Expensive Mistake" "Best Buy Ever" Satin Soft Coat Hang... read more at our site

Oxygen(O-Pur 8 litre) Eight litres of 99.5 per cent pure oxygen housed in a fetching canister. Simply place the open end over the mouth and nose and take a bloody great breath of the stuff. Refreshing indeed.

Thinking Putty(Colourchanging Chameleon) Mind-blowing Thinking Putty leaves all other stress relievers firmly in the shade. Thinking Putty stretches, bounces, shatters, tears, and even snaps. Move over Newton's Cradle - Thinking Putty is poised to become the latest must-have stress relief toy.

VitaMan Shave Crème 150ml This moisturising shaving cream has been a massive hit in Australia. Its extra lubrication softens the beard to help you sail through your shave like a breeze! Excellent for those with dry, sensitive skin. Gives a rich, lubricating lather for a friction-free, extra close shave. Helps avoid ingrowing hairs and razor burn. Apply to warm, damp skin with fingertips

Wallet (Notecase)

Grandfather of the Bride Wedding Cufflinks - White Grandfather of the Bride Wedding Cufflinks are white squares with a silver setting and the same text style as the pictured Groom cufflinks. The cufflinks do not come with a case, so that you can choose the most suitable case for your requirements, ie whether you want to engrave the case with a special message and the date of the wedding. This has the added bonus that it will remind them of your anniversary. To see them both please go to the wedding favours page... read more at our site

Colour Flame Candles - 6 Pack Colour Flame Candles are creating a candle revolution. Since the dawn of time, man (and specifically woman) kind has been fascinated by candles! Yet candles with colour flames have never been seen before. These fascinating colour flame candles are incredibly special. They look like regular white candles in elegant glass holders - but watch the reaction and amazement when you light them. Unlike common yellow flame candles our coloured flame candles burn with amazing ruby,... read more at our site

Casino Playing Cards Casino bosses are understandably wary about keeping cards in play for long periods of time. It makes it too easy for a sneaky player to mark the backs or get up to similar mischief.

Furry handcuffs and massage oil The perfect valentines gift - passion fruit flavour massage oil and furry lovecuffs!

Amazonas Table Tennis Table (Outdoor) Play ping pong all year long, come rain or shine, with this official ITTF weatherproof outdoor table. The most fun, addictive things in life are often very simple at heart. Take table tennis for instance. You don't need any sporting prowess to play, you won't be tripped up by complicated and obscure rules, but that ‘just one more go' feeling will keep you at the table for hours. Add to that how competitive it becomes once you get a good rally going, and you can say goodbye to your afternoon.

The Art of Hula Dancing Mini Kit The Mini Art of Hula Dancing Kit Learn the rudiments of the ancient, exotic art of Hula Dancing with this unique kit. It’s packed with 2 sets of finger clackers, a flower hair slide, hula garland and a 32-page book that explains all the basic moves and much more. Who knew exercise could be this much fun?

Mirror Compact with Phone Book The ultimate handbag gadget! A handy compact mirror and phone book in one very tidy package. It closes shut and has a stylish matt aluminium finish. Size: 6cm x 6.2cm

4 X 4 Off Road Driving Learn the basics of how to control these powerful workhorses through extreme terrain. Steep inclines, water-splashes, axel twisters, giant seesaw, pits and side-slides are all encountered en route.

Bathroom Lighting Accessory The next time you stumble to the toilet at night LavNav will automatically light up with a soft and subtle glow and provide you with a perfect target point inside the bowl.

Control an airliner simulator

Gliding Flight Trial Lesson (Winch) This exhilarating Winch Launch Glider Flight lesson will take you to the skies over the Severn Valley. You will be able to see as far as the Black Mountains in Wales and the Severn Estuary and its bridges. The lesson will last around 5 minutes in which time you will learn to turn and manoeuvre the glider.

Congratulations (Helium Balloon) Imagine the surprise when the box is opened and your gift balloon floats up into the air !!

Ducti Wallet(Triplett) Urban chic just doesn't get any, er, urbaner, than the ultra stylish Ducti Wallet. Handmade from Super Duct Tape, this quality cash container is the only wallet you'll ever need.

Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game is a fantastic garden game for all the family, the kids will absolutely love it, it's much more fun the normal snakes and ladders game and it gets them out of the house and away from the TV. The Garden Snakes and Ladders Game takes fun to a totally new dimension because you and the kids are actually in the game, you all act as counters and you move up the ladders and down the snakes and around the Giant Snakes and Ladders Garden Game ... read more at our site

Ugly Dolls(Icebat) "I am not an animal! I am an Uglydoll!" And what are Uglydolls, you ask. Well, let's just say they're hip, huggable and highly collectable. Oh yes, they're also spectacularly ugly...

PTS SoLo Golf Balls

Astra Rally gift experience day This has to be one of the best value for money full on rally driving experience's on the net. Get to grips with the Vauxhall Astra front wheel drive rally cars on a half day or full day format.

American Crew Fiber 100gm ‘Fiber’ has developed a cult following amongst professional hair stylists. It gives a fabulous matt texture without shine. Use for contemporary chopped and textured styles to get a matt natural look that’s both fashionable and sexy. Provides total control and flexibility To use: Warm a little on your finger tips and work evenly and thoroughly through hair.

Buckaroo If you thought Buckaroo had been put out to pasture, think again. The moody spring-loaded mule whose saddle always needs stacking is just as volatile as ever. Boing!

Aurora - colour changing clock A trulyunique clock. Both a fully functional alarm clock and a mood lighting centerpiece, the Aurora can be set to run through it's 12 colour variations by glowing 1 colour per hour, or through a preset lighting sequence. * Flashing light and sound alarm function * Large easy to read LCD display * One touch control function (requires 4 x AAA batteries, not included. Can also run from mains adaptor provided)

Duracell AAA 4 Pack Duracell AAA 4 Pack - from as low as 43p each!

Own a Share in Disney Now you can really be a part of the Mickey Mouse club by owning a genuine share in The Walt Disney Company. The SoloShare Gift Pack includes a presentation certificate, Disney information, shareholder information and registration card. The actual share certificate in their name will be delivered separately and will give them all the usual benefits a shareholder is entitled to.

Wooden Handled Celtic Rose Wax Seal A solid celtic rose brass seal has a wooden handle to allow you to impress it into hot sealing-wax. The celtic rose seal now comes with one stick of red wax in a presentation box with a clear lid (if you would like a different colour wax stick please input your prefered colour into the message text box on the 1st page of the checkout). The detail in the celtic rose design is excellent and the finished celtic rose wax-seal looks fantastic... read more at our site

Pewter Heart In A Box This beautiful Pewter Heart in a Box is a romantic treasure. Now you can give your partner your heart forever by giving them this eye-catching love token. Why give flowers or chocolates when you can give them something that'll last forever? The Pewter Heart in a Box means they can keep your heart safe forever. The sturdy Pewter Box comes with the word "True" engraved on it and the smooth, solid heart has "love" engraved... read more at our site

Thinking Putty(Scarab) Mind-blowing Thinking Putty leaves all other stress relievers firmly in the shade. Thinking Putty stretches, bounces, shatters, tears, and even snaps. Move over Newton's Cradle - Thinking Putty is poised to become the latest must-have stress relief toy.

Humunga Tongue(Large) Get ready for plenty of canine-related hilarity when your dog gets hold of a Humunga Tongue. Made from non-toxic rubber, this wacky tongue-shaped fetch toy is guaranteed to have fellow dog lovers in hysterics and makes the combined efforts of Scooby Doo, Huckleberry Hound and Muttley seem positively unfunny.

Motor Racing Gold Climbing into the cockpit, your adrenaline surges. As the engine roars into life, the fun really starts. You recall your instructors words as you accelerate, starting in Hot Hatch training vehicles progressing through Formula Ford 1600 Single Seaters to the amazing Vauxhall Lotus 2.0 litre single seaters. Believed to be the most progressive single seater course available in the UK. The qualified instructors will teach you skills you never imagined you possessed.

Spirit Level Cufflinks

Gift Boxed Fountain Pen Set

Flashing Mobile Phone Keyring Never miss a call on your mobile if the music's too loud or you just can't hear it! This handy little keyring will flash a red LED inside the clear case whenever your mobile rings. It's active for up to a metre from your phone and comes ready for action with a battery supplied. It's big enough to be seen, but small enough not to look like a canoe in your pocket! 11.5 x 1.6 x 1.6cm to be exact. Comes boxed so you blokes don't need to break into a sweat just thinking about... read more at our site

Pole dancing kit Drive your partner wild with this home Pole Dancing Kit. Included in the kit is a telescopic pole that requires no drilling or screwing, a bunch of Peekaboo cash and a garter belt for him to stuff it into. Comes complete with a booklet of moves that you can perform to any of your favorite music. Great to use in private or for parties!2.5 metres high

Shocking wire game If you’re having a party with your mates, then you need one of these! This dexterity test buzzes and gives the player an electric shock if you touch the wire with the wand – time to have another drink and start again! Great fun for all, this ingenious device could lead to some great party fun! Shocking wire game details: Suitable for 2-4 players This is not a toy, and not suitable for children Includes 2 x AA batteries for testing Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, heart condition or similar

White Magic Putter

The Italian Job Try this one for something different… Together with the team of instructors, who have constructed a fast, but technically demanding circuit you will experience the Mini Cooper, an E Type Jaguar and a Bus!

Photo Frame & Album Don’t let this very clever device fool you. It looks like a swish and stylish photo frame but look a little closer and you will see one big difference.It actually stores upto 40 photos at a time, and all you need to do to swap between the pictures is pull out the cleverly concealed drawer, and push it back in.This action takes the top photo and places it at the back of the pile revealing a new photo for you to enjoy.It can be displayed anywhere - vertically, horizontally or hanging on the wall. Holds 40 photos measuring 10 x 15cm (4 x 6 inches).This is a gift with a difference, which they will be able to enjoy for years to come.GIFT STATS: Photo Frame & AlbumMeasures: 20 x 16cmFrame Colour: SilverPackaging: Gift Box

Solar Powered Double Rainbow Maker Red and yellow and pink and some other colour... I can now see two rainbows thanks to this wondrous solar powered rainbow maker. Is simple yet ingenious. The sun hits the solar panel at the top of the Double Rainbow Maker, this then makes the two Swarovski crystals counter turn to create an overlapping pattern of rainbows for that ahhhhhhh effect.

BioDisk Biometric Finger Print Security Flash Disk 1GB Highest level of security protection (fingerprint & password) for your data. If someone tries to look at the drive without your fingerprint they’ll just see an empty disk. With an enormous 1GB of storage!

Super 6 Electronic Chess

Garnet Cufflinks

Acre of Land On Moon Have you ever yelled ‘I just need some space!' at your partner during a row? Well your prayers have been answered. This cheese isn't the edible stuff, but a chunk of land on the moon. The novel Lunar Deeds will make for a fantastic present for family and friends of all ages. If you can't afford to get on the property ladder don't worry, because for a matter of pounds, you can buy a piece of land on another planet. Due to a Law passed in American Congress, the Lunar Deed is the only authorised reseller of land on the lighted lunar surface, and a certificate of authenticity will prove to all of your friends that you do actually own something.

Own a Share in Cadbury's Does someone you know eats so much chocolate you wish you had a share in the company? Now you can do just that by owning a genuine share in Cadbury Schweppes plc. The SoloShare Gift Pack includes a presentation certificate, Cadbury Schweppes plc. information, shareholder information and registration card. The actual share certificate in their name will be delivered separately and will give them all the usual benefits a shareholder is entitled to.

Blue Diode Pen This Blue Diode Pen can light up anyones life. The pen has a bright blue LED in the top and a clear perspex body to illiminate your writing or just look cool. Blue Diode Pen

Pewter Secret Message Heart This beautiful Pewter Secret Message Heart is a completely unique way of showing someone that you love them. The outer edges have raised hearts and kisses and on the inner face is cast the words LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED. The heart are supplied in singles (even though there are 2 in the photo) and they come in a red velvet pouch. Dimensions: 68 x 58 x 7 mm

Slim 5L(with 128Mb SD Card) Ignore the experts; size really does matter, especially when it comes to digital photography. That's why this nifty little 3.1 megapixel camera is so impressive. Featuring 640x480 video recording with sound, 8x digital zoom and a sharp 1.5" screen, the only thing smaller than the idiot-proof Slim 5L is its price tag!

Zirh Best Sellers Kit Three Zirh favourites for great skin! This boxed set is only £35.00 and includes full-size Zirh Clean facial wash, Zirh Scrub and Zirh Protect daily moisturiser. Total value of individual products is £46.00 saving you a total of £11.00.To use: Cleanse face with Clean to rid skin of excess dirt and oil. Use twice daily in the morning and evening. Twice a week follow with Scrub to gently exfoliate and leave skin fresh and smooth. Apply Protect to face and neck after cleansing and/or exfoliating twice a day.

Symphony Power Kite This fabulous stunt kite looks and acts like no other.Unfold the Symphony 1.4, and you'll be amazed by its dazzling design and brilliant, bold colouring. Then watch as the easy to launch kite zips and twists through the sky, taking the limelight from everything else around!Despite its impressive size (1.5 metres wide) it folds neatly into a small easy-to-carry pouch measuring just 22 x 16cm... so is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a picnic, party on the beach or playing in the park.The kite comes ready to fly with lines, handles and an instruction booklet. Suitable for ages 12 and over.GIFT STATS: Symphony Power Kite 1.4Symphony Kite Measures: 145 x 65cmPower Kite Colour: Multi-colouredPower Kite Weight inc pouch: 311g

Anti-ageing Silk Firming Serum Proto-Col Anti-ageing Silk Firming Serum Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve skin that appears as flawless as silk? You too can have silky smooth skin thanks to this luxurious plant-based anti-ageing and firming serum which acts to nourish and firm the skin and may reduce the appearance of fine lines and open pores. Your skin will be left with a beautiful satin sheen as the product acts to tighten and firm the face and neck, evening our skin tone and discolour... read more at our site

Balance Cup Balance Cup by the famous designer Carl Mertens. “Is the bowl half-full or half-empty?”, this most original drinking bowl gives a new answer to this question: It inclines to both. The less it is filled, the more it inclines to one side. The more it is filled up, it balances out – the “sensitive drinking bowl“ reacts to its content. The degree, in which the bowl inclines, can be a sweet temptation as well as a discreet reminder to top up your guests drinks!! The Balance C... read more at our site

Wheel Clock Great quality 10inch wheel clock. Ideal for any car enthuasist. Chrome and rubber.

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