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Streams of fizz and plenty of clean, crisp fruit flavours. Great value to boot! Was £10.99 (Save £0.50)

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J and B Rare Gift Box Seeing the potential of blended whisky, J & B was one of the first London spirits merchants to buy up stocks of mature malt whisky and create its own blend. This 70cl bottle comes with a tumbler in a stylish gift box.

Australasian Mixed Red & White Wine Case Six scintillating wines, three white and three red from the finest wine producers in this region.

Nepenthe Unwooded Chardonnay 2001, 75cl Unadulterated, vibrantly fresh, unoaked Chardonnay packed with lively citrus flavours and delicate aromatics.

Bad Taste Bears (Edward) Welcome to the warped and twisted world of the Bad Taste Bears.The Bad Taste Bears were specially made to be tongue in cheek and are proving to be a firm favourite with many collectors. Please be warned these are not your normal collectable and can be offensive so be carfull who you give them to i.e NOT YOUR GRAN!

Sexy Indian Costume An outfit which would make many a mans dreams come true!

The Cannabis Trip (Was £19.99) The Cannabis Trip - The chilled spliff rolling game! You need to get some stash fast and the only way to get it is to go on The Cannabis Trip!

Metal Door Signs (No Bloody Swearing) Choice of 4 amusing metal signs for use on or above your door.

Pink Crackle Champagne Flutes Champagne flutes with subtle crackle detail and pink tint.

LAPHROAIG - 10yo 70cl Bottle Laphroaig Malt Whisky is distilled in the Islay region of Scotland. Laphroaig (pronounced la-froyg) is one of the most distinctive of all malt whiskies. The distillery was built in the 1820s by Donald and Alex Johnson whose family name is still on the label. In 1847 Donald died in a somewhat bizarre accident after falling into a vat of partially made whisky ('burn't Ale').Laphroaig (Gaelic: The beautiful hollow by the broad bay) has its own peat beds on Islay. Its maturation warehouses face directly on to the sea.For many, it is an acquired taste, but one which rewards persistance. Its palate is smokey with a long aftertaste. If you like Islay smokey whiskies, then you'll love this one, you can almost taste the sea.

Disposable Tumblers (50x Shot) These durable tumblers are ideal for those days when you just don't feel like washing up!£££s cheaper than the supermarkets.

Pelletier Champagne Bottle A fine example of all three grapes of Champagne, having fine bubbles producing a prolific mousse, bursting to be bought. This elegant 75cl bottle of champagne comes either gift-wrapped in a standard bottle bag or delivered in a luxury wooden gift box available for a slightly increased price! Includes a hand written message card and delivery available throughout the UK.

de Venoge Cordon Bleu Brut, 75cl Way-hey, another fizz of kudos to brighten our shelves!

Taylors Christmas Gift An exquisite gift containing a 70cl bottle of Taylor's Port, a six pack of luxury Belgian chocolates and a sherry glass wrapped in a Christmas gift box. Send this wonderful gift complete with your own personal message card.

5 Piece Stainless Steel Tool Kit All stainless steel, 5 piece tool kit in a roll bag.

2 Piece Ronnie O'Sullivan Ash Cue Endorsed by the main man himself, you can't get much better!

Hamilton Beach 909 Bar Blender The perfect choice for smoothies, margaritas, daiquiris, iced cappuccinos, granitas, and more.

Cocktail Fruits (Red Maraschino Cocktail Cherries) Our Brand New Range of Cocktail Fruits and Garnish!

SUTTER HOME - Sauvignon Blanc 2000 75cl Bottle This light, crisp wine has a fruity, citrus flavour with a fresh, floral aroma and is ideally served chilled either as an aperitif or with lighter meals.

MARIE de MOY - Brut 75cl Bottle Champagne Marie de Moy is composed of 1/3 of Chardonnay, 1/3 Pinot Noir and 1/3 of Pinot Meunier.It has a bright Champagne tint with fine bubbles forming a persistent ring displaying exotic fruit and floral aromas.An elegant Champagne combining finesse and power with an end which has delicate fresh fruit flavours and a concentrated finish.

FINEST CALL - Strawberry Puree 1 Litre Bottle Finest Call strawberry puree mix is a light, refreshing blend of real strawberries, sugar, and a touch of lemon. This strawberry puree mix is excellent in an array of many delicious cocktails. Contains 21% real strawberries and is great for daiquiris, margaritas and coladas. Compatible with frozen cocktail machines.

Glenfiddich Half Gift box This fine Scottish whisky gift comes with a crystal glass and a 35cl bottle of (No Suggestions).

WINE AND £20 SEASONAL BOUQUET This delightful gift is another great way to send a special message at a great price. Gifts2Drink are proud to offer our customers their choice of two fine bottles of gift boxed white and red wine accompanied by our very best seasonal bouquet

Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz Cabernet Grenache 2002, 75cl A classic of the Barossa Valley.

Blonde Plaits Ladies, doing your own hair takes literally hours, so do it in seconds with our new blonde plaits!

Frosty Mug Tough clear acrylic mug with a vaccuum typed lining which has a freezable liquid in it. Simply bung it in the freezer for a few hours (or until frozen) then fill with your desired beverage.Will keep your drink cold just that bit longer.

WADWORTHS 12x 500ml Bottles

POL ROGER - Brut 75cl Bottle Pale gold with a very fine bead; flowery, delicatley toasty aroma with fruit and complexity; creamy, beautifully balanced with a dry, harmonious finish.The brut non-vintage blend is traditionally composed from about 30 to 35 still based wines, drawn from different vineyard sites, grape varieties and vintage years. It usually contains wines of at least two vintages, often three or four. Reserve wines compose between 20-30% of the traditional blend. The Brut non-vintage is never sold until the youngest component is at least three years old, which gives it more character and body.

Exacto Pourers (12x25ml) No booze cabinet should be without 'Exacto Pourers'. Simply push into your favourite bottle of spirit and tilt. This little gadget will then dispense an approx measure into your glass. Available in 25ml, 35ml & 50ml

Terrunyo Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley 2001, 75cl Another masterpiece from winemaking supremo Ignacio Recabarren.

ANGELS SHARE 70cl Bottle Blended Scotch whisky, aged for 5 years.Every year up to 5% of all Scotch whisky that is being matured is lost to evaporation.Over the yearsthis has become known as the 'Angel's Share'.

Nun Costume Get your virginity back and become a nun!

Budweiser Stainless Steel Ashtray Budweiser bottle cap ashtray.

Hot Air Balloon Experience the adventure of hot air ballooning in your own back garden.

Condom Hat Headwear for dickheads!

Octagonal Wooden Poker Table With Folding Legs (P202 - Collected - 33.5kg) Top quality 4 legged poker table with inlaid green cloth.

MONIN - Chai Tea 70cl Bottle The very finest Chai Tea Concentrate in the world led Monin over the same spice routes their founder travelled. They are proud to offer you a Chai blend composed of the best and most exotic ingredients available. Chaï is a spicy tea based concentrate that combines ginger, cinnamon and clove touches for versatile usage.The history of Chaï comes from India. During the Commonwealth, when English people settled, they arrived with their milk. Indians already drunk tea... They blended the spicy tea and the milk for an unexpected drink... And here came Chaï!The trend arrived through San Francisco to the US. The Chaï tea is then a diary product (needs refrigeration) and ready to drink (already diluted).

HENNESSY - XO 70cl Bottle In 1870, X.O. was created by Hennessy for the personal use of Mr. Maurice Hennessy, his family and freinds.Over a century later, this blend of more than one hundred very old Eau-de-Vie from Cognac's finest growing regions, carefully nurtured in cellars which contain the worlds largest reserves of old Cognac, remains the reference, 'The Original'.

Chardonnay Tallarook 2000 A dream vintage. Perfect weather conditions with well-timed rains, a warm, dry summer and a glorious ripening period make this a fine chardonnay by anyone's standards. Send this 75cl bottle, gift wrapped with hand written personal message.

Bobadilla 103, 70cl A leading Spanish brandy which is super smooth and slips down a treat.

Porcupine Ridge Merlot 2001, 75cl Our quills are busied at the thought of this mouthwatering Merlot. Your tastebuds will get a work-out, too.

The Sex Game We would have called it the 'Love Making Game' but let's face it The Sex Game just sounds better.

Customised Poker Chips (Any Extra's *Only add this if any extra work is required*) Set of 11.5g chips housed in a quality aluminium chip case. Simply email us your own image or we will design for you and they will be printed in full colour on the chips (both sides). A 100% unique set just for you.

Bells 8 y.o., 70cl The most popular blended whisky in England, it makes a great mixer.

SILVER PARTY SHAKER Accessories A 3 peice acrylic cobbler shaker with six cocktail recipes to the outside, a further two recipe cards inside, along with 6 silver coloured bendy straws, 2 decorative metal drinks stirrers, 6 silver-foil paraols, a double jigger measure and stainless steel ice tongs.

Plastic Half Yard of Ale (Pack of 3) Perfect for breaking the ice at any party.Made from break resistant plastic this can be used over and over again.

Beaujolais Villages Lantigne, Château du Basty 2002, 75cl Beaujolais to put a smile on your face. Beaming with bright berry fruits and surprisingly well-structured.

Courvoisier V.S. Cognac Gift Courvoisier is produced in the Jarnac region of France, where the headquarters and production facilities of Courvoisier are housed, is situated at the border between the Grande Champagne and the Fins Bois, by the river Charente. It was chosen as a base by cognac houses because of its position in the heart of the best Cognac producing area. This stylish gift box contains a 70cl bottle, crystal glass, after dinner coffee, chocolate liqueurs and a message card.

González Byass Elegante, 75cl Made from the finest pressings - elegante indeed!

Sauvignon Grain d'Or 2001, 75cl A sassy, sprightly bargain of a summer schlurper.

Virginity Repair Spell Get that long lost innocence back.

Blonde Nicole Wig Be the star of any party with our new blonde nicole wig!

Ultimate Boozer Apron Cool black cotton apron with a cartoon style character on the front and different parts of his body labelled as beer related accessories. One size fits all.

Late Night Poker Pack (300 Pack) Includes either 300 or 1000 11.5g Las Vegas style clay feel poker chips, Vegas casino cards from the famous Green Valley Ranch Hotel and dealer button/s.

Poker Swivel Chair (RRP £199.99) High quality deluxe poker chair with padded green seat.

LEMON SQUEEZER Accessories Stainless steel lemon/lime squeezer.

Drip Tray (Brass) Our brass drip tray is lacquered to prevent tarnishing with a black plastic insert but still gives the effect of natural brass.

Moet Party Gift Box! An ideal gift to get the party started. A 75cl bottle of Moet et Chandon non-vintage together with two party poppers and a cocktail umbrella to brighten up your glass! Presented in a wonderful wooden gift box and including your hand written message card. Delivery available throughout the UK and Europe.

Super Gourmet We have collected an unparalleled selection of our favourite foods in this wicker hamper and tied them up with a bow.

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV, 37.5cl Why not celebrate discreetly with this handy pocket-sized bottle of one of our fave fizzes.

7 UP - Lemon 24x 330ml Cans In 1929, a U.S. competition to find the tastiest lemon and lime drink produced a winner by C.L. Grigg called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda. Grigg's drink was delicious but the name stuck in people's throats. And so 7 UP was born, so named because it was made from seven main ingredients. The drink was destined to become the U.K.'s leading lemon and lime drink after Britvic purchased the brand in 1987.

Martini Beverage Napkin A classic martini glass beverage napkin.

Shrek Outfit Top quality shrek costume.

Horny Hen Night Camera (5 Pack (£6.50 each)) Capture all your precious hen night moments on this single use disposable camera.

Viva Margarita Cocktail Book One sip of a margarita always leaves you liking your lips for más-mucho más. And with Viva Margarita there's plenty more where that came from! W. Park Kerr from the El Paso Chile Company is back with more than 60 tequila-kissed recipes celebrating everyone's favourite cocktail.

VELHO BARREIRO - Gold 70cl Bottle Velho Barreiro is one of the most appreciated cachacas in Brazil because of its delicate aroma, due to the very careful methods of distillation. Use it for the preparation of a 'caiprinha' or other fruit cocktails.Alternatively drink neat over ice with a twist of lemon.

PATRON - Silver 70cl Bottle Patrón Silver is called young or joven tequila. A similarity may be made to a young or nouvelle wine. It is known for its light, fresh, crystal clear look and an elegant smoothness not found in other silver tequilas. Many prefer this smooth, soft and light tequila over an aged and slightly oaky flavour. Those that know the difference may find Patrón Silver the finest silver tequila available. It is perfect for blending with a high quality mixer or may be easily sipped.Patron Tequila, like the great wines and congacs of the world, is exceptional for a reason. It begins with the finest growing region in Mexico. High in the mountains of Jalisco exists a region which allows with perfect soil and climate which allows the sugar and acid balances of the Weaber Tequilana Blue Agave to mature and produce an 'Agave Pina' unequalled elsewhere in the world. Like premium wine grapes, the sugar acid balance must be perfect before harvest. Patron tequilas are the only tequilas truly produced in the traditional handmade fashion. After harvest the 'pina' are carefully selected, trimmed and then slowly steam baked. When cooked to perfection the 'pina' is macerated with large, natural, stone-milling wheels. The fermentation is done with the fiber of the 'pina' which helps impart its unique flavour and smoothness. After a double distillation process the tequila is aged in small oak barrels. When properly aged the tequila is fine filtered and ready for careful hand bottling. Each bottle is invidually signed and given a unique bottle number due to the limited number produced.

Birthday Power Set (Birthday Power Table Cloth) An alternative birthday party collection for the perfect celebration.

JON MARK AND ROBBOS - The Rich Spicy One 50cl Bottle Jon, Mark and Robbo are mates (two of them brothers), who passionately believe that decent quality whisky should be enjoyed and not worshipped. It all started with Jon and Mark heading out for a post-Christmas walk in 2002. As they wandered up Glen Bruar and the nearby Munro, they started chatting. The chat got more and more animated as the conversation turned to whisky. Both of them loved whisky, but hated all the waffle and reverence that always seemed to get in the way of enjoying a glass. They decided their world 'needed' whiskies that removed all the waffle, tasted amazing and was for them, not some 80 year old Laird.There are three choices available for their range. The Smokey Peaty One, The Rich Spicy One and The Smooth Sweeter One.The Rich Spicy One...Mark set Robbo quite a challenge on this one. Create a whisky that tastes like two of his existing favourites, Macallan Gran Reserva and ESC 1 (ironically, Robbo's babies from his previous job).It took several versions, but No.8 finally cracked it, giving a bold, intense flavour, packed full of Rich Spiciness. What's in it?Tamdhu Spanish Oak Sherry Butts 50%Tamdhu American oak bourbon dump hogsheads 10%Highland Park Spanish Oak Mature Butts 10%Glenrothes Spanish Oak Sherry Butts 20%Bunnahabhain American oak sherry puncheons 10%Robbo's Taste TellerWhat the experts say...Michael Jackson in Whisky MagazineNose: Nutty. Sherryish, clean. Attractive.Palate: Syrupy. Full of flavour. Good oak extract, sherry, malt, fruit.Finish: Ginger. Bitter chocolate.Comment: The best of the three. A hint of The Macallan?Score: 8/10Martin Isark - Scotland on Sunday 2003Make Mine a Rich Spicy One - this whisky competes with and beats most 10 yo?s in this flavour spectrumMay 2004, Wine International Magazine Dave Broom, Spirits Writer.Colour/nose: Rich gold in colour. An unctuous nose with plenty of fruit cake, hot buttered muffins and masses of rich nuts and dried citrus peels.Palate: Rounded and chewy with a sweet, rich centre. Well-balanced oak and a hint of tarte tatin, dried fruits and toffee.Conclusion: A serious but approachable dram. My favourite of the three.Score: 90 points.

GREY GOOSE - Le Citron (lemon) 70cl Bottle Made with a selection of choice grain and infused with the light zest of fresh lemons, Grey Goose le citron adds a refreshing splash of citrus to the world's best tasting vodka.Made in Cognac, France, grey Goose le citron, like the original Grey Goose, is created in small batches. The five-step distillation begins with mineral water from the Genti Springs. The water, which is naturally filtered with champagne limestone, blends with a selection of rye, corn, barley and wheat. Once the spirit is distilled, it is infused with anessence of fresh lemons, conceived by one of Frances premeire fragrance houses.

CLASSIC MALTS OF SCOTLAND 6x 5cl Miniatures The Six Classic Malts of Scotland is carefully selected to best representeach of the main whisky producing regions of Scotland.They embrace the full diversity of regional tastes and styles.Appropriately the Classic Malts symbol is the Quaich, which for centuries has been the traditionalScottish drinking bowl reserved for toasting the finest single malt whiskies. OBAN. (Sweet) A 14 year old combining the sophistication of the Highlands with a touch of the peaty style of the Islands. It is rich and full-bodied with a mellow fruity finish. GLENKINCHIE. (Ladies whisky) Glenkinchie is a soft, sweetly aromatic malt from the 'Garden of Scotland'. Is has a fresh, grassy sweetness balanced with a warming, dryish finish. CRAGGANMORE. (Medium) A 12 year old elegant, sophisticated Speyside with the most complex aroma of any malt. Astonishingly fragrant with sweetish notes and a smoky maltiness on the finish. TALISKER. A bit smoked. A 10 year old and the only malt produced on Skye. Its seaweedy, smoky nose and sweet maltiness is perfectly complimented by its spicy, long finish. DALWHINNIE. A 15 year old gentle, delicate malt from the wild and windswept Highlands. It is subtle, smooth delicately smody malt with a heathery honey finish. LAGAVULIN. (This is Smoked.) A 16 year old distinctive and powerful Islay malt. It is deeply smoky and peaty with a velvety, complex finish. Each bottle size - 5cl.

Italian (Tuscany) Mixed Case Six scintillating wines, three white and three red from the finest wine producers in Tuscany.

Argentinean Mixed Wine Case Send this wine case as a superb gift throughout the UK and Europe. You can rest assured the recipient will be overjoyed by these excellent wines from Argentina, gift wrapped and including your personal hand written message card.

Dorio 2001, 75cl Tired of the tried and tested stuff? Then sink your nose into this striking Italian blend.

Havana Club Añejo Blanco., 70cl The ideal base for a Mojito.

Winmau 'Game On' Electronic Dart Scorer The scorer is easily set for 301, 501 or 701. Other features include memory up/down, number of darts thrown andaverage score per dart. IncludesPower Supply. Dimensions: 56cm x 19.5cm

Gangster Tommy Gun You can't be called a gangster without carrying one of these around!

Homer Simpson Talking Bottle Opener (Was £6.99) Activated as you open the bottle, Homer shouts from the top his voice 'hhhhmmmmm beeeeer' then the pour of beer as Homer laughs. Finally Homer shouts 'Yes oh yes wooooaaa'Supplied complete with batteries and made from durable hard plastic.

THIMBLE MEASURE - 125ml Accessories Stainless steel, Govt. stamped, 125ml thimble measure.

Champagne Accessories (Bucket) Polished champagne/wine bucket with stainless steel handles. Why not add one of our black wrought iron stands to place the bucket in.

Two Oceans Mixed Gift Two tasty wines, which are perfect for everyday drinking complete in a sumptuous gift box. Two 75cl bottles of wine delivered in a luxury gift box along with your personal message.

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial 1998, 75cl Probably the most famous of brands - clean, crisp and elegant.

Film Cells (Oceans Eleven) These highly collectable film cell presentations are limited edition in number and feature hand selected strips or single cells of original 35mm film, mounted with a photo of the star or a scene from the film in a high quality laquered wooden frame.

LED Colour Changing Wallpanel (LED Wallpanel - SPECIAL WAS £299.99) LED effects at affordable prices...New Chauvet range of low cost IP rated panels and tubes, ideal for architectural and entertainment installation. These products produce a wide variety of changing, chasing and strobe light shows with beautiful colours and a long life span.

Dallas Cowboy Hat Become the next JR Ewing!

Glass Chess Drinking Game Glass chess board with 32 pieces that can hold shots of your favourite tipple.Gift boxed.

Bar Towels (John Smith's) Over 30 different traditional cloth bar towels approx 220mm x 500mmFor full list of towels please click the drop down box below.Please note the actual towels may vary slightly from the images.

MONIN - Framboise (Raspberry) 70cl Bottle An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned for their rich and natural flavours.Monin syrups are made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar. Monin syrups do not include any fat or cholesterol.

GRAHAMS - 2000 75cl Bottle This is a landmark wine for Graham's, not only being the first Vintage of a new millennium, but being the first Vintage wine to enjoy the extraordinary results achieved by the new robotic 'lagares' at Malvedos in the inaugural year of our remodelled winery. Significant also has been the decision to include a rather larger proportion of mature Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional from Vila Velha, a classic riverside Quinta a short distance downstream from Malvedos, and some spectacular old vine lots from Vale de Malhadas in the Upper Douro. These wines each from family-owned Quintas have been used to reinforce the predominant component from Malvedos and the traditional excellence of the Rio Torto lots from Lages, to produce a rounded and even blend in the hallmark rich Graham style. The blend displays many of the typical Graham aromas of ripe plum and 'esteva' (gum cistus) and is pleasantly smooth on the palate despite its youth. It is full and rich in the mouth with fresh blackberry and red plum notes. Despite the hallmark Graham sweetness in the mouth the finish is long and clean.

CHANSON PERE & FILS - Chablis 2003 75cl Bottle Gold colour with green nuances.Aromas of yellow fruit and white flowers with toasted bread nuances.This wine is appealing and elegant. It is well balanced, fruity and mellow with a hint of spice, mineral with a good persistence. To be enjoyed with starters, charcuteries, fish and shellfish, white meat in cream sauce

Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Bottle Send a 70cl bottle of Glenfiddich either gift-wrapped in a standard bottle bag or delivered in a luxury wooden gift box available for a slightly increased price! Includes a hand written message card and delivery available throughout the UK.

Wine and Bucks Fizz Case This luxury wine case comes with 2 bottles of Vin De Pays Red wine, 2 bottles of Vin De Pays White Wine, and 2 bottles of Bucks Fizz. This case is ideal for the festive period's celebrations.

Lustau, Los Arcos, Dry Amontillado, 75cl An excellent Amontillado made in the traditionl dry style and packed with nutty fruit.

Mosaïque Sauvignon Blanc 2002, 75cl Wow! More invigorating to the palate than a mountain stream that's been diverted down your gullet.

Deck Grill's (Dual Deck Grill Cover) The award winning Dual Deck and Deck Grills are the ultimate charcoal grill's.

FHM Pub Sorcery Game Astound your friends! Make pints disappear in an instant..and much more!

Sub - Zero Darts (21 gram) A winning combination of style and precision designed for optimum grip.

Brass Pub Signs (Women like quiet men) Brass pub signs, solid brass with a weathered look.

VILLA LOBOS 50cl Bottle Villa Lobos Mexican Vodka is produced by Licores Veracruz Distillers in Cordoba, close to the infamous Caribbean port of Veracruz, notorious for its pirates and fortress prison, La Fortaleza de St. Ulua. Villa Lobos is unique among world vodkas containing the famous Agave 'Worm', (Cossus redtembachi), actually the larva of the Night Butterfly which lives in the semi-desert Agave plants of tropical Mexico. For over a thousand years the Aztecs and the Nahuatl tribes of ancient Mexico have collected the worms which they believe have mystical powers, and used them as an integral part of the regional cuisine, as well as latterly enjoying them in the famous spirit of old Mexico, Mezcal. To the Mexicans, the worm symbolises the virtues of 'Machismo' and its properties were highly prized by the ancient warriors. The Agave worm is the link between the origins of Villa Lobos Vodka and the proud and ancient heritage of tropical Mexico.Villa Lobos Vodka is produced from 3 different cereal grains using water taken from deep artesian wells filled with water from the melted snows on the peak of Mexico's highest active Volcano, El Pico de Orizaba, snow-covered all year round, even in the burning heat of high summer. Distilled 5 times, this ensures its not only the most unusual Vodka in the world, its also one of the smoothest.

PIMP JUICE 24x 200ml Cans Launched by rap-star, Nelly, Pimp Juice is a healthy, non-carbonated energy drink possessing a tropical berry flavour. Pimp Juice's artificial colouring gives it a smooth neon green glow, while its 10% apple juice content adds a natural sweetness to its taste. Providing 100% of the body's needed vitamin C, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, Pimp Juice works to increase the drinker's energy supply. In addition, an 8 oz serving of pimp juice contains Taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid that aids the body in its absorption of nutrients needed for optimal mental and physical performance. Pimp Juice acquires it's boost from Guarana, an all-natural tropical ingredient. When roasted, it's seeds produce stimulating effects similar to caffeine. Pimp Juice also includes 250 mg of D-Ribose and approximately 140 calories per serving.Pimp Juice represents the new and improved energy drink for today's active and health conscious consumer. The use of caffeine has allowed the competition to adequately address the energy needs of their consumers. However, Pimp Juice employs Guarana to match this feature and goes a step further to provide the nutrients needed to maintain this high level of function. Furthermore, Pimp Juice is non-carbonated which makes it ideal for demanding sports and intense workouts.

Sancerre Mixed Gift Box Two sumptuous bottles of wine from the famous French name of Sancerre. Exquisitely presented in a stylish gift box and including your personal message card delivered direct to your door anywhere in the UK & Europe. (2 x 75cl)

Tia Maria Christmas Gift Tia Maria is the UK's leading coffee liqueur and was awarded a medal in the Liqueurs category of the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2000 and 1999. This 70cl Tia Maria bottle comes in a luxury Christmas gift box including a cocktail glass, a luxurious set of Belgian chocolates with a couple of umbrellas and party poppers! All with your own personalised message card.

Krug 1989, 75cl The King of Champagnes.

Christmas Party Hamper This unique wicker hamper contains a bottle of Midshipman Rum (70cl), a Prince Consort Vodka (75cl), A prince Consort Whisky, and a Bottle of house Brandy (70cl). These spirits come with a lemon, 3 cans of 15ml Coke, 3 15ml Diet Coke and 2 cans of 15cl Tonic.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rosé 2003, 75cl Possibly the only wine to be named after a cellar cat, Mrs Wigley, who apparently ate nothing but cheese.

Jack Daniels Large Old No.7 Mirror An impressive circular mirror for any home, bar or Jack Daniels Collector!

The Albert Bar Hand built front and back mahogany bar!

Hurricane Air Hockey (mayfair) Bring a touch of the games arcade to your home withthe superb full-size 7ft HURRICANE air hockey table. If you like it big, this is as big as it gets!

Wooden Wine Racks (5x6 Hole in Dark Oak) Choose from either one of our four stock racks or have a quality rack made to your own requirements.Literally any size!!!

LEJAY LAGOUTE - Creme de Peche 50cl Bottle Creme de Peche is a delicious liqueur with a delicate subtle flavour derived from only the finest quality peaches. To fully enjoy the refreshing peach flavour, pour Creme de Peche neat into a glass or mix it with sparkling wine or champagne.It is excellent if added to desserts such as ice cream, gateaux and fresh fruit salad.

Standard Pub Measure Only (25ml) Standard Pub Measure with rubber cork.Government stamped to verify measure.(Please note this requires a bracket).

Morgans Spiced Bottle 70cl bottle including stylish gift wrapping and a message card

Lanson 'Noble Cuvée' 1989, 75cl The wine's nobility is obvious. Elegantly balanced and exceptionally well breed.

Teddy Bear and Cocktail Gift A bottle of Smirnoff Ice and a bottle of Bacardi Breezer in a gift box. this gift also includes a cocktail glass, champagne bubbles, a small teddy bear, party poppers, straws and umbrellas.

42 BELOW - Passion Fruit 70cl Bottle The pureness and clarity of 42 Below's multi-award winning vodka is combined with the sweet round tartness of passion fruit to create this most softly nuanced of tipples. It is all in the method. No sugar, no fruit concentrate, no artificial ingredients. 42 Below passion-fruit vodka is the purest of vodka infused with the purest of passion-fruit. The very essence of the fruit is distilled from its pulp and steeped into the vodka to achieve a blend that is as cool as it is warm, and as soft as it is dry and it's the perfect base for a diverse range of drinks. Try it long and tall, with citrus juices, tonic and ice, sip it on the rocks or in a cocktail of your own!

Girl's Night Out Drinking Game Quality drinking game for all you girlies.

Las Vegas 'Jackpot' Poker Chips (25x Blue 50s) Set of either 300 or 500 super high quality casino grade poker chips. These chips are truly fantastic, the weight and feel is superb !!

WALKERS - Prawn Cocktail 48x 34.5g Bags

POLSTAR - Black 70cl Bottle Strength through purity. Only the purest ingredients make the purest vodka and the purest water in the world is found in Icelands un-polluted wilderness. Each bottle of Polstar Vodka is made using only the finest grain spirit, triple-distilled and blended with water drawn deep from within the volcanic rocks of Iceland, creating a soft, smooth vodka of rare strength and purity.

LOUIS ROEDERER - Cristal Rosé 1996 75cl Bottle Intense, generous bouquet with predominant aromas of figs, raspberries and wild strawberries. An immense wine with great finesse. A succession of red fruit flavors lead to a lingering finish. It is soft and fresh, and distinguished by its silky elegance.

HAVANA CLUB - 3yo 70cl Bottle When sugar cane is ground it produces a thick, creamy, almost liquid substance, very rich in sugar, and of a beautiful amber colour. This is the molasses, traditionally called honey. This honey is the main raw material, and its unique quality has given Cuban rum the prestige it has always enjoyed. A special yeast will be added to the purified, sterilised and diluted honey to initiate the fermentation process.The fermented honey is now ready for the slow reflective process of evaporation and concentration which will take place in the distillation columns. The distillation process yields eau-de-vie and pure alcohol. The young eau-de-vie then begins its first maturing period in 180 litre barrels, where it remains for at least 18 months. The well-balanced blending of aged eau-de-vie, matured for at least 18 months, with sugar cane alcohol of the highest quality will produce the young rum, which will rest once more in white oak barrels, where it will remain for three years, hence its name: Anejo 3 years. Once the product has matured the expertise of the rum master will come into play in selecting and blending the barrels, and then the product will be rested and filtered to ensure uniform batches of 3 year old rum identical in aroma and taste. 3-year-old rum has a light straw colour. It has at once the luminous, light, syrupy look characteristic of aged rum This Cuban rum has a sweet, woody smell with aromas of caramel and vanilla. 3-year-old rum is pleasant-tasting with a fresh, discreet flavour. A taste of vanilla with chocolate accents. The three year old rum, excellent for cocktails, providing the cocktail with the distinctive characteristics of rum. It is also ideal for drinking on its own or with a few ice cubes.Havana Club 3 years was awarded the silver medal in London in 1996 at the The International Wine & Spirits Competition when judged against the best rums in the world.

COCA COLA 24x 330ml Cans Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Created in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. Coca-Cola was registered as a treademark in 1887 and by 1895 Coca-Cola was being sold in every state and territory in the United States.

Chateauneuf Du Pape Gift The most famous name in wine worldwide is a perfect choice to make any special occasion memorable. 75cl Bottle delivered in sumptuous gift box with a hand written message card.

González Byass La Concha, 75cl A high-quality, medium-dry Amontillado Sherry.

Virginie Marsanne, Vin de Pays d'Oc 2002, 75cl A lovely marmalade and apricot scented white - perfect for those hot (please?!) sunny days.

Secrets of Texas Limit Hold'em DVD (SALE Was £14.99) The ultimate guide to Texas Limit Hold'em

Policewoman Costume The classic stripper costume, anyone can do it!

Roulette Starter Set Gift boxed roulette starter set including 40cm plastic wheel, felt layout, 120 chips, 2 balls, rake and playing cards.

TWIGLETS 12x 45g Bags. The distinctive knobbly shape with a zingly taste and crunchy bite.

PENFOLDS - Private Bin Chardonnay 2003 75cl Bottle Rich, complex wine offering grapefruit and honey-like Chardonnay flavour, perfectly balanced with soft oak characters.

Champagne Accessories (Iron Stand) Polished champagne/wine bucket with stainless steel handles. Why not add one of our black wrought iron stands to place the bucket in.

Smirnoff Red Label Gift The No 1 selling Vodka in the world. A pure, clean spirit with a delicate taste made entirely from natural ingredients. This gift box includes a 70cl bottle of Smirnoff, can of Redbull, tumbler, straws, cocktail sticks, umbrellas and a message card.

Smith Woodhouse Late Bottled Vintage 1997, 75cl Specially bottled for Oddbins and filtered so there's no need to decant.

BIG TOM - Spiced Tomato Juice 75cl Bottle Big Tom makes a deliciously powerful and satisfyingly tasty, adult soft drink in its own right but is best used as a Bloody Mary mix. With 20 exotic herbs and spices to create the genuine Big Tom flavour.(Sudan dye free)Big Tom Bloody Mary - 1 part Vodka to 3 parts Big Tom served with ice and a stick of celery. If using a premium vodka, you can go to 1 part vodka to 2 parts Big Tom but this needs to be handled with care as it is just too delicious !!

The Turds (Turdinator) The Turds are one of the hottest new collectables on the market at the moment. Since their launch in 2003 sales of these collectable items have gone through the roof!On sale now, you can save up to £5 on the normal RRP so hurry and buy now!

Giant Sunglasses For those who dont think normal specs are big enough, here's our Giant Specs!

Budweiser CD Case Metal case with 10 internal clear sleeves to hold CDs.'Risen' coloured logo on the front.

LOMAS DE CAUQUENES - Sauvignon Blanc 2001 75cl Bottle Light yellow in colour, this wine has an aroma of soft peaches, tropical fruits and fresh, herbaceous flavours. Pleasant acidity makes this crisp, refreshing wine very enjoyable.

GROLSCH 24x 500ml Cans Grolsch is an international premium beer of Dutch origin. Grolsch Premium Lager is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law), using no other ingredients than malted barley, hops and water. With an alcohol content of 5% by volume, Grolsch Premium Lager tastes best when served at a temperature of 6-8 C (43-46F). People enjoy Grolsch because of its quality and distinctive taste.

CAVES de LUGNY - Macon Villages, Chardonnay 2001 75cl Bottle Full, voluptuous flavour of lemony, buttery vanilla from this Chardonnay.

Lindemans Cawarra Semillon Chardonnay Gift In 1843, the company's founder, Dr Henry Lindeman, purchased a property in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales known as ''Cawarra'', and planted his first vines. Lindemans Cawarra range is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Dr Henry Lindeman and captures the essence of Australian winemaking. Striking gift box containing 75cl bottle, wine glass, chocolates and a message card.

Bollinger Grande Annee Bottle Bollinger, the Champagne of James Bond...and her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This 75cl Bottle comes in a stylish gift bag and also includes a message card.

Wolf Blass President's Selection Chardonnay 2002, 75cl An unashamedly Aussie Chardonnay, with lashings of fruit and oak.

Plastic Champagne Glass An individual, plastic reusable champagne glass.

One Night In Bangkok All the treats and fun from Bangkok in one bucket to use at home!

Big Money Poker $$$ Experience the thrill of Big Money gambling, without the inconvenience of financial ruin.

ULTIMAT - Black Cherry Vodka 70cl Bottle The world famous Ultimat, one of Poland's most expensive and premium vodkas, is given a new twist with the subtle nuances of black cherry.Presented in their crystal decanter with stopper.

PAUL PAILLARD AT CIE - Macon Superieur Blanc 2002 75cl Bottle A delicious, thirst quenching, and an easy to drink dry Chardonnay wine with a light crispness.

Miniature Moet Chandon's A full case of these elegant little bottles, 6 x 20cl, gift-wrapped in a box with a personalised message card. Delivery available throughout the UK and Europe.

Stainless Steel Bar Measures (125ml) Made from top quality 18-8 stainless steel these professional measures are used by all top barmen, available in 25ml, 35ml, 50ml, and a massive 125ml.

The Macallan 10 Year Old Malt Bottle Send a 70cl bottle of 10 year Macallan Old Malt Whisky either gift-wrapped in a standard bottle bag or delivered in a luxury wooden gift box available for a slightly increased price! Includes a hand written message card and delivery available throughout the UK.

Moët Brut Rosé NV, 75cl Lively and expressive, this crisp rosé is great for entertaining.

Luxury Chocolate Hamper A luxury wicker Hamper with everybodys favourite - Chocolate. This hamper includes: A Baileys 5ml Miniature, Bendicks Chocolate Ginger (200g), 16 Ferrero Roche (200g), Luxury Belgian Chocolates (110g), Mint Matchmakers (151g), 4 Ferrero Roche (50g), Bendicks Chocolate Collection (200g), Bendicks White Chocolates (130g) and Galaxy Hot Chocolate.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle Gift wrapped 70cl bottle with a message card

Carmen Merlot 2001, 75cl Bursting with summer fruits and a dusting of spice. WAS £6.49 (SAVE £0.50)

Green Point by Chandon 1999, 75cl 'Champagne, you have nothing to fear but yourselves'. Fizztastic quality from Moet's outpost in Australia.

Gas Lift Pod Furniture (White Bistro Table - each) Our latest in designer bar/kitchen furniture. Both the stools and the tables are height adjustable and at trade prices direct to the public!

Large Pub Signs (The Railway Inn) A range of cork backed pub signs with some famous named English pubs.Approx size 200mm x 300mm

MESH SODA SYPHON Accessories An impressive accompaniment to your drinks cabinet or bar, is this silver meshed soda syphon of superb quality, capable of holding up to 0.9 litres.

Shelf Mounted Cork Extractor (Brass Version) Undo wine bottles with ease and pleasure with this quality unit. Simply insert bottle neck, pull lever down, then back up and your bottle is open!

Heidsieck Brut Héritage, 75cl Modestly priced, this is dry and impeccably light with lifted citrus aromas.

Taste of the Toon A taste of the toon gift set which includes a bottle of Newcastle star and a bottle of the world famous Newcastle Brown Ale in a gift box accompanied with a football or golf bottle opener.

BLACKWOOD'S - Nordic Dry Gin 70cl Bottle The first gin in the world using local botanical ingredients from Shetland, the islands lying at the far North of Scotland. Bracing, crisp and richly aromatic, Blackwood's Nordic Dry Gin includes wild water mint, sea pink, angelica and juniper berries picked on Shetland by local crofters as well as seven other botanicals from trading routes around the world. Gin has been smuggled, traded and illicitly distilled in the islands for centuries. This premium Dry Gin uses a local Nordic recipe reflecting the Viking origins of Shetland. Blackwood's Gin won the gold medal at the World Spirits Festival in January and the silver medal at the World Spirits Competition in March in San Francisco. Ideal in a gin & tonic, 60% of taste testers have voted Blackwood's Norse gin their number 1 choice in blind taste tests and 80% placed it in their top two. This was against Gordon's, Tanqueray, Plymouth and Bombay Sapphire. This premium Dry Gin has all the aromatic richness of these classic gins plus has a surprising extra - the hint of the sea. All natural and all original.

Party Cooler The PartyKule is a must for every party with thirsty guests demanding plenty of chilled drinks. At 825mm high, its 85 watts of power, chills at least 45 cans to ice cold and keeps them cold for hours.

Mensa Connections Game The ultimate strategy game for the whole family.

Boxing Glove Chair ROUND ONE! Fancy your self a bit of a boxer? or just like watching boxing? Well this one is for you?

WORTHINGTONS - Creamflow Draught 24x 440ml Cans

RAPID ICE Wine cooler Accessories Cool your wine quickly. Great for hampers & picnics.

MATUA VALLEY - Hawkes Bay, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2001 75cl Bottle This full bodied red wine has been aged in small American oak casks to produce a smoothly rounded, full fruit flavour and a subtle tannin finish.

HIGHFIELD - Sauvignon Blanc 2004 75cl Bottle Gold Medal Winner - Winpac 2005.Marlborough's 2004 vintage finished long, cool and dry, the ideal ripening environment for Highfield's Sauvignon Blanc. Carefully managed crop levels and a favourable season produced grapes with characteristic varietal expression. Tropical fruit aromas combine with grapefruit, lime and mineral notes on the palate, offering a wine with great concentration, intensity and typicity. Made only from top classified free-run juice and with minimal handling, this wine has a fine zesty character and a persistently refreshing palate.Colour: Clear to pale strawAroma: Intensely tropical with ripe citrus nuancesPalate: Crisp invigorating flavours with a smooth texture & dry finishFermentation, predominantly stainless steel, maturation of four months post ferment lees maturation in tank with 100% Sauvignon Blanc.Food Suggestions - Suited to a variety of flavoursome dishes. Fresh shucked oysters are a natural as is a wide range of seafood cuisine. A spicy tomato salsa and brings out succulent tropical flavours from this multi-faceted wine. Serve lightly chilledAwards include, GOLD Casino First Taste Award 2004, GOLD Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2004, Blue Gold Medal Sydney International Wine Competition 2005, 4 stars Cuisine magazine Top 10 January 2005, Gold Medal WinPac Competition Hong Kong 2005, Gold Medal Royal Easter Show Wine Awards 2005.

DOMAINE LA COLOMBETTE - Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 75cl Bottle 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Lute Raisonee Vineyards.A beautifully made wine in a 'semi-organic' vineyard where the use of chemicals is only as an extreme measure.

Chardonnay Lenton Brae 1999 Australian white wine, intense fruit flavours laced with subtle oak. Send this 75cl bottle gift wrapped with your own personalised hand written message card.

d'Arenberg d'Arry's Original Grenache Shiraz 2001, 75cl A true d'Arenberg original that has wowed the palates of switched-on drinkers for the past 40 years.

Modelling Balloon Learn clown's balloon tricks with our new modelling balloons!

Sprintz Shot Glass Game (4 Spare Glasses) Race your friends and see who can obtain the fastest time with this great new shot glass game!

Bar Towels (White Horse) Over 30 different traditional cloth bar towels approx 220mm x 500mmFor full list of towels please click the drop down box below.Please note the actual towels may vary slightly from the images.

TAMDHU - 12yo 70cl Bottle Founded in 1896, and owned by Highland Distilleries. Highland Distilleries bought this distillery shortly after it opened in 1897 and have owned it ever since. It was extensively refurbished in the 1970s and is now one of the most modern distilleries on Speyside. The water source comes from the Tamdhu Burn, which flows though woodland into the Spey. A mild, urbane whisky, leaning towards malty sweetness, Tamdhu is impeccably well kept, and has its own touches of tradition, notably its enthusiasm for wooden fermenting casks. The whisky is becoming a better-known bottled single malt and is a component of The Famous Grouse blend, owned by Highland's subsidiary, Matthew Gloag and Son.

Mini Whiskey and Socks Gift Send this gift box to a Whiskey lover. It includes a miniature Famous Grouse and Bells, A pair of socks and an optional Cigar.

Sombrero Salt Rimmer Funky looking device for adding salt to the rims of your cocktail glasses. Simply twist the glass on the top of the hat.

Rully Blanc, Domaine Borgeot 2001, 75cl Domaine Borgeot continues its relentless rise to the top table of Burgundian winemaking. Remarkable value.

Pewter Bad Taste Bears (Nick - Foil Cutter) Bad Taste bears are here and in pewter!These funny bears are different bar tools from a bar knife to bottle stopper.

Brass Pub Signs (Don't take the piss - Beer) Brass pub signs, solid brass with a weathered look.

Happy 30th Birthday Banner Essential birthday party accessories, its the Happy 30th Birthday Banner!

8x4 Jaques Playmate Table Tennis (Special Delivery) Includes free delivery

Budweiser Mouse Mats (Lizard SALE Was £5.99) High quality mat with soft fabric top & non-skid anti-static base. Machine or hand washable too.

6 Assorted Wine Charms A wonderful assortment of wine charms with a fruity feel.

LUXARDO - Limoncello 70cl Bottle A distinctive, premium liqueur made with the juice of fresh lemons from Southern Italy.Serve cold over ice or mixed with fresh lemonade, iced tea or tonic. Drizzle over sorbet or ice cream.

GODFREYS - Butterscotch 70cl Bottle Godfrey`s Butterscotch Schnapps is a triple distilled spirit, flavoured only with quality butterscotch, for optimum enjoyment. It has a delicious aroma reminiscent of toffee and caramel, reflected in it's smooth sweetness. Chilled serving is recommended.

Gordons Sloe Gin Bottle Gift wrapped 70cl bottle delivered with a message card.

1996 Cristal Champagne This impressive gift features a single bottle of exclusive Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne (1996) in its own presentation box. Send this bottle today with a personalised gift card with delivery available throughout the UK and Europe.

Anjou Rouge Vieilles Vignes, Ch de Fesles 2002, 75cl A great example of Anjou Rouge - light raspberry and bramble fruit.

Domaine de Joÿ 2002, 75cl A precocious new blend of our joyous drop, with even more fresh flavours than its earlier incarnations.

Martini Snack Plate A pack of 8 well designed martini snack plates.

Red Country Girl Wig Everyone loves a sweet innocent country girl!

The Turds (Adolf Sh*tler) The Turds are one of the hottest new collectables on the market at the moment. Since their launch in 2003 sales of these collectable items have gone through the roof!On sale now, you can save up to £5 on the normal RRP so hurry and buy now!

WALKERS SENSATIONS - Four cheese and onion. 32x 40g Bags Four cheese and onion combines smooth red leicester, full-bodied cheddar, mellow Gouda and piquant Parmesan. Sweet, tangy red onion is added to make this a deliciously indulgent treat.

POLSTAR - Premium 70cl Bottle Only the purest ingredients make the purest Vodka and the purest water in the world is found in Iceland's unpolluted wilderness.Each bottle of Polstar Vodka is made using only the finest grain sprit, triple distilled, then blended with water drawn from deep within the volcanic rocks of Iceland, creating a soft, smooth vodka of rare strength and refinement.

Sandeman Ruby Port Bottle The House of Sandeman, founded in 1790 by George Sandeman, is the leading Port wine brand in the world. 70cl bottle with stylish gift wrapping and a message card.

Château La Mission Haut-Brion, Cru Classé des Graves 1999, 75cl Mission impossible! We think not - snap this up quickly though, because in a few weeks it'll be gone.

Famous Grouse Bottle Send a 70cl bottle of Famous Grouse Whisky either gift-wrapped in a standard bottle bag or delivered in a luxury wooden gift box available for a slightly increased price! Includes a hand written message card and delivery available throughout the UK.

Brindisi Rosso Piana del Sole 2002, 75cl The modern face of Italian winemaking. A beautifully crafted red from the lesser known Brindisi appellation.

Malibu, 70cl This combination of white rum and coconut makes a super long drink with fruit juice and crushed ice.

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