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Buy Santenay Clos de la Comme Dessus 2001, 75cl for £14.49

An elegant offering that illustrates the lighter style of Burgundy beautifully.

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Elvis Wig Grow The Kings hair in seconds, big quiff and all!

Jack Daniels Dartboard Stuff (Dartboard) Dartboard with the famous Jack Daniel's branding.Official merchandise.

Poker Cloth (Hard Dark Green 1x1.56mtr) Choose from either soft green or hard 'Vegas' poker cloth.

Stainless Steel Waiters Tray 300mm durable stainless steel bar tray with lipped rim.

CHATEAU TOUR BALADOZ - 2001 75cl Bottle Grand Cru St Emilion AC, chateau bottled Bordeaux. Strong and elegant with a pleasing balance of Merlot fruit and plenty of character.

Titan Foosball Table (Was £149.99) If your a young lad or an old git foosball table is fun for everyone!

Luxury Numbered Suited Chips (25x White 1s) Super smart aluminium chip case available in either 300 or 500 capacity. Includes quality clay style 11.5gm 'suited' poker chips like the ones used in real casinos, 2pks 'World Poker Tour' playing cards, dealer button, blind buttons and 5 poker dice.

SMOKEY JIMS 70cl Bottle A smooth genuine Kentucky bourbon, full of flavour and original taste.

MOET & CHANDON - 1998 75cl Bottle Twenty wines have been blended to convey the characteristics of the 1998 harvest, and to create this full-bodied and authentic wine. The generosity of this assemblage built on its delicacy and vivacity is revealed by its ageing in the cellar. The 1998 harvest is a vintage marked by early flowering. Early budding and a hot thundery spring permitted quick flowering, which was completed by the first fortnight of June. Despite very early average temperatures, the summer was remarkable for its sunshine and dryness until the beginning of the harvest (September 10th). The later start of the rains did nothing to affect the quality of the harvest. The wines are fine, clear and expressive. 30% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier of a medium gold colour with hazlenut and coffee aromas, complimented by delicate lime and ripe wheat shades with a wonderful roundness and balance, built on delicacy and vivacity.The full bodied nature of this wine compliments chicken pates, scallops, fish dishes and creamed meats and caramelised fruit tart.

Rude Clothing (Just Did It Hoodie) Being subtle. It’s supposed to make us look sophisticated, aloof and desirable. But it doesn’t work. That’s why we all need to give subtlety the heave and adopt a much bolder approach instead!

Moonflower Scanner A Dichroic coloured moonflower mirror that scans at 180 degrees.

Bonassia Syrah, Beni M'Tir 2001, 75cl If you fancy something a little bit different, check this out!

GREY GOOSE 70cl Bottle Grey Goose Vodka, winner of the 1998 World Spirit Championships.Grey Goose is made from a unique combination of the choicest grains.Lovingly created with clear mineral waters from the Gente Springs of Cognac, natuarlly filtered through Champagne limestone.Handcrafted in small batches through a five step distillation process starting ina a traditional copper pot still.Artistic hand-made bottle takes 36 hours to produce.Cork closure of the finest quality adds that finishing touch.

Black Plaits Ladies, doing your own hair takes literally hours, so do it in seconds with our new black plaits!

Hands Free Wine Glass Holders Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses!Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden!

La Passion d'Orane Provence Rosé 2003, 75cl A fresh, crisp Provençal Rosé with plenty of juicy red fruit.

WADWORTHS 12x 500ml Bottles

Hen Night Learner Confetti Superb Learner shaped confetti for the perfect hen night!

Coffee Liquer Gift This FAMOUS Italian Liquer gift contains a bottle of 70cl Disaronno (Ameretto) Liqueur, Café Imperial Coffee, some Gordon Ramseys Chocolates and party poppers.

South African Mixed Wine Case Send this wine case as a superb gift throughout the UK and Europe. You can rest assured the recipient will be overjoyed by these excellent wines from South Africa, gift wrapped and including your personal hand written message card.

MONIN - Coco (Coconut) 70cl Bottle An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned for their rich and natural flavours. Monin syrups are made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. Monin syrups do not include any fat or cholesterol.

F. Bonnet Brut Heritage NV, 75cl A delicious combination of plump, creamy-textured lemony fruit with hints of plum.

Bleasdale Bremerview Shiraz 2000, 75cl Rich plum fruits with vanilla oak and plenty of chocolate and spice.

Bee Playing Cards (Blue) Bee® Diamond Back Club Special playing cards, standard poker size, casino quality, used by discriminating card-players since 1892. Made in USA.

Shocking Lighter Trick your friends with this electric shock lighter.

Roca Cabernet Sangiovese 2001 Red ripe Cabernet Sangiovese with plenty of fruit juice

Gordons Dry Gin Bottle In the opinion of the connoisseurs the best gin is London Dry - a spirit made from soft grain, dry and clean tasting. This dry Gin is usually the one that is poured as a standard Gin. Gift wrapped 70cl bottle gift wrapped and including a message card

Harley Davidson Classic Bar Exquisite bar unit handcrafted from eastern maple in traditional mahogany finishes.

Bushmills 10 Y.O., 70cl A superb Irish malt from the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world.

STOLICHNAYA - Red 70cl Bottle While others have tried to imitate Russian vodka production techniques, they have never totally succeeded. There are 3 key elements that separate Stoli' from its immitators. First, Stoli' is distilled from winter wheat, which is the best tasting wheat, not from corn or other grains. Produced in Russia's oldest distillery, it is considered the classic Russian vodka. Secondly, virtually all domestic vodka producers use processed water to reduce the product to its proper proof, whilst Stoli' uses the purest, softest glacial waters. Last, Stoli' is carefully filtered through both quartz and activated charcoal, then through quartz again.

40th Birthday Gift Send the ideal birthday gift for that special day with a bottle of Moet Chandon, 40th birthday glass, all in a gift box.

Silver Dots Confetti Confetti is that extra little something that make's a party table look fantastic.

Chrome Coin Poker Chips (25x Black $100) These chips are made from a new patented formula called 'Jackpot Clay' and provide the best feel, best sound, heaviest weight (12.5g) and basically give that genuine 'Casino' feel.

Bar Towels (Beefeater) Over 30 different traditional cloth bar towels approx 220mm x 500mmFor full list of towels please click the drop down box below.Please note the actual towels may vary slightly from the images.

Silver Disposable Set (Plates) Silver couloured disposable accessories perfect for any occassion.

BERENTZEN - Doornkaat 70cl Bottle Enjoy the sinful smooth flavour of Germany's traditional maize-based schnapps, it's clean, clear and awesome.In its bold green bottle and distinct logo it should be positioned between vodkas and gin and in the neighborhood of grain specialties like Steinhaeger and Aquavit. Doornkaat could be enjoyed chilled or in your favourite cocktail.Doornkaat is the only speciality grain spirit that is distilled three times in a complex procedure, thus acquiring its unique quality. This ensures that Doornkaat has an extremely pure, mild and clear flavour which corresponds to the connoisseur of clear spirits.Doornkaat, in the striking green, four-cornered bottle, has been one of the most well-known German brand name spirits for a number of decades (38% vol).

PUSCHKIN - Black Sun 70cl Bottle Puschkin Black Sun with the wild fruity taste of black berries and siberian ginseng. ideal on the rocks, or as a long drink with cola or grapefruit juice.serve well chilled.The wild and fruity taste of blackberries and a scent of the mystic Siberian root Eleutherococcus give character to this product.

LOMAS DE CAUQUENES - Pinot Noir 75cl Bottle Ripe, earthy aroma of cherries and blackcurrant with long, dry and lasting rich fruit characters.

Hot Air Balloon Experience the adventure of hot air ballooning in your own back garden.

Falanghina, Feudi di San Gregorio 2003, 75cl Ever tried Falanghina? If not; get a bowl, add chopped apple, banana and pineapple and you'll get the idea...

Côtes du Rhône Parallèle 45, Jaboulet 2000, 75cl A serious style of Cotes du Rhone with plenty of dark fruit, spice and balanced tannin.

Shocking Wire Game Based on the traditional 'follow the wire' games that beeped at you if your hand slipped and touched the wire, this version has a slight difference...........

Pol Roger 1990 Pol roger recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and is perhaps best known as Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne. The house remains family owned and has a reputation for producing champagnes of finesse and elegance which age very well. The 1990 vintage is one of the finest years of the past century and therefore makes a truly remarkable gift for any occasion. Send this 75cl bottle in elegant gift wrap with a hand written message card.

French Red Wine Case 3 Six scintillating red wines from France

HENNESSY - VS 70cl Bottle Hennessy V.S. is a blend of the finest cognacs, aged to full maturity in oak barrels in the town of Cognac, where Richard Hennessy established his company in 1765. Full bodied with a pronounced aroma of oak and hazelnuts, a rich floral taste with tones of red berries and vanilla. Still operated by the Hennessy family, this cognac is aged for at least 2-5 years.

DAIQUIRI Gift Set The Daiquiri cocktail gift set comprising of a bottle of Matusalem Platino rum, Monin gomme (sugar syrup), Boston cocktail shaker, double jigger measure, dozen assorted disc & paddle head stirrers and the Daiquiri cocktail recipe presented in a blue and silver gift box.

Deakin Estate Colombard Chardonnay 2002, 75cl This cracking-value blend has plucky, crisp citrus aromas, uniting on the palate with rounded apricot notes.

TERRES NOIRES - Grenache/Merlot 2002 75cl Bottle Soft, easy drinking vin de pays from the south of France.

Stud Undies For a special well hung guy!

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Bottle The House of Clicquot is best known for its Yellow Label Brut non-vintage Champagne, why not send an excellent quality champagne, gift wrapped and with a message card. (75cl)

Bloody Doctors Coat Look like you've killed someone and scare everyone who sees you!

Roulette Starter Set Gift boxed roulette starter set including 40cm plastic wheel, felt layout, 120 chips, 2 balls, rake and playing cards.

Branded Measures (Jack Daniels) 25ml measures with various different brands including Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort.

42 BELOW 70cl Bottle Distilled near a world benchmark for air purity, 42 degrees below the equator and from GM Free wheat from the purist wheat-fields in the world.Distilled three times, then the spirit is washed in spring water, reducing the level of alcohol to 6%. This cleans any remaining impurities. It is then distilled a fourth time to create totally pure spirit. This is high saturation distilling, with New Zealand Spring water, which is unique to 42 Below.42 Below is a smooth, full, grain-based vodka similar in style to vodkas produced in Scandinavian countries, which differ from the potato and rye-based vodkas typical of Russia and Poland. A characteristic of grain-based vodkas is that they have a smoother taste than their rye or potato-based counterparts. 42 Below is batch-distilled just out of Wellington by a distiller with more than 20 years experience in the industry, using water that has attained the highest purity rating possible.

Cocktail Fruits (Green Cocktail Cherries) Our Brand New Range of Cocktail Fruits and Garnish!

Ring Bottle Opener (Medium 21mm) Never fear your bottle opener ring is here!Always at hand this opener ring fits snugly on your finger and opens bottles with ease.

MONIN - Pure Cane Sugar 70cl Bottle An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned for their rich and natural flavours.Monin syrups are made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. Monin syrups do not include any fat or cholesterol.

Roulette Cloth Superb baize roulette cloth.

Fishbowl Party Pack (Boyish Blue) This fishbowl holds 2.8 litres ideal for people who drink like a fish!

Rocking Horse Sonoma Zinfandel 2000, 75cl A spicy Napa filly!

Heritage du Rhône 2002, 75cl The archetypal Cotes du Rhone - rich, spicy and bursting with red fruit flavours.

KNOCKEEN POTEEN - Farmers Strength 70cl Bottle Ireland's only spirit gold medal winner awarded at the 2003 International Wine & Spirit Competition, was to this pure clear white spirit triple-distilled poteen, produced in County Waterford, Ireland. It is made from Irish grain spirit, has a smooth delicate flavour and can be drunk neat in moderation, with mixers, or as a cocktail base, whereby the pleasant aftertaste lingers on. Irish Poteen has been produced in Ireland according to legend, from the time when the first potato was harvested, and the alternative name, 'Irish moonshine whiskey' has been in use from around 1660. Enters Farmer's Strength to the IWSC.We have entered the Waterford bottled, Knockeen Hill's, Farmer's Strength, 60% abv, to the poteen category of the 2005 International Wine and Spirits Competition, the premier competition of its kind in the world. Already a Gold Medal winner in 2003, we hope for success again this year.To learn more about the IWSC, click here.

F D - Apple 70cl Bottle A classic blend of schnapps and apple juice, F.D. Apple schnapps is ideal as an apperetif or to finish a delicious meal.Smooth and refreshing and enjoyed neat over ice or mix lemonade or soda.

Blue Pom Poms (Blue Pom Poms Pair) Extra Large Blue Pom Poms

Fun Ironing Board Cover (Kelly Bell) You’ve seen them on TV. You’ve seen them in the press. Now you can own one of our very popular and very naughty ironing board covers! When you iron over the man’s towel or the woman’s bikini, they disappear and reveal all. When they cool down, they will cover themselves up again.

Campbells Rutherglen Liqueur Muscat, 37.5cl A classic Australian style of dessert wine, packed with fresh raisin fruit.

TEICHENNE - Raspberry 70cl Bottle Teichenne of Spain are considered the pioneers of fruit schnapps production using an elaborate range of natural fruit products to make the sweetest of liqueurs. They have an unsurpassable taste to be enjoyed and served cold as an aperitif or digestive. Their distinctive design and frosted glass bottles make them an attractive addition for dinner parties, social occasions and bar display.

Cedeberg Wine gift A fine red Cederberg wine in a gift box which includes 2 crystal wine glasses, a bottle opener and a 'wine and cheese' cork stop.

Gewürztraminer, Hugel 2002, 75cl Deliciously intensely aromatic, a perfect example of this classic pairing of region and variety.

SAUZA - Blanco 70cl Bottle A traditional silver Tequila distilled from Blue Agave.Produced in the centuries old 'metodo tradicional' for authentic, fiery tequila flavour and distinctively smooth character.Enjoy Mexico's most popular silver tequila straight or with your favourite mixer.

MASTERBREW 12x 500ml Bottles This is the beer that Shepherd Neame is best known for in the brewery's Kentish heartland - a distinctive, mid-brown bitter ale, with all the hoppy aroma you'd expect of a beer brewed in the heart of the hop country. Well balanced, with a taste that's been described as wonderfully aggressive, tinged with sweetness.Master Brew is brewed using only the finest Kentish barley and hops, and is the best-selling cask ale brewed in Kent.A clean, dry, refreshing, session bitter, having a touch of sweetness, but displaying an assertive and vibrant hop with a lingering bitter finish.

Lanson Black Label NV, 75cl One of the longest-serving winemakers oversees this consistently outstanding performer.

Marqués de Cáceres Rosé 2003, 75cl Excellent value, deliciously fruity rose. Perfect served chilled on a scorching summer's day.

Film Cells (Disney - Snow White) These highly collectable film cell presentations are limited edition in number and feature hand selected strips or single cells of original 35mm film, mounted with a photo of the star or a scene from the film in a high quality laquered wooden frame.

Late Night Texas Hold'em Set If your a fan of Channel 4s 'Late Night Poker' then this classy set will be right up your street!

Exacto Pourers (1x25ml & 1x50ml) No booze cabinet should be without 'Exacto Pourers'. Simply push into your favourite bottle of spirit and tilt. This little gadget will then dispense an approx measure into your glass. Available in 25ml, 35ml & 50ml

J. Bouchon Red Wine Gift A bottle of J. Bouchon Las Mercedes Merlot wine in a gift wrapped box which includes a pair of black socks. Ideal for Fathers Day.

The Don King Wig The maddest hair in the boxing world!

Bunnygirl Costume Become the next Playboy Bunny!

Obikwa Shiraz 2002, 75cl An exuberant wine that's intrinsically South African in manner, i.e., full on!

THIMBLE MEASURE - 175ml Accessories Stainless steel, Govt. stamped, 175ml thimble measure.

3 fine Ales Gift set 3 of the finest ales. A bottle of Hobgoblin, a full bodied well balanced dark ale. A bottle of Black Sheep Ale and a bottle of Young's Waggledance honey beer.

Film Cells (Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back) These highly collectable film cell presentations are limited edition in number and feature hand selected strips or single cells of original 35mm film, mounted with a photo of the star or a scene from the film in a high quality laquered wooden frame.

Blow Up Bonking Sheep Its the Blow Up Sheep, i wonder what this is for!

Secrets of Winning Roulette For the player who wants to learn everything useful there is to know about roulette, and the inside and honest secrets for becoming a professional player, this is the definitive guide. Over 200 pages.

Yard of Ale (***Wall Bracket Only***) The best party product! Watch as your friends attempt to drink around 3 pints of their favourite tipple

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Our Inflatable Sumo Costume is the funniest fancy dress costume you'll ever see.

BERTRAND - Fleur de Biere 50cl Bottle A unique eau-de-vie made from mature malt beer, distilled in a copper still which is heated slowly in order to preserve the aromatic qualities of the beer. Unique on the palate, FLEUR DE BIERE on tasting reveals itself through it's flavour of hop flowers, by the freshness and sparkle of the beer that gave birth to it, lifted by subtle flavours of exotic fruit, citrus and gingerbread.An eau-de-vie to savour iced, to find in it's clear transparency, the exaltation of its original characters. You may enjoy it following the current use, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, as well as with a dessert or incorporated to pastries and sorbet.

MONTANA - Chardonnay 2001 75cl Bottle Light and golden in colour, a fresh bouquet with hints of citrus and ripe peachy colours with subtle oak character.

Football Balloons Football Balloons for that special occasion!

Montana Reserve Pinot Noir 2001, 75cl A massively ripe and soft Pinot Noir with bags of flavour.

Brass Pub Signs (It took god six days) Brass pub signs, solid brass with a weathered look.

Old Tart Sauvignon Bottle 75cl Bottle delivered in a sumptuous gift box with a hand written message card.

KINGS OAK 70cl Bottle A tasteful fortified from the UK.

EL DORADO - Demerara Spice Rum 70cl Bottle The rich soil of Demerara produces the finest sugar and molasses, the source of the finest rums in the world and El Dorado spice rum is the exquisite gold of Guyana.It has a smooth taste and rich aroma - a delight to the most discerning drinker.

WOODFORD RESERVE 70cl Bottle Woodford Reserve is a super-premium small batch bourbon with roots at the Labrot & Graham Distillery (circa 1812), a National Historic Landmark in the bluegrass region of central Kentucky. It is a bourbon of exceptional depth and character, with a complex, full-bodied taste and uniquely smooth finish. Since it's inception, Woodford Reserve has developed an international following, culminating in its coveted Gold Medal award at the 2001 International Wine & Spirits Competition in London. It is already the best selling super-premium bourbon in Kentucky, the homeland of bourbon.

Garden Pro Heater (Painted Green Steel) A Quality garden heater avaliable in stainless or green steel.

Cherished Bouquet Wedding Balloon 18" Balloon is delivered in a gift box, with a decorative weight and ribbon and a hand written greeting card with your personal message.

Smirnoff Blue Label Bottle 70cl Bottle in luxury gift wrapping and with a message card.

Forced Reality DVD Start on your way to becoming the next Derren Brown or David Blaine with our new metal bending magic tricks DVD!

Film Cells (Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon) These highly collectable film cell presentations are limited edition in number and feature hand selected strips or single cells of original 35mm film, mounted with a photo of the star or a scene from the film in a high quality laquered wooden frame.

The Fabulous 50s Neon Sign Mains operated with fitted plug. Either free-standing or can be hung.

Stirrers (25 Swizzle Sticks) Pack of 25 mixed colour stirrers in either a paddle shape (Oar Stirrers) or disc shape (Swizzle Sticks).

CHANSON PERE & FILS - Chablis 2003 75cl Bottle Gold colour with green nuances.Aromas of yellow fruit and white flowers with toasted bread nuances.This wine is appealing and elegant. It is well balanced, fruity and mellow with a hint of spice, mineral with a good persistence. To be enjoyed with starters, charcuteries, fish and shellfish, white meat in cream sauce

England Bar Pack (SALE Was £7.99) Includes 1x Pint glass, 1x bar towel and 10x coasters.England !!!

SHOCHU ZIPANG 70cl Bottle From Japan's biggest producer of Shochu. Zipang is presented in a stunning bottle with the iconic image of Mount Fuji.

MARTELL - Cordon Bleu 70cl Bottle The little black dress of cognacs. Sophisticated, stylish and a classic with a golden copper colour, and a floral aroma with a spicy touch.A taste which is rich in fruit and wood with a delicate aftertaste.

Tea and Coffee Mugs (Pair) Tea and Coffee boxed mugs.

Sexy Vouchers For Her 10 Sexy vouchers for her greatest pleasures!

Pouilly-Fuissé Domaine Romanin 2002, 75cl Textbook Pouilly-Fuissé sensitively produced from Chardonnay's favourite soil type.

Brindisi Rosso Piana del Sole 2002, 75cl The modern face of Italian winemaking. A beautifully crafted red from the lesser known Brindisi appellation.

GUINNESS - Draught 24x 500ml Cans Now you can enjoy the perfect pub pint at home from a can thanks to the ingenious widget that won a Queen's Award for Technological Advancement in 1991 and has delighted customers ever since. The 'widget' is actually a plastic moulded device that sits at the bottom of a can until it's opened and then releases a little beer and nitrogen, forcing a surge of bubbles that settle to form the tight white head - in short, the perfect pint at home. Guinness Draught in cans is best served straight from the fridge.

Happy 18th Birthday Banner (Happy 18th Banner 'bottoms up/cheers design') Essential birthday party accessories, its the Happy 18th Birthday Banner!

Schoolboy Pea Shooter Relive your school years with our Pea Shooter.

Worlds Greatest Beer Glasses (Football Fanatic) Not only is this the worlds greatest beer glasses but also the greatest gift. Comes gift boxed with the beer glass of your choice which is either beer monster or football fanatic which sums up most men in the country so makes the ideal gift.

Bourgogne Blanc 2000 Jean-Philippe Fichet is a young grower from Meursault who is driven by the desire to make great wines. This wine is a great example of his ability to create exceptional wines. Send this 75cl bottle, gift wrapped and including your personalised hand written message card throughout the UK & Europe

Château Gazin, Pomerol 1997, 75cl A great Pomerol at an even better price.


Billecart-Salmon Demi-Sec NV, 75cl Kicks-off any celebration with the sweetest of starts!

Heartland Wirrega Limestone Coast Shiraz, South Australia 2002, 75cl A single-vineyard beauty from a new winery - well-made and bursting with gloriously ripe fruit flavours.

Animal Bar Stools (Zebra - Slight Damage (Please call for details)) Choose from either a Zebra or Tiger styled bar stool.Made from a high quality resin.

Guinness Pint Keyring (SALE Was £3.99) Brass keyring with Guinness pint face design.

Professional Shooter Belt (Shot Glasses to fit belt (box of 12)) Ideal for Tequila, 2 quality leather shoulder straps holds 12 shot glasses.

Large Grolsch A one litre bottle of Grolsch.A genuine Dutch Premium Lager, which owes its superb quality to a selection of the finest ingredients and the traditional bottom fermentation brewing process

Bottle Chiller A perfect all year round gift, ideal for picnics and outdoor entertaining.

Ducti Tape Wallet The only wallet that comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee!

Ferrari Brut NV, 75cl 'eeeowwww'... move over, Schummacher!

SPIRYTUS REKTYFIKOWANY 35cl Bottle Rectified Spirit

Champagne Game with Bottle The board is 48 pieces which when put together form the shape of a champagne bottle. ''Champagne pieces run down the centre and each time you remove one of these, you drink champagne. But pieces to the left and right must first be removed to release the ''Champagne Tiles'' and these can only be removed by player's appropriate responses to instructions on the cards. On the basis of truth, correctness and satisfaction, your responses will be assessed by your partner. Play continues from the cork down to the bottle of the bottle. Includes a bottle of Edmond Roussin Champagne

Bols Blue Curaçao, 50cl For many people, Bols Blue is blue curacao and it's not hard to see why. You can tell a bartender by his Bols!

Skin Head Kit Become a slap-head!

Sub - Zero Darts (23 gram) A winning combination of style and precision designed for optimum grip.

Stella Artois Glass (Box of 12 Glasses) A uniquely shaped glass with the Stella Artois logo embossed in the glass.This glass is nucleated (etched) to maintain the head of the pint.Limited stock.

Dice Poker Chips (25x Blue) Super smart aluminium chip case includes either 300 or 500 of our best selling 11.5gm 'Dice' style poker chips and 2x packs of playing cards.

Oak Craps Table Large 6ft craps table with padded interior walls.

CHATEAU LEOVILLE POYFERRE - Pavillon de Connetables 1999 75cl Bottle This is the third wine of Chateau Leoville Poyferre. Beautifully structured, it represents superb value.

PASTIS 51 70cl Bottle Paul Ricard was the first to market the modern day Absinthe of Pernod in 1938 and is still made by Pernod-Ricard. Pastis 51 however derives its name from first being produced in 1951!

Heineken Undercounter Chiller Affordable high capacity chiller for your home bar or kitchen!

LED Colour Changing Wallpanel (Controller) LED effects at affordable prices...New Chauvet range of low cost IP rated panels and tubes, ideal for architectural and entertainment installation. These products produce a wide variety of changing, chasing and strobe light shows with beautiful colours and a long life span.

St.-Véran Vieilles Vignes 2001, 75cl A really great, complex and powerful wine from award-winning Macon producers.

Gaia Notios Red 2003, 75cl Fab labels, fab wine. Elegant and characterful.

Glow Stir Sticks Glow Stir sticks are easy to activate, glows for hours and are fun for everyone!

Royal Flush Poker Chips (300 Set - Was £119.99) For those of you a little more serious about you poker, these 'picture' chips with denominations are ideal!

Novelty Ice Trays (Blue Dolphins) Add some enjoyment to your drinks with a choice of different ice mould trays.

Luxury Macallan Gift Box Order this fantastic gift for someone special today. An 18 year old bottle of Macallan Whisky (70cl) together with two lead cut Whisky Tumblers in a luxury Gift Box. Add to this the option of two Santa Damiana Cigars and you have a fine whisky gift for any Whisky lover. Delivered to your door including your own hand written message card.

GROLSCH 24x 500ml Cans Grolsch is an international premium beer of Dutch origin. Grolsch Premium Lager is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law), using no other ingredients than malted barley, hops and water. With an alcohol content of 5% by volume, Grolsch Premium Lager tastes best when served at a temperature of 6-8 C (43-46F). People enjoy Grolsch because of its quality and distinctive taste.

Glenfarclas 10 y.o., 70cl Serve to Alien explorers to convince them of the civility of the human race.

TURKEY FLAT - Shiraz 2002 75cl Bottle The Turkey Flat Vineyard boasts some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. Planted in 1847, these hard-working gnarled old vines are still producing fantastic fruit. They receive no irrigation with their roots extending metres into the soil in search of moisture.Much of the credit for the best Shiraz made in the Barossa is due to old vines such as these. The fact that these vines still exist is largely due to a far-sighted quarantine scheme, in which South Australia was spared the phylloxera outbreak which devastated the vineyards of Europe, America and subsequently parts of Australia in the late 1800s.The 2001 vintage produced lower than average yields due to unseasonably cool weather during flowering followed by a very hot February. Each small parcel of Shiraz was vinified separately and matured in French oak barrels. The result is a firmly structured complex Shiraz, with lifted aromas of Christmas cake/plum pudding, cocoa, mocha, leather/suede and bitter cherries and prunes.The full-bodied palate has flavours of plums, leather, spice, and cardamom and will definitely improve with careful cellaring of up to 15 years.

Coca Cola Salt & Pepper Set Chrome plated Coca Cola salt & pepper set!

Champagne & Rose Send a fresh long stemmed Red Rose presented in luxurious gift wrapping with a 75cl bottle of Pelletier champagne including your own personal message card.

Errázuriz Cabernet Sauvignon 2002, 75cl Excellent, easy to drink, unoaked style Cabernet.

Silver Tinsel Wig Ladies: glad rags on, shoes on, make-up on, now all you need is this silver party tinsel wig!

Shuffleboard Traditional 5ft family Shuffleboard game, constructed from polished beech and come with 30 solid hardwood playing discs.

Large Non-Slip Tray (14') 350mm (14') tray with rubberised coating to stop glasses sliding about.

Free Hand Bottle Opener (10 Pack) For all you bar persons in a rush comes the hand held bottle opener. Well actually you don't have to hold it as the elastic strap holds it in the palm of your hand!

CHIVAS REGAL - 18yo 70cl Bottle Connoisseurs of Chivas Regal have long appreciated the rich and generous style of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old. This is reflected in Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, which is also characterised by a deep, dark, mellow complexity of the special older whiskies selected for this 18 Year Old blend.Chivas Regal 18 Year Old is the personal creation of the Master Blender, Colin Scott. Every cask of Scotch whisky selected has been carefully selected from very old and precious stocks aged for a minimum of 18 years, including some whiskies that are now exceedingly rare. The quantity of Chivas Regal 18 Year Old that can be produced in any year is therefore necessarily limited. Each bottle bears its own unique serial number. This means that each bottle can be traced back to one particular blending and from there, back through the years in cask, to the distillations that first gave it life.Chivas Regal 18yo gives you an intensely rewarding and luxurious whisky experience because it is made from hand-selected whiskies of exceptional richness.Tasting Note:Colour: Intense, dark amberNose: Multi-layered aromas of dried fruits, spice and buttery toffeeTaste: Exceptionally rich and smooth, Chivas 18 has a velvety, dark chocolate palate with elegant floral notes and a wisp of sweet mellow smokinessFinish: A magnificently long, warm and memorable finish

Brass Pub Signs (Where theres a will - Relative) Brass pub signs, solid brass with a weathered look.

MONIN - Caramel (Caramel) 70cl Bottle An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned for their rich and natural flavours. Monin syrups are made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. Monin syrups do not include any fat or cholesterol.

Mist Of Dreams A superb coloured mist maker.

Gas Lift Pod Furniture (White Bistro Table - each) Our latest in designer bar/kitchen furniture. Both the stools and the tables are height adjustable and at trade prices direct to the public!

Quiltro Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2000, 75cl Wait just a dog-gone minute! If this ain't the finest, fruit-bustin' wine I ever did see....

La FEE 70cl Bottle La Fée Absinthe was awarded a Silver Medal in the International Spirits Challenge 2003.The original French absinthe, La Fée Absinthe is made in Paris according to a 19th century recipe containing Wormwood (Artemesia absinthium) and other aromatic herbs. It's the only absinthe endorsed by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder & curator of the Absinthe Museum in France, making it the most authentic in the world. Like true French absinthe it has a dark green colour, rich bouquet of aniseed flavour and louches (turns cloudy with the addition of water) beautifully.

FATTORI & GRANEY - Soave Classico 2003 75cl Bottle Produced from grapes grown on volcanic soils, this wine reflects the mineral typicity of the soils. Dry and elegant. Trebbiano & Malvasia, a dry aperetif style wine.

Official Billy Bob Teeth (Huntin 'N Fishin) Invented by Dr Rich Bailey (a real dentist) when he was at Dentist School, they are made of the same acrylic used to create false teeth making them flatteringly lifelike.

Giant Score 4 A giant version of the popular 4 in a row game.Developed for garden or indoor play.

Wooden Wine Racks (4x5 Hole in Black) Choose from either one of our four stock racks or have a quality rack made to your own requirements.Literally any size!!!

American Dollar Snack Tray A $100 snack tray for your american themed party or special occassion.

Beefeater Dry Gin Gift The world's leading imported premium gin, Beefeater has become universally recognised as the definitive London Distilled Dry Gin. It has a particularly fresh, clean and crisp taste with a subtle citrus and fruit edge and is 40% alcohol by volume. This 70cl bottle includes a large tumbler, can of tonic, cocktail sticks, umbrellas, straws and a message card all in a luxury green gift box.

Château Cru Cantemerle 2000, 75cl Walks softly but carries a big stick.

PIRAPORA 70cl Bottle Pirapora is an accredited Cachaça from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerias, and is distilled from the purest sugar cane.

LION ICE BUCKET Accessories Stainless steel ice bucket with lion's head detail and handles to the sides. Ceramic black lid and liner that keeps the ice for longer.Volume, 6 pints/ 3.4 litres.

Warre's Warrior, 75cl Classic Vintage Character Port of impeccable pedigree.

Peter Lehmann Wildcard Chardonnay 2003, 75cl This diamond won't club your taste buds (sorry!), just romance them with light and lithesome fruits.

Customised Poker Chips (Single Chip - per 100 - min 500) Set of 11.5g chips housed in a quality aluminium chip case. Simply email us your own image or we will design for you and they will be printed in full colour on the chips (both sides). A 100% unique set just for you.

Beer Belt Hold a six-pack without your hands! Our fully adjustable beer belt allows for hands free convenience while keeping your precious beer at no further than an arm’s length.

New Baby Welcome Hamper An ideal gift for a new born baby. The hamper includes a balloon, a teddy bear, Johnson's baby Soap, Johnson's baby powder, and Johnson's baby softwash, a sponge, baby socks, silver dummy, a silver trinket box, and a baby's bib.

Kids Scooby Doo Costume Awesome little scooby doo outfit.

Bad Taste Bears (J.Edgar) Welcome to the warped and twisted world of the Bad Taste Bears.The Bad Taste Bears were specially made to be tongue in cheek and are proving to be a firm favourite with many collectors. Please be warned these are not your normal collectable and can be offensive so be carfull who you give them to i.e NOT YOUR GRAN!

Bacardi 8 y.o., 70cl This is an aged reserve that historically was put aside for founder Don Facundo and family.

Ernest Gallo Turning Leaf Merlot Bottle 75cl bottle gift wrapped and including a message card

Thank You Hand Tied Say thank you with this delightful Hand Tied of scented flowers. A wonderful selection of Lily's, Carnations, Gypsophilia and exotic green foliage make this arrangement ideal for the person who loves scented flowers.

Good Luck Party Banner Essential leaving party accessories, its the Good Luck Banner!

Gold Cross No Priest or Monk should be without one.

Bar Towels (Paddy) Over 30 different traditional cloth bar towels approx 220mm x 500mmFor full list of towels please click the drop down box below.Please note the actual towels may vary slightly from the images.

Boozy Bird Metal Sign (SALE - WAS 5.99) A 400mm x 100mm Boozy Bird Meatal Sign.

ABSOLUT - Five Pack 5x 5cl Miniatures From Ahus, Southern Sweden, comes the miniature 'five-pack' of Absolut comprising their flavours of Kurrant, Peppar, Citron and two traditional Absolut, presented in this stylish clear pack.

PUSSERS - Painkiller 1 Litre Bottle A homemade Painkiller is made with 4 parts pineapple juice, 1 part orange juice and 1 part cream of coconut. Rum is added to taste. The Painkiller Cocktail Mix uses all natural ingredients; it is food-based and not chemically based. The rich, smooth flavour is identical to that which you'd mix yourself.

MACALLAN - Thirties Vintage Travel 50cl Bottle Limited Stocks Available.To re-create the style of The Macallan in the 1930's, their Master Distiller has sampled bottles of The Macallan from that decade and matched their aroma and flavour with more recent distillations taken from the casks maturing in the warehouses.During the 1930's, with coal in short supply as a result of increasing industrial activity, The Macallan reverted to drying barley using peat fires.This combined with the scarcity of oak sherry casks due to the Spanish civil war, resulted in a whisky that was both peatier and less spicy than modern day Macallan.The range was rated by Michael Jackson, the renowned international whisky writer, in the Malt Whisky Companion as: 'Amongst the highest of any malts'. Colour:Rich amber copper. Nose:Light apples and citrus. Light malty and floral notes with hints of resinous spice, enveloped in rich peat. Palate:Peat smoke, apples, citrus orange and spice. Aftertaste:Peat smoke and fruit.The Macallan vintage travel range was initially launched in 1999 as an exclusive to World Duty Free. After the initial trial period the product was re-packaged into its current form and put on general sale in the Autumn 2000. This highly collectable range is now on sale again.The Collectable range of 4 variants, recreated by their Master Distiller, reflects the style of The Macallan in the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and the distinctive packaging features a classic mode of travel from each era.

Wine Warmer and Chiller Gift Pack Two original products in one fantastic gift set.

Micro Brewing Kit (SALE Was £79.99) The Micro Brewery kit for a 40pint Brewing System.

Lanson 'Noble Cuvée' 1989, 75cl The wine's nobility is obvious. Elegantly balanced and exceptionally well breed.

Annie's Lane Cabernet Merlot 1999, 75cl Crying out for the finest spring lamb you can get your hands on - it doesn't have to be Australian!

Egg Chair & Footrest (Black & White) If you want something different then buy this funky 'Egg Chair'

Romantic Surprise Send this romantic gift as a perfect way to say I love you to that special someone. Gift contains 18" Helium I Love You Balloon accompanied by a 75cl bottle of Asti sparkling wine and a 200g box of bendicks luxury chocolates.

Happy Birthday Bertie Bear 20cm Plush teddy bear with neck tie and blue T-shirt printed with 'Happy Birthday' design. Complies with EN71 and BS5665 toy safety standards. Only recommended for children over 1 year. Our beautiful 20cm bear, called Bertie, is hand made from the finest materials and is surface washable.

HARVEYS - Bristol Cream 75cl Bottle Harveys Bristol Cream features flavours of roasted nuts and raisins, with a subtly spicy finish. Harveys Bristol Cream is usually served well chilled as an aperitif, as an after-dinner drank straight, or on the rocks with a wedge of lime or slice of orange. The ice lessens the viscosity and the citrus lowers the sweetness to create a refreshing drink. As a dessert wine, serve with cheesecake, flan, bread pudding or crème brulée.

COBBLER - Cocktail Shaker Accessories The classic, three part, 'cobbler' cocktail shaker, 30oz.

Green Chartreuse, 50cl Very strong stuff made monks who don't speak to each other, or anyone else for that matter!

STRONGBOW 24x 500ml Cans A dry cider from Bulmers, the househould name in cider.

Vigneto Corkscrew A superbly made black and silver finish corkscrew.

White Satin Gin Gift The increased amount of Coriander in this gin comes through with a weight of spicy, savoury tones set against ripe juniper and orange oiliness. This 70cl bottle of White Satin gin includes a large tumbler, can of tonic, cocktail sticks, umbrellas, straws and a message card all in a luxury green gift box.

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